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  1. S

    Struggling with psychosis

    Barely a week ago I've been diagnosed with psychosis. The psychiatrist said that it was drug induced. What im wondering is, can it be drug induced if the last time I've taken drugs (only cannabis btw) was 5 months ago and my psychotic episode really started only a week ago and lasted for like 4...
  2. Scrooge McDuck

    Schizophrenia, delusional beliefs

    Hi, I'm new here. I have been hearing voices since 2012. The voices alternate and sometimes I see faces that go with the voices. The faces are in cartoon form. I believe that my memory isn't as good as it used to be. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I stayed in a psych ward for 6 months...
  3. frisas45

    My mother and I suffer from schizophrenia and things are getting better. But I am exhausted to move on.

    I suffer from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. I get occasional bursts of anger and panic attacks. Thankfully, with the right treatment, my anger is reduced but I am still paralyzed in fear. My mother is suffering from delusional disorder. She refused to take pills that the doctor...
  4. M

    meth psychosis -hearing voices- need HELP

    "She is stupid" This is repeated every second of every hour of every day pretty much for over a year now..... I'm close to giving up and need help coping. I am 7 months sober. Every day it makes assumptions that arent true about me, accuses me of being high, tells me to stop acting in a way that...
  5. Mayflower7

    Delusional disorder

    Hi All, My psychiatrist is now querying if I have delusional disorder and not paranoid schizophrenia. Anyone have delusional disorder? I seem to have more symptoms of delusional disorder. Thanks
  6. E

    I can't stop thinking about my ex

    It's been five years since I 'broke up' with my ex who is bipolar as well. I have not moved on and I can't stand to see her happy or with someone else. I think she was with someone I despise and I have this feeling she wanted to hurt me. She told me she hates me but I know she loved me. I...
  7. G

    I think I've gone delusional by tricking myself into being happy

    So through the entirety of my high school life I suffered with clinical depression excluding the first half of the first year there, approximately. Wallowing in self pity at any chance I had, rarely feel satisfied with legitimate accomplishments and isolating myself away from the people that...
  8. boudreauj4

    Something I read

    I think I read somewhere once that often, people with schizophrenia who can't tell that they are being delusional have no problem telling when someone else is being delusional. I seem to recall when I was in hospitals for my mental illness, I thought some of the other people were acting crazy...
  9. Kerome

    Is religion a delusion?

    I was wondering about this this morning, whether a strong religious belief could be called a delusion. It is a strong conviction, which some might call unreasonable and for which there is no proof or evidence. In some psychiatrists’ books that might well fit the definition of a delusion. What...
  10. M

    Somatic Delusion and Ocd

    Hello, Every time I raise my eyebrows, I hear a mushy sound right next to my ears and every time I touch my scalp at certain areas (usually top and right and left side next to my ear) I feel a weird sensation(tingling and a tender skin). I also suffer from intrusive thoughts which make it...
  11. L


    Hi again, I am delusional according to one of the psychiatrist I saw last week. I am having a very hard Tim adjusting to new antidepressants. The first one didn't suit me. The new one Brintellix I'm finding no benefit yet from it, but am only taking it a week on Saturday. I am also on 10mg of...
  12. P

    delusion treatment ?

    My boyfriend sees the small particles in the air and he said it will try to get into his skin. He will spend time trying to kill these particles by using lime, bathroom cleaner and cooking flour to kill this thing. I do not see these particles at all so I believe it is the delusion. He still...
  13. T

    The Truman Show

    Dear readers, If you have ever seen the movie "Truman Show" than you already know what I think is the closest representation of my life. But instead of a plain reality show I am more of a test subject. I am a lab rat, who was used to study how the human mind works and how we go from a healthy...
  14. K

    Am i delusional..

    I dnt knw sometimes i think my beliefs are delusional ...in the sense they are different...some of them include_- 1.My belief in science particulary psychology..how i could utilize it to change and improve myself.. i mean to an extent that is practically impossible..to attain ..i...
  15. Tiffvienna

    Hi all

    My name is Tiff, i am 21 and i have osdd, cptsd, delusional disorder, aspergers and adhd. I love to create art
  16. basic-lemon

    People taking my thoughts

    I have a new delusion where people are "stealing" my thoughts. It can happen anywhere though its mostly been outside in public, walking home from college etc. It usually happens out of the blue and it feels like when you miss a step except up in my chest and that's how i know someones done it...
  17. T

    Would love to hear your psychosis experience. I'll tell you mine.

    I am bipolar 1. Was in hospital twice last year for a total of 4 months. Sometimes I thought as I was being held against my will in a strange place, it must mean that I am in a military base, and I am either a secret agent, or a psychedelic super soldier, whatever that is!! At one point, the...
  18. P

    Myer Briggs personality type

    I did the quiz today and got INTJ-T. I normally get INTJ or INFJ. Its kinda funny because INTJ's are very logical and i do get delusional sometimes. If it wasnt for my illness, i would be even more rational/logical. What type are you?
  19. 6

    sad about my nephew

    I hadn't lived in the same province for most of his life. I was always far removed (I became an aunt as a tween so I wasn't really an aunt in the way I am to my nieces and nephews who were born when I was an adult). All that to say. I feel so sad today about his death. It has been almost 2...
  20. F

    Delusional obsession?

    I wonder how many of us convince ourselves quite wrongly that we are ,or might be, on the spectrum , or something similar like nvld . Perhaps it's just a delusional obsession on my part . Perhaps I'm just socially dysfunctional and that's all there is to it. Perhaps the desire to belong warps...