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  1. M

    I'm tired of dealing with anxiety.

    Hey everyone. To start off, I've been dealing with anxiety for most of my life, and recently it's gotten to a whole other level but in a different way. I got on a medicine a few months ago for it and it numbed me conpletely and I felt like a potato for a few months. Im off of it now but it feels...
  2. P

    And the song stays the same

    So I been dealing with alcohol dependency for most of my adult life. I'm now at the age of 35 and it has really gotten out of hand lately. Got involved in a situation that can ruin my my as well as my family. Looking at my life now seeing that I'm alone which isn't good and excepting that I will...
  3. W

    Meds wearing off? Tips for relieving panic attacks?

    Long story short: I'm 24 and have been dealing with GAD for my entire life. Literally my entire life, I went in Zoloft when I was in kindergarten because my anxiety was uncontrollable. I've gone through many different medication changes over the years and I feel like I finally found the right...
  4. RainbowHeartz

    Police! please help

    im a victim of a crime... the person dealing with my case i thought told me i will find out if my stepdad would be prosecuted was on the 25th of this month. well stepdad text mum and says he needs car on the 26th to go into police station. well im confused now as to whether or not its the 25th...
  5. PJSiren

    New to forum...

    I am bipolar, I don't look at that as a bad thing, just part of who I am, and it took a long time to find someone who would look at it that way with me, but I finally did, and we've been married for 5 years....I am step mom to his daughter, but I'm the only mom she has because we have full...
  6. W

    This life with BPD

    I am really trying to change my life..for the better. I know I am capable, but this BPD kicks me down. I am unemployed, but I plan on finding work. I have health problems, but I am doing everything I can to get better. I even started going back to church. I am trying to "fix" every area of my...
  7. C


    Hi, I'm new to all of this but I feel like it's going to help me a great deal. I've only just recently been diagnosed with depression, but I know it's something I've lived with for a few years. My eyes were opened when one morning I kept thinking of ways to commit suicide, I'm now on...
  8. A

    Any advice dealing with loss?

    Most of us with bpd are over sensitive when it comes to loss, so I am hoping I can get some advice here. Last week I lost my cousin to an overdose. Due to my mental state I have pretty much quit talking to all my friends (he was was one of my best friends) about 4 years ago. Now I have so many...
  9. The-Tiger-Thief

    Changing Case Workers

    I've been seeing my particular mental health nurse since I was 12, so I am very close to her. Unfortunately, she's been quite ill over the years and resigned earlier this year. I'm devastated, I love her so much and miss her a lot. She did leave me with another case worker, but I've only been to...
  10. J

    hypnosis and schizophrenia

    Hi All A question.... has anyone tried... successfully or not... hypnosis as a help for schizophrenia ? Is it worth looking into for someone who has trauma induced Schizophernia ( finidng his father dead in bed at the age of 16 and never dealing with the trauma ) Thanks for any replies !
  11. Palladian

    Hearing voices

    I hear voices outside my head is this normal psychic activity(I mean in a inside my mind but coming from outside kinda way)? I also hear voices inside my head is this inappropriate? Does anyone have any good advice about dealing with voices? Does anyone believe in telepathy?:loveshower:
  12. I

    Dealing with schizophrenia and manic depression one day at a time

    Recently I have been feeling pretty shitty. It's not because my life is bad but it's constantly dealing with my illness. The voices in my head keeps telling me my husband is plotting to leave me and he doesn't love me and it's hard right now because he is working and away. I am also dealing with...
  13. R

    dealing with physical symptoms of anxiety

    I have been dealing with an anxiety disorder since was a young child. However I did not start to get any help till I was in my late twenties. My family is the type to ignore mental health issues. I have had trouble sleeping since I was young. Going through bouts of insomnia for months then...
  14. E

    Just for Voices

    This is a place just for voices to vent and maybe meet other voices. The idea comes from Rufus May. Note to voices: Any breach of the guidelines will be moderated. Members: You need to feel safe enough to do this before posting. I suggest having a friend and confidante with you or nearby. It is...
  15. I

    Attachment to therapist

    I am really struggling with strong attachments to my therapist. I've been in such a state these last few months and I've been desperate for a hug and she won't hug me. Im dealing with abuse from my past and she said she doesn't want to abuse me too. She won't hug me because of my feelings for her.
  16. M


    Hi I am in quite a weird state right now and have don't feel able to turn anyone for help. Am living on a canal boat which I'm renting for the winter after a separation from my wife. Have seen a gp and been prescribed Mitazapine have let the boat get in a terrible mess not sleeping was planning...
  17. N

    liverpool-your stories of your mental health problem

    I would like to hear your stories and possibly meet some local friends who are dealing with the same mental health problems as I am
  18. I

    Hi I'm new from Salford in Manchester

    I'm from liverpool and only just found out about this website today. Reading that other people go thru similar sort of things and have particular ways off dealing with them has lifted an incredible weight of my shoulders. One day at a time people. Eeeny meeny mynee mo
  19. fate_w_g

    Anyone with Schizoaffective got children, what do you do to have time out on your own?

    Anyone with Schizoaffective got children, what do you do to have time out on your own? I have three children who I love to pieces but sometimes I just need some me time. I was wondering what people on this forum do for time out to get away from the struggles of parenthood while dealing with...
  20. F

    Any of you completely cut your family off?

    Did it make any difference? Or does it feel like your running away? That its unfinished business. Or you at the mindset of you cant change others, you can only change yourself. I'm now at breaking point. I've sort of accepted it for what it is. But the anger that has built up within from years...