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  1. Girl Interrupted

    Self-help worksheets

    I have found some useful links to worksheets for those utilising such self help methods. The following link has all manner of worksheets, one would be spolit for choice......... It has a panic diary, emotion regulation sheets, DBT worksheets, problem solving worksheets, the perfection scale...
  2. FootedPJs

    CBT vs DBT

    Anyone tried both of these? Know where I can get some work sheets? Which one works best with a borderline?
  3. F

    having to fill out personality questionnaire for DBT assessment

    i have to fill out a personality questionnaire for my DBT , i think its called a sc-10 or something like that. has anyone else had to do this? i already had a diagnosis of BPD nine years ago but i also have some other behaviours relating to auditory hallucinations and some anti-social things i...
  4. F

    having my DBT assessment on 3rd jan

    hey, anyone else on here had to do a DBT assessment? i have mine on 3rd jan and im nervous
  5. razza

    PANIC!!: running out of time: depression anxiety and Dbt

    I'm having a panic attack about DBT and my depression never getting better... Increased by also panicking about which forum to post this in. Do I post in depression because that's my primary diagnosis? Or anxiety coz thats what I'm having? Or BPD because even though I have been told I only have...
  6. J

    diag-nonscence, or ....

    Hello Im Jazzee, I have previously posted on the bipolar board, as Im havin some issues, which just make me so muddled that I dont even know whats wrong! Basically, I have had anorexia since I was 10, and muddled through e.d units throughout the country and hospitals. My last stay was 6months...
  7. messymoo

    Totally torn over what to do.....help

    I had a assessment today with a psychologist and I thought the purpose of it was to decide on what to refer me to whether it be the Stepps Programme or DBT I can't do both so I have been told. At the end of the appointment she said it was up to me which I thought would be better apparently they...
  8. K


    What are your takes on the effectiveness of dialectical behavioral therapy? Can you really undo/alter a hard wired personality of traits?
  9. R

    death sentence

    So I am in a very low very scared state. Tomoro and this week I will have to face up to my depression-caused behaviour last week and try and mend bridges with my psychologist and my dbt therapist (who is also a psychologist). I am so scared because I dont know what there response will be. I just...
  10. messymoo

    I give up

    I have had enough they are always saying stuff and it never materialises. They recently told me I had been referred for DBT only to find out today that they haven't and they won't be because funding has been cut and they are not running it anymore. I felt totally hopeless recently and when they...
  11. maxitab

    DBT support.

    Have you done DBT? Are there times you could do with a bit of support and help with it, knowing which skill to use, being encouraged to use it rather than not? Don't know about others but when I am a bit overwhelmed or down its hard to be motivated - yet I know it would help to use skills...
  12. Anomie

    I guess I can't fight it anymore, can I?

    This label I've been given, this BPD (3rd diagnosis of the same disorder within the last 5 yrs). I'm not even sure why it is I fight it so much, why I am so convinced they are wrong. I feel that I have body dysmorphic disorder, but they tell me my self hatred is all part of the BPD. I believe...
  13. Sanctuary

    Care Programme Approach

    I've just been and as a person with Depression, Major Anxiety, Involuntary Childlessness, Borderline Personality Disorder and Acute Reactional Disorder to Major Stress, (not to mention all sorts of destructive coping mechanisms like alchohol and marijuana) I think I did pretty well. Took a 5...
  14. MadMood


    Hi eveyone I've just quit my useless psychotherapy course after two years. I recently cut my wrists and overdosed but all they did was accuse me of letting them down. I'm going to see my GP on Tuesday but am terrified he will do nothing. Getting to the point, are there any good DBT courses over...
  15. gemma

    theraputic comminties and dbt

    hi before i went the tc in york it couldnt of got any more serious for me. i went to the acorn programme for a year its a fantastic place where you went to dbt pschothrerapy etc it really helped and its been nearly a year now since ive done any behaviours its still hard but easier then...
  16. F

    looking for DBT therapist in SW England

    hi, am looking for a DBT therapist in Bristol area. it would need to be free on NHS. i have moved here and have just been allocated new mental health team but they themselves don't practice DBT. anyone live in or know if there is DBT in Bristol/Avon area? i may be able to travel as far as Bath.
  17. S

    Hi there, I'm Sophie.

    Hi there, My name is Sophie. 2008 i was diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder, but i have been within the mental health system since i was young around 8. I am currently experiencing odd feelings, hearing voices, completely confused within my life and struggling alot with coping in...
  18. starflower

    Totally confused !! after assesment for DBT

    I've just recently been assessed to see if DBT would help me. The consultant I saw was really understanding and told me that he thought it might help. My problem is he says that I don't have BPD, but that I have scitzoid traits to my personality. Can anyone explain what he means? I was only...
  19. J

    i can't handle my (former?) counselor contacting me... what is wrong with me?

    i can't handle my (former?) counselor contacting me... what is wrong with me? I had two counselors. One I did a DBT group and worked on DBT skills with that I have seen on and off for several years. I need to have a “primary therapist” in order to the DBT stuff. After much searching I found...
  20. starflower

    Confused about BPD????

    :confused::confused: Hi, just wanted to ask someone if they can help me understand Borderline Personality Disorder better. I've had depression and anxiety for nearly 18yrs, and last year was told that I had BPD aswell. My phyciatrist says that when I well enough (I go up and down like a...