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death is inevitable

  1. J

    End this world

    I wish I could destroy this world with everything in it all the material things and people. Nothings ever fair here in this life what's the point of waking up everyday to this. I hope this world ends soon
  2. R

    Suffering with Thanatophobia

    For the reasons unknown to me, at just 21, I suffer from this terrible lonely battle, to feel so isolated and imprisoned by thoughts. I do not fear death itself or the process of dying but only the thought of no longer existing after death. My fear is that it will be like sleeping without...
  3. K

    Is life just a series of distractions until you die?

    I feel depressed and incredibly anxious a lot of the time. When I force myself to do things, I feel somewhat better. Things that make me "happy." I always end up going back to that bad feeling, though. Then I realize that I'm only doing these things to distract myself enough so I don't kill...