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  1. F

    Non-drug ways of coping with/escaping debilitating anxiety?

    If you've ever found yourself with debilitating anxiety that lasted for weeks, and you absolutely needed to escape it, for at least a while, to keep from completely losing your mind... Did you find any non drug way of achieving this. I don't have a doctor appointment until the 20th, but this non...
  2. P

    Does anyone suffer from Emetophobia?

    Was wondering if anyone suffers from Emetophobia? I’ve been a life long sufferer and it brings many debilitating problems with it, would love to discuss....
  3. M

    Voices and Horrible Tinnitus

    Hello Everyone, Do any of you have tinnitus with your voices? In my case, the tinnitus can be more debilitating than the voices. Regards, Moe Hope
  4. F

    How do I … deal with seasonal affective disorder?

    This weekend marks the point across Europe when autumn becomes early winter and everything suddenly seems darker (most north Americans get an extra week before daylight saving). For most of us, it’s a negligible transition: an extra hour in bed, then lowering skies, a winter hiatus before the...
  5. A

    My teenage son has Selective Mutism

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and am looking forward to some positive feedback. My teenage son has Selective Mutism. We have tried psychologists as recommended by his teachers but to no avail. I am so worried about his future as he is missing out on social activities due to his...
  6. S

    Are your issues evident?

    I was told by a coworker recently that I couldn't have any serious mental health issues because it doesn't affect every aspect of my life, I don't evidence it all the time and it's not completely debilitating. What other ignorant crap have you guys encountered like this?
  7. N

    Do you disagree that Bipolar 2 is the mild type?

    Good morning guys. I hope you are well today. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 a few months ago. My pdoc is always saying that it is the mild type and it is milder but i just don't agree with him. The Mania is milder yes but the depressions are really debilitating. I should now as i have had three...