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  1. E

    How to deal with Critical Voices

    http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread107262.html Deaing with critical voices is much like dealing with critical people you can apply the same principles to voices. Some points I got from the article: 1. Do not become defensive [can perpetuate a cycle of argumentation] 2. Criticisms...
  2. Gajolene

    ‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Depression and Why You Should ‘Always Keep Fighting’

    ‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Depression and Why You Should ‘Always Keep Fighting’ Jared Padalecki Talks Charity T-Shirt Campaign ‘Always Keep Fighting’ | Variety Variety spoke to Padalecki about his passion for the cause and his personal experience with depression. The interview...
  3. Kerome

    Psychose Anders: A Dutch blog on Psychosis

    Thought this was worth sharing, a Dutch language blog on psychosis and how Dutch patients have dealt with it, and are dealing with it. Bit of a pro-patient, anti-psychiatry slant to it. https://psychoseanders.wordpress.com
  4. W

    New Kid on the Block

    Hello! My name is Amber and I am a 26 year old female who lives in the heart of Denver. I'm new to dealing with my mental illness and am still searching for a diagnosis; bipolar, depressive, anxiety blah blah. I need friends to relate to and talk to. It would be nice to not feel alone in my...
  5. AC_77

    New here!

    Hi all! My name is Aileen! I just came across the forum tonight and thought it could offer some support to me for depression/anxiety. I look forward to hearing others thoughts on things!I have been dealing with these things since high school .. and recently am having a very hard time with...
  6. R

    Dealing with a break up

    Im 18, someone broke up with me over a year ago now but I'm still completely distraught over it. I am taking antidepressants but I just dont' feel any better, i'm trying so hard but I feel confused the whole time, and I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. Feel like im never good...
  7. H

    How to Deal with the Guilty Feelings

    Hellow people! Kind regards from Puerto Rico. I have been dealing with Schizophrenia for more than 20 years. It has been close to 10 years that My life is ruined by feelings of Guilt. I need Help with this because when the guilty feelings arise, I become extremely suicidal. Please HELP.
  8. B

    New here - have depression & anxiety off and on

    Hello everyone. I have been dealing w/ depression and anxiety for a while now. I believe the root of it is dealing with a sexual addiction, specifically pornography and the guilt that comes w/ it since I'm married. I have that pretty well under control, but the reason I'm here today is...
  9. H

    "The Nagging Voice"

    Since my last post I've found out I'm living with a gaslighter (Someone who tells the authorities that I am delusional when I try to tell them about repeated incidents of physical and emotional abuse and then turns it back on me as I am quite heavy set and can be mistaken for being...
  10. K

    Help With Long-Term Relationship w/ BPD girl?

    Hello, I am a 35 year old male and beginning my 3rd year with a 34 year old female (4th year if you count our year together back in college). It is very likely that she suffers from one or more personality disorders (BPD most likely). She is a wonderful partner and has many goals in life, but...
  11. Lucid Dreamer

    New Member

    Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth and I am 37 bipolar, agoraphobic and I have anxiety. I have two kids (19 and 5) and I am lesbian and have a wonderful wife. I am Wiccan also.:mrgreen: I am coming here to try to find support from people who understand what I am...
  12. J

    No money now benefits cancelled

    i went to atm today , my bank account is empty as my benefits have been stopped, I have not been dealing with things well over last few months ,, have missed doctors and fallen out with GP , missed DWp meetings and apparently an Atos inerview there is piles of unopened letters ,HMRC, Housing...
  13. Kunoichi


    Hi! Im new (obviously) and I've been looking for a place where I can talk freely about my....disorders. Im quite open already about but I'm just tired of getting the "Omg she's crazy" looks. Ive been diagnosed with Bi Polar manic/depressive whatever you want to call it, Trichtillomania, and GAD...
  14. P

    Advice on a friend who has been unwell

    Hello everyone, I am new here. I don't really have much experience regarding mental health issues other than dealing with various friends and acquaintances who have or are going through relatively minor episodes of anxiety or depression. I have come on here because I have just found out that a...
  15. M

    Reassurance I'm not alone?

    People tell me I'm doing great by attending therapy. But I'm 19, I have 2 "friends", I have no job and minimal qualifications. I use coping strategies just to be able to go food shopping without having a melt down. I use food as a comfort and I'm now 17 stone. I'm fat, I'm ugly and my self image...
  16. Anime-Alchemy

    Anger issues

    I get angry quickly but it's not shown outwardly. This anger then turns to thoughts and impulses of revenge. I'm worried about this. The reasons for my anger are from thoughts of the past, thoughts of being seen as a walkover/weakling which again are from the past. Also I have major insecurity...
  17. prairiechick

    Very Angry With Myself

    I was having a perfectly good day yesterday, and enjoyed my uni classes last night, but for some reason when I got home I was craving a binge, and I went nuts on ice cream, a massive chocolate bar, and a big bag of Doritos. Why, why, why did I do that? And now today I haven't gone out and...
  18. J

    Looking for help

    A little less than a year ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but I have been dealing with the symptoms since I was around the age of 14 or 15 (I'm now 28), but I didn't have a name for what I was dealing with, it was just me in my mind. I grew up in a religious home, and I was told that...
  19. C

    Recovery from attempted suicide

    I have been living with the memory of this for so many years and there does not seem to be any way of dealing with it and putting it away to rest. I expect there are other people on this forum who have gone through similar trauma. Now I have started this post I am afraid to go on, As I don't...
  20. M

    Struggling with concussion

    I cracked my head. It's driving me crazy.iican't think straight. I keep falling because balancing off and today and my husband me wants to divorce be cause he's sick of dealing With all mh problems. He hates told me he hoped he I frll down the stair case and brea my neck. Is ther any kindness...