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  1. K


    Does anybody else have hallucinations while watching TV? Twice yesterday faces distorted while I was watching two different TV shows, and when I rewound it I didn't see it. The actors where laying down on both shows one dead and one passed out.
  2. L

    Is this degeneralisation?

    So, im dealing with a complex situation at the moment without detail.. i just came out of an eposode (only three beers.. maybe tipsey) i drew some pictures of what i thought of humanity and visualised myself hanging on a wall.. dead.. with all the words people have ever called me.. and imagined...
  3. L

    My voices

    My voices are saying I'de be better of dead.
  4. L

    Down and Out

    Everyday lately I wish I was dead. I'm with this girl who sleeps around yet loves someone else. I'm so desperate for company I give into her. Songs fill my head to help me not completely fall apart. I been just trying go day by day. Very soon I'll be dead at this rate. If someone could say...
  5. I


    I have this intense fear of time! It goes buy way too fast! I wish I could slow it down. I don't have the time to accomplish any dream of mine. Pretty soon I'm gonna be dead! I don't know if I'll like where I ended up!!! :panic::cry2: Does anyone else have fear of time? :scratch:
  6. Zardos

    Still Kicking

    I'm still alive guys.. But I'm in a slump.. I've stopped eating.. Shopping.. Shaving.. I look a right mess.. But I don't have the energy to do anything about it.. I spend my days watching YouTube videos about nuclear war in the eighties.. its no wonder that I grew up depressed.. I remember a...
  7. valleygirl

    Depression Getting Worse

    It was helping to have my lists of tasks, but then that went by the wayside too. I don't know why it's so bad now. It hasn't been this bad in a long time. I suppose it's linked to my insomnia, which is getting worse and worse. And there is a little girl at work who is terribly afraid of me...
  8. L

    Afraid of myself: Please read

    My mind has become a monster. My worst problem is my own mind. I get all kinds of negative, pessimistic, adverse and catastrophic thoughts. It`s been like this for so long now that i`ve sometimes contemplated suicide. Objectively im completely safe pretty much always, but my thoughts make me...
  9. L

    im a terrible person

    half theworld wants me and everyone like me dead, the government is nazis and ive been talking with people like me, people who they want to kill, and today a really bad thing happened and i got upset and angry and i said that since everyone wants us dead we should fight back amd kill the...
  10. B

    Ready to commit suicide

    I'm ready to kill myself. I simply can't take the pain of existance anymore. EVERYONE i have EVER cared about has abandoned me. Nobody even pretends to care about me anymore, not for a single second. I will be alone forever. And I would rather be dead than alone. And my only dream in life is...
  11. T

    did anyone ruin theur life on purpose because you wanted to die, and then regret everything when you come out of depression?

    did anyone ruin theur life on purpose because you wanted to die, and then regret everything when you come out of depression? its killing me i feel worse now, ive wasted so many years ive ruined my friendships my potential all my chances because i didnt care, i hated myself,i was dead inside. i...
  12. B

    Ready to commit suicide

    EVERYONE I care about abandons me. My final two "friends" in the world finally abandoned me and told me to kill myself. So not only am I alone forever, but my ONLY dream in life is finally dead. I'm ready to die. Goodbye forever.
  13. B

    Ready to kill myself

    I can't take the pain of existence anymore. EVERY single person I have EVER cared about has abandoned me. I will NEVER find any new friends. My ONLY dream in life is dead. I have literally nothing to live for.
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    i want to die

    I should be dead
  15. S

    I just want to be happy

    I don't want to care about my appearance or what people think of me. I don't want to feel trapped, both on the inside and out. I want to live somewhere beautiful where I can grow as a person and especially as an artist. I want to be surrounded by animals and those I love, warmth and happiness...
  16. E


    Hi everyone, I've read about flashbacks in term of reliving traumatic experiences, which is not exactly my case, but I'm still having trouble coping. Basically in the last 3 years my life changed drastically, I've lived through three deaths including that of my father 8 months ago, my...
  17. 6

    sad about my nephew

    I hadn't lived in the same province for most of his life. I was always far removed (I became an aunt as a tween so I wasn't really an aunt in the way I am to my nieces and nephews who were born when I was an adult). All that to say. I feel so sad today about his death. It has been almost 2...
  18. N

    Should I go to the Chapel of Rest

    I know that no one can really answer this question for me as it's an individual thing but I just wanted some advice and different viewpoints as I'm totally confused over what I should do and it's just going back and forth in my mind. I last saw my grandad around 8 months ago and last week he...
  19. B

    Calm acceptance of my outcome

    This entire year, I have come to a realization that it’s almost time. I’m not upset or anxious or happy... it just is. I’ve been unemployed since August and have been looking for work since last January... with no luck. At my age of 46, single and no kids... I think my life has come to a...
  20. Zardos

    All The Lonely People....

    Where do they all come from ? Reading the forum allot of the posts seem in a similar vein... Midlife, no boyfriend/girlfriend.. no friends at all really.. Alone.. Isolated.. Suicidal.. Mental illness is a bitch uh ? I'm beginning to think that modern medicine is completely ineffective when it...