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  1. M

    What is the best approach to dealing with difficult patients?

    All areas of nursing involve difficult patients but those working within the mental health discipline are more exposed to this than others. Difficult patients require specific handling. My question is what are best approaches to dealing with difficult patients?:low:
  2. K

    Depression in new relationship

    I had been dating a man for a few months and things were going well. I had even met his family. But he started to get distant. He would still answer me when I messaged him but wouldn't initiate really. We don't live in the same city so we don't get to see each other all the time. The last time I...
  3. E

    Just arrived...

    Hay there, As asked in the introduction message I will say some about myself and why I am here. I am a student in his 20s living in one of Europe's coolest, most beautiful and free capitals. I am not here for myself, but because a friend of mine is going through a hard time. Tried to offer my...
  4. S

    Alcohol and coping

    Hi. My name is Susie and I have some issues around alcohol. Have been to see a counsellor who told me if I did not think my drinking was a problem it wasn't. I only drank once or twice a week at the time but had about 9 - 13 units at one go. What I would like to know is how to deal with...
  5. M

    New here

    Hi I'm new here. I have issues with social anxiety and shyness that I have been dealing with most of my life.
  6. R

    New to this

    Not sure what to put other than hello. First time I've joined a forum of this nature to be perfectly honest. Currently dealing with a lot of things which is why i joined.
  7. B

    Switching from Paxil to Lexapro?

    I'm on 20 mg of paxil, and have been for more than two years. I tried to get off of it last fall, but couldn't as it was too hard. It doesn't work for me like it used to, that's why I'm wanting to switch. Has anyone switched from paxil to lexapro? If so, was it an easy transition? My doctor...
  8. U

    Ask me anything....

    I am new, as you can probably tell already. I have always found it hard to talk to people I do not know, in a personal setting. At work when it comes to dealing with customers I can be friendly and helpful, but it is exhausting and I even need to relax at work after a difficult customer or a...
  9. L

    Dealing with depression

    Hi guys i have been under depression for the first 2 years,this has made me to not concentrate with my work.this started from when i separated with my partner whom i endowed very much,for those who have passed through this what made your life continue as normal again,i feel like am a very...
  10. R


    Hello, I'm new to this forum. The past year was difficult for me and I'm a having a bit of difficulties dealing with my feelings. Thank you for accepting me to your forum!
  11. Frankie.Bloom

    Glad to have found the forum

    Hi All I joined this forum yesterday as just lately I had been worried about the thoughts I have had running through my mind. Having not even being joined for 24 hours yet, it is amazing to read so many peoples stories and know that I'm not alone. Thank you all so much. I have been dealing...
  12. J


    I came off Citralopram (10mg) because they made me wake up really early. My psychiatrist decided to try me on Sertraline (Anti Depressant SSRI trade name Zoloft among others). I've only been taking them 7 days but the last two days have been particularly rough. More to the point, I find that I...
  13. B

    Literally have no clue what I'm doing anymore.

    Hi guys, new here. Been struggling for some time to actually put into words how I'm feeling, but I will try. Maybe someone can give some advice/ coping skills. My background is in mental health, I worked with people with varying degrees of chronic mental illnesses for years. Never did I think I...
  14. B

    Dealing with difficult people

    I am having coffee with a friend today, she is not always to most thoughtful. We had a fight because I have a meltdown and forgot to do something for her, she then had to do it herself. We are both graduating in a few weeks and she wants us to talk before we both leave town. I am not sure how...
  15. D

    Imprinting/Splitting/"Favorite Person"

    I got a diagnosis of bpd about a year ago and in that time I've done as much reading as I possibly can about it. One of the parts in not finding much about is this idea of a "favorite person," which as I understand is a term coined by the bpd community. first of all I'm glad I'm not the only...
  16. O

    Increased Irritability

    Hi all, So I've been noticing that I've been having a lot more irritation toward my boyfriend than normal. We've been dating for a year and a half, and he hasn't changed at all, but suddenly some of the little, innocuous things he does irritates me. I get annoyed by the way he sits, or that he...
  17. I

    What are your self help ideas for dealing with Bipolar

    You show me yours and ill show you mine.
  18. R

    Am I alone?

    I wish I did not feel so alone with this strange way of dealing with stress and fear and sheer tiredness from just keeping going and trying to stay strong. It's ironic that something of this kind should feel like a comfort to me-showing me yes, that I am still alive, and here, yes I have the...
  19. rosie may

    Inttrduce myself

    Hello im new to this thought it would be nice to talk to others who suffer from deppresion and im also dealing with my husbands breakdown
  20. G

    OCD is getting the best of me

    Posted 7 hrs ago So I have been dealing with ocd for about three Years now different themes but my main an first one is harm ocd I have been able to fight most if the thoughts but this one i can't shake and it's literally scaring the hell out of me. I have a fear that god wants me to harm my...