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  1. W

    'It's discovered that synchronicities are the cause behind thought broadcast delusion': Agree /Disagree ?

    I am sharing here an excerpt from an article I found interesting which relates to our experiences and helps put an interesting perspective about the mental illnesses and related anomalies: Also pls find attached the entire article in document format: Jung faced many synchronicities during his...
  2. Ecri

    Quick voices question

    I find myself in the middle of a conversation with someone and realize that they aren't there with me. Can auditory hallucinations be like that? I also have dissociative amnesia sometimes (like I'll be in a living room and forget everything like it didn't happen and things seem new but I still...
  3. TroubleinParadise

    OCD & Delusions

    Hi all, How do you cope with delusions as a result of deep-rooted anxiety being brought to the surface? How do you cope with the fact that you're aware that you're not rational? How do you keep yourself from 'acting out'?
  4. N

    Hearing Delusions

    Hi Evening Folks, Just to recap, both on Thursday and Friday late afternoon/early evening times I had a series and as I am sensitive, of hearing delusions. These filtered through a series of feeling very tired. Today, I'm fine, very well no hearing delusions at all. I think, that for the...
  5. A

    Is it normal to see and hear things with bpd

    So I have BPD and I am having a really bad patch. The CMHT have been really helpful making sure I am seen everyday. Yesterday I saw the psychiatrist who said he has never seen me so ill. I told him I have been seeing things. He said that that can happen with BPD when it's really bad and...
  6. R

    Can PTSD trigger Psychosis?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Someone who is very close to me experienced a major psychological and physical trauma created by her own family around 8 months back for no mistake from her side. Once after the incident happened, she din't sleep for few weeks, with panic on one side and cries...
  7. L

    My personal experience with psychosis

    Ive struggled with psychosis for about 4 years now. I have delusional disorder. My case, is that I believe I belong to a higher level, almost like something or someone else is calling out to me. For some reason, these callings and messages happen through coincidences. So if I say something at...
  8. M

    People don't believe I have delusions

    Hi everyone! So, I have delusions where I think people are following me, and watching me, and keeping tabs on me. I go to uni and the thing is I do want the uni to know I am sick but I am so afraid of judgement. I tell my university that I have a mental illness, but I don't specify...
  9. K

    Lingering psychosis symptoms

    I have been taking lamotrigine to treat bipolar disorder for a while now and it has helped tremendously. Before this, I went through delusions where I suddenly developed fake memories of people I know in reality and believed I could communicate telepathically through those memories. Despite...
  10. A

    Environmental stress caused my psychosis

    Environmental stress caused my 3 boughts with psychosis. My last one was over 5 years ago. Right now my parents are getting divorced very recently, I am trying to get a placement at my college to complete 400 hours for my diploma, I have an interview for placement this coming tuesday, taking...
  11. Jbb79

    Had Pregnancy Delusions on Abilify

    I've read in the Maudsley Guidlines Psychiatry 13th Edition, that Hyperprolactinemia can Cause Delusions of Pregnancy .. When I touched, my Stomach, on 500 Seroquel I, Thought -- I Have a Baby, Inside me -- I'm a DUDE !! What's Up !!! J. b.b. . . . .:low::cry:
  12. S

    Do you still experience "cycles" while on a mood stabilizer?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this site. Also, please forgive me for being naive. I know very little about Bipolar Disorders. Short Version (Because I know some people don't have time to read everything): If you are on a mood stabilizer, is it common to still have manic or depressive...
  13. F

    How to meet people while experiencing delusions?

    Hi, so my questions is, how do you meet girls or people in general while suffering from delusions. My delusions vary they go from obsessiveness to puzzled delusions of the breakdown of the world and your surroundings, and what I fear the most is that the fact that I suffer from this has changed...
  14. S

    my wife is suffering from delusions

    About a month ago my wife said she wanted to end our ten year marriage. I was shocked and it seemed out of the blue. Less than a week later she started having delusions. It included being able to give people visions, thinking someone was poisoning her, my brother trying to poison me and putting...
  15. phaneron

    Trying to find myself again

    I was diagnosed with schizoaffective about a month ago and it still feels odd to finally have a label to this way of thinking that has effected me for the last three years. I thought it was just depression for the longest time, not paying attention to the more serious symptoms like...
  16. S

    The delusions of schizophrenia

    The delusions of schizophrenia Is there research on the delusions of schizophrenia? If it does not exist I suggest a research work that focuses on it. It is a mighty work that will enlighten the minds of many patients.
  17. J

    Lying in records

    Hi everyone, the nurses and doctors have written lies if delusions I've had when I've never had them. They say I think people are controlling my mind when I've never experienced that. They said 3 other delusions I've had which I've never had and never told them. I'm scared it will effect my...
  18. B

    How to cope with delusions when off meds?

    Hi I have elevated prolactin in my blood and currently i'm off an antidepressant called Mirzaten/Mirtazapine.But i think my elevated prolactin is caused by Haldol and if it turns out Mirzaten isnt the cause of hiperprolactinemia,then my shrink said we will try to be off Haldol to see if it is...
  19. B

    Anyone currently healthy?

    hi,so i am interested is anyone here who was diagnosed with psychosis now without delusions and hallucinations and without negative symptoms? I am now on meds (Haldol pills,Haldol injections and Clozapine pills) and I am FINALLY better,without psychotic symptoms.it took a while for it to happen...
  20. H

    Shoul I go back to treatment?

    I don't really know why I am even asking I was pretty determined to discontinue treatment. I suppose a bit of background is in order. I started suffering from delusions a while back. The ideas of reference type. Initially I was diagnosed with depression with psychotic tendencies, then later...