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  1. A


    So along with my sh-ing, i found out i could be bipolar. My brother is and we think my dad is as well. Im not up for dealing with this right now. I just want to shut down and sleep.
  2. M

    New member who is still not sure what it is that I'm dealing with despite having struggled for over 12 years

    New member who is still not sure what it is that I'm dealing with despite having struggled for over 12 years Hello everyone. I'm 26 years old, an aspiring writer who loves cats (I have two of my own), red wine and gaming. Besides from that I've been struggling with mental health issues for over...
  3. jules65

    A mess!

    Im a mess! Dealing with ED(bulimia) have really been messing up alot lately which means more purging and more restricting. Then there is the anxiety and guult then numbness that folliws which leads to the SI. Im in a downward spiral here. Have a T but shes new and just makes us feel like she is...
  4. Lillyone

    What to say to doc tomorrow.

    Silly I know but I could do with some help please. I am going to see my GP tomorrow, this is a doc I have never seen before, (My Doc left) Anyway, what I want to say, ask, tell is that I am not getting better I am getting worse. I have used up my sessions with my CPN, (which did not work for me...
  5. lpattie

    Dealing with sedation

    My lithium has been increased back to 800mg and I have been given 10mg of diazepam for night time. I couldn't get up for college today and decided to go out for a walk after I woke up. I felt so sedated and was nearly hit by a car even though I was sure the road was clear. How do I deal with...
  6. prairiechick

    Oh My God ***TRIGGER WARNING***

    The the participant from work who killed himself on the weekend actually tried to kill his partner first. Oh my God, I can't believe it. He was such an awesome dad. I am actually doing okay, just shocked beyond belief right now. I talked with my dad for a long time last night, and my...
  7. C

    Intrusive Thoughts

    Is intrusive thoughts common with bipolar disorder? And what have you found to be best for dealing with them medication wise?
  8. P

    i have a question?

    ok, erm.. do people with borderline personality disorder find it easier to control themselves when dealing with people they don't know compared to people they do know? such as family and friends?
  9. A

    Unrepressing memories

    I have come to the conclusion that I have repressed the memory of being molested as a child. I have numerous reasons for these conclusions. Where can I go for the proper therapy in dealing with this? I have been considering hypnotherapy. An help would be great!
  10. D

    Just saying hello. From Surrey, UK

    Hello, I just thought it would be polite to introduce myself to the forum. Joined yesterday after having another rough day and needing to say something to someone. My name is Matt, I'm 21, waiting for results of exams from last year at uni. The last few years I've been dealing with depression...
  11. greebobeebo

    Finally, an appointment with the wellbeing service.

    Today I will be seeing someone, it's only taken 6 months! Hopefully they'll suggest stuff a little bit more helpful than CBT. I need support in dealing with my Mum's MND diagnosis and also help in dealing with #1 son. We shall see what happens.
  12. recoveringtobefree

    how can a very senstive person like me toughen up when dealing with rude customers ?

    how can a very senstive person like me toughen up when dealing with rude customers ? how can a very senstive person like me toughen up when dealing with rude customers an such? how can a very senstive person like me toughen up when dealing with rude customers an such?
  13. F

    Hi! im Bridgette

    It's nice to meet you!:) I am 18 with anxiety, OCD and an eating problem. Currently, I'm dealing with hyopochondria. It's a little devil, too. Well, if you see me around don't be shy! Say hi and introduce yourself. Anyways, see you around!
  14. deathandsequins

    Dealing with Bad Days

    Hey all, I was just wondering what advice/tips you might have for dealing with bad days? Is it better to keep yourself distracted or try to sleep off bad feelings if you can? If you distract yourself, what works for you? I'm out of ideas!
  15. H

    please help with my loved one!!!

    my boyfriend is currently diagnosed with bipolar level 1 and 2 and is having a lot of issues dealing with the death of his brother that happened 10 years ago he still hasnt been able to cope with his death and just today his brothers girlfriend passed away after 10 years of suffering and he is...
  16. M


    I am concerned that medication is adversely affecting my girlfriend since knowing her. She has been on several types of anti depressants and 2 or 3 mood stabilizers. The symptoms of which seem to be worse than the condition as described by her, bar none. She gets frustrated and irritated at not...
  17. C

    new to this. I want some support

    My name is Cristina, I'm 22. And I've disorder eating habits and depression. I've been diagnosed with psychosis, too. Right now, I believe I'm dealing just with depression and my eating disorder. I want help as much as I would like to help who ever needs some support.
  18. L

    Income support to esa

    Hi this is my first post.me and my partner currently claim income support.today he received a letter saying he has to change to ESA. My partner is 8 year agraphobic with complex social phobias basically he has no contact with anyone except me and my son even his g.p does all the dealing through...