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  1. A

    Hi newbie to this

    Hello everyone nice to join,and to see hopefully im not alone suffering from health anxiety, hope everyone is ok im not very good at this oh dear im trying lol.
  2. S

    Compassionate beauty therapists

    Dear Self Harm Community - I would dearly love to have a professional manicure and hand massage, but am terrified of seeing 'that look' or having to deal with awkward questions when the beauty therapist sees the scars on my wrist from a suicide attempt. Does anyone have any firsthand...
  3. InfiniteRectangles

    A Poem I Wrote

    So, I wrote this sorta uplifting poem, and I thought I'd share it here in case someone needs to hear its message. It's probably my favorite poem I've written. It's called "If Every Creature Ceased to Know Their Worth" I posted it in the Member's Gallery but I feel like more people might see it...
  4. R

    An apology: to my parents

    Dear mom, dear dad, I AM SORRY. I have said awful things about the both of you. But I love you both! You buy me nice things all the time. I AM SO SORRY. :cry2: I'm a terrible daughter.
  5. R

    For my parents

    FUCK them BOTH. I hate both of them! Selfish narcisisisisitic ARROGANT IGNORANT and VAPID people! The BOTH of them!!! They only know how to bully. Bully bully bully. Mom, dad, I think you're both idiots. And guess what, the rest of the internet agrees with me. So I'm definitely RIGHT. They...
  6. G

    Hi, I'm fear almost every day :(

    Hello, dear members. I want to say that I'm with you who is suffering from something<3 My name is Alex and I'm 22, I'm from Russia so I will try to talk as good as I can. My biggest phobia is FEAR. By fear I mean that I'm afraid of contacting with people. If someone is talking with me I usually...
  7. A

    oh dear....

    I've done it now made myself look a total idiot. I can't see or speak to the mental health services ever again. I hope I can avoid them until I am no more. I am such a f**k up!!
  8. B

    Dear forum

    Please respond to my last emails when you have a moment. thanks, sorry... :( just messed up
  9. M


    my dear friend brought me a SADlight bulb thing..was woundering if thee are anygood?? I have it on now. hows everyone aswell... hi
  10. bobshocker

    Dear Stan.

    Stan my man. I don't get job seekers anymore, those bastards say I got too much cheese wedged up. not that it counts that I worked for the last 30 fricking years. Dear Stan. Chicago - If you leave me now - 1977 (HQ) - YouTube. <iframe width="420" height="315"...
  11. C

    I've been bad

    Oh dear. What took me SO long. I am slipping:)
  12. Lolli_Liability

    goodnight bipolar im too tired now let me go

    Dear angels let me go let my soul free i beg you let me have my way. Dont save me to lock me away just let me free for once and for all. Not going to lie ive spent the last hour or so as well as days gone by conversating with myself on wether i really want this. I do i do. I want to go now...
  13. M

    oh dear

    im pissed off and lonely and just stuffed a whole pack of biscuits...........:mad:
  14. Z

    hearing music

    This probably i really stupid question... but has anyone heard music...or other things, like a group of people talking (not to you) just chatting, or sounds like a telephone box being smashed up? When i say heard them...i mean externally, not inside your head. And when i say heard them, i...
  15. prairiechick

    I think I might be accepting it

    I think I might be on the road, and getting closer to accepting my priest, J's separation and possible divorce. I'm not exactly sure what brought that about, but I think it has to do in part with this poem by Joy Cowley: Seeing Dear God, I need to see myself as you see me. My own vision is...
  16. prairiechick


    The following is a poem/prayer that my former spiritual director gave me several years ago. I don't know who wrote it or what book it is from, as she only gave me a photo copy of it, but I am finding it is speaking to me in the middle of a difficult situation I am in right now, and I thought...
  17. A.m.b.e.r

    Failure .......... :(

    So I missed my GP appointment. I don't know why. I just didn't go, I felt really really anxious about it and sad. I am not sure what to do now, I just called the receptionist to send my apologies. She asked if I wanted to book another appointment and I just said no I really don't. Oh dear, I...
  18. raven

    Dear friend refusing to eat.

    I'm not sure if I've put this in the right place, so sorry if I got it wrong. My dear and only r/l friend is causing me great concern at the moment. She lives with me and my husband and suffers from PTSD, anxiety and depression. She is refusing to eat little or nothing each day. She admits...
  19. BillFish

    Letter to a psychologist

    Emails to a renowned psychologist in my area with more suffixes after his name than there are E numbers in a pot noodle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear sir I'm enquiring about the cost of your consultations per hour and the initial...
  20. amathus

    13 sign's that your wife/girlfriend is BPD/Narcisisstic...oh dear me!

    http://shrink4men.wordpress.com/2009/01/21/relationships-with-borderline-narcissistic-personality-women/ qf.