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  1. Dayzee7

    How far should one go with Disengaging?

    I had a traumatic childhood, it was not always bad… but I went through a lot that shaped my mental physique and who I am today. I never had a strong bond with my mother; I was raised by my father and tossed around the family at times when they could not be present. My mother was always working...
  2. S

    What I do when I feel a ‘dark patch’ coming

    Hello all! I just wanted to post and say I think everyone who battles depression is so so strong - imagine what we could accomplish without this cloud that appears! I’m having a dark day - and they are coming more often so I know I am about to go downhill. very few people understand - I have...
  3. S

    Help with general decision making

    I have had very bad symptoms of generalised anxiety for a long time now. I find decisions impossible now, even the smallest decisions. I have a lot of big decisions I need to make that cause a lot of anxiety, and now even supposedly simple decisions are impossible and cause lots of stress...
  4. C

    How to make sure I'm safe if I'm not able to decide.

    I've been really concerned recently that I don't seem to be in control of my actions sometimes. This is something I'm addressing as best I can but it''s still frightening me. I feel as though ideas are coming from elsewhere and I don't have any control in acting on them. Another issue is that...
  5. Kerome

    Making life-changing decisions on small evidence

    I’ve come across a few autobiographical stories lately where people have made life changing decisions on very slim evidence... for example there was one lady who met an Indian man casually in Germany, and when he said he was going back to India she had a feeling she would go with him, and she...
  6. S

    Decision Making

    I'm going in for MH assessment next week and I've been trying to pin point my biggest 'issues' to talk about otherwise I'll go in there and my mind will empty out. One of the issues I'm having is with making decisions. I'm really fed up with not being able to make a decision without agonising...
  7. N

    Newbie in recovery

    Hi I’m a newbie on the forum but I’m a mental health user. I’m in the stages of gaining my life back away from mental health services. In the past iv been heavily medicated and numerous hospital admissions. Iv recently last 6 months had a major ‘light built moment’ I’m made a decision I want to...
  8. J

    Long time sufferer, first time poster

    Hello to all, I think we're mostly all here for the same basic reason: to express our struggles and hopefully gain insight. I have suffered from anxiety and depression since I can remember. I was the child who would start to cry if spoken to by a stranger. Always afraid to express myself...
  9. A

    Making decisions....

    Hey, wasn't sure where to post this. I just wondered if anyone out there struggles making decisions? I hate it! Either way I look at a situation, I can't win.
  10. S

    When will our country get strong leadership? (United Kingdom)

    Don't know a lot about politics but I can't see anyone on the horizon. Would change even be possible considering decisions have to go through a group of other people?
  11. H

    Doing the opposite of the best choice.

    Hi, I've had a particular mental quirk ever since I was a kid (26 now): often when I'm faced with a choice that will significantly affect myself/my well-being, I can usually quite easily see what the best decision would be. But I also feel a lot of resistance in my mind when I think about...
  12. Z

    Family won't stop scapegoating me

    It's a family full of older passive aggresive women. I'm in my early 30s but living with family at the moment for financial reasons. I don't see much of the others only on birthdays and christmas or whatever. I placed me in the box and basically just ignore, taunt, ignore. Since everyone sees...
  13. C

    feel like the world is falling apart but it aint.

    I am not sure where to put this, because there is a bunch of feelings I dont like, but the main thing is depression. I live in a 3/4 house and am a recovering addict. I've had a couple slips recently, which made me neglect my school work... now I'm failing the three classes I took and hope...
  14. S

    Withdrawing from care.

    I had my first appointments with a new cmht after recently moving house. They are offering a lot more support than previous team, cpn, ot, medication and possibly psychology. In theory this is great I had my first meeting with cpn and she was lovely and easy to talk to however I just feel so...
  15. R

    depression hurts so bad I start shaking looking for some relief

    nervous ticks ,shaking hands want to pace sometimes . looking for advice all over the web for hours none seems to work . I know time is the best fix ,each day drags on and I can't do anything for lack of energy . I have a lot to do but I can hardly function . I know many people are worse but...
  16. B

    Mental illness and children

    My apologies for posting this in what I'm assuming is the wrong place, but I didn't see anywhere else and since bipolar disorder is my main concern, I figured I'd put it here. So, I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder, psychotic depression, anxiety, and I have sleep issues stemming from the...
  17. M


    :thumbdown:Hi i have just had contact with my Dad for the first time a month i decided to let him call me, i have got no idea why i put my self through it. It was a very short matter of fact conversation i said you will never understand so it is not worth even trying too,i definitely said that...
  18. Françoise

    a question about stress

    Hello everybody! I have a question about stress. I've recently been in situations where I found my stress level rise for no reason when confronted to a choice (friends, job search...). I know it's not specifically linked to me leaving my comfort zone because I am making baby steps every day...
  19. H

    new therapist want to write letters to my gp

    my gp dont know about my eating issues though and i donno what to do. it says: You are requested to give permission for your therapist to be in contact with your general practitioner, your dietitian (if you are referred to a dietitian) and in some cases, the NHS commissioner who makes...
  20. M

    how do i get better?

    I hate the super changeable emotions and moods. i hate that i feel like everyone is picking on me. I hate that everything others say to me gets twisted in my mind and hurts me. I hate that this illness is so tied up in who i am. I start group thearpy this year in the hope of gaining some...