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  1. T

    Missing deadlines, cannot get myself to work

    I don't know how to deal with this. I always crash and burn by the time finals come around, it's not unusual for me to be a whole week late for an assignment or two. But this year, I had a full time job during the summer, so I didn't even get the chance to rest before school began again so...
  2. A

    Stress, Deadlines, Performance Anxiety, Information Overload, and Burnout

    Stress, Deadlines, Performance Anxiety, Information Overload, and Burnout Life does not always go as planned. Many reasons influence this fact. All jobs will have their own stress. Deadlines, performance anxiety, information overload, and burnout are all influencing factors of stress. A plan is...
  3. I

    so stressed and worried

    Hi I'm just not coping at work I constantly go in and assume I'm.gonna told off for summit everyday or critized I try my best but I feel like ikma failiyre nor meeting deadlines and that I'm gonna get in trouble all the Time etc and that everyone thinks I'm stupid
  4. K

    Feeling overwhelmed and anxious

    Lately I have been feeling anxious and overwhelmed, and constantly lethargic. Over the last few weeks I have been very busy meeting deadlines for university, and I was feeling stressed then. But now, after all my deadlines are past and I have the excellent news of a job that I am comfortable in...
  5. diamondshine

    done it!

    Coursework is finally finished. :) It's utterly rubbish, and have had to make use of my 'flexible deadlines' (i.e. use my right to get extensions to coursework), but it is done. At last! I feel guilty for my housemates that I've taken flexible deadlines. But then I always do. If I can just get...