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  1. O

    Will these forums suport me if l write here fom a jail cell?

    The Police are ordering mental health into my life. If l fall into defence mode and l need to protect myself with vilance l will be jailed. I feel very much hunted. I feel police are doing there best to trigger me off to get me out of public. Will these forums suport me if l write here from a...
  2. M

    beating psychosis?

    Hi all, Did anyone manage to beat psychosis (no symptoms without meds) long term? If so, how? I get the type with delusions but no voices or hallucinations. It's reccurent (yearly). My current psychiatrist/therapist claims I don't even have it, but use it as a defence mechanism to "growing...
  3. shaky

    Am I a Narcisist?

    I worry at times that I am a narcissist. My evidence is scanty, but it worries me. I like being naked, and I like seeing other people naked too. But I seem to find that the person I like to see most is me. Modern phones have pictures on them A lot of people have pictures of their loved ones...
  4. amathus

    Driving on prescription drugs... article.

    Anxiety UK tells us: "Drug driving law is changing to make it easier for the police to detect and prosecute drug drivers. A new offence is expected to come into force in March 2015 of driving with certain controlled drugs, like diazepam, above specified limits. The government will be taking...
  5. cpuusage

    On the Subject of Psychic Self Defence

    An interesting article on the subject - On the Subject of Psychic Self Defence | Reality Sandwich
  6. A

    Divine Madness ~ A Defence.

    "Man know thyself because applied knowledge is true power." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phaedrus_%28dialogue%29#Madness http://theicarusproject.net/advocacyrightspolitics/manknowthyselfbecauseappliedknowledgetruepower <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...