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  1. Hayyyleyyy

    DBT program

    I had a meeting with my CPN and a psychologist from a service in my area that provides DBT, I am possibly going to be offered a place on the course. The course is 6 months long but they like you to do it twice; the sessions are a 2 hour group session a week and a single 1-1 session a week. I'm...
  2. C

    Looking for mindfulness group in Lancashire

    Hi I've just completed dbt and am looking for a group to continue mindfulness with please let me know if there are any in lancs
  3. J

    Can a dysfunctional blpd couple get help from dbt

    Hi we are a couple both diagnosed blpd, we are dysfunctional, can dbt help
  4. N

    new here…and upset.

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. No one knows if I am BPD or not. Some docs say yes others say no. I'm on a waiting list for DBT. I did DBT before. I can't wait to start again. I was surfing the web and came across a website for people with loved ones with PD. It really triggered me. People saying...
  5. T

    DBT therapist question

    I've been doing DBT for a while now but I simply can't work with my 1-1 therapist (group is fine). We didn't gel from the start and it has not got any better. I think it is mutual that we don't like each other which is making the whole process pointless to me as I don't have the trust etc to...
  6. anhedonianman

    BPD, a convenient label to be given?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with BPD approx 2yrs a go. I got the impression that the CMHT, didn't know what to do with me. They had tried talking therapies, pharmaceuticals by the truck load and even threw in some ECT, probably hoping I would forget about them and leave them alone. But alas nothing...
  7. M

    The true reality of BPD- my personal perspective, breaking outside of mainstream ideas.

    The true reality of BPD- my personal perspective, breaking outside of mainstream ideas. *** This will be cleaned up soon, if EDIT does not disappear. Sorry its very messy and many errors. BIG TIDY SOON. *** *** Most Borderlines- that's you, go conventional: GO DBT therapy. But if for some...
  8. S

    Has anyone here gone through schema therapy?

    I'm just starting it. I don't have all the BPD traits but I have enough that cause serious problems (along with bipolar highs and lows doing a lot of damage over the years). In fact I still think of BPD diagnosis as lumping too many different things together. Anyway.. Have any of you had...
  9. H

    DBT.....does if work for everyone?

    Can anybody talk to my about DBT? Did it work, what does it entail? How long does if last? I have my first orientation group session on 11th November and am already starting with anxiety? Do I gave anything to worry about, apart from the other delegates?:;)
  10. Sparklypurplepaws

    anyone doing DBT alone?

    Hi all, I've recently brought a DBT work book from amazon, and have done the first couple of exercises My question is - how many of you have tried doing this alone rather than with a therapist or in a group? And how successfull have you found it?
  11. E

    Recovery - what does it feel like for you please?

    Hello, To begin with I am going to do self help DBT as private therapy is expensive and NHS means taking time off and from experience I don't want to alert my employer to any mental health issues. However, I am curious to know what if feels like to be in 'recovery'. I often say it is like...
  12. T

    DBT question

    Hi, if any of you are doing DBT how do you manage the fact that when you phone for help you aren't really allowed to talk about what is causing the problem just how to handle it. I find that quite a hard concept because often if you talk about something that helps in its self. Sometimes DBT...
  13. E


    Hello Just thought I would say Hello and introduce myself. Diagnosed BPD in 2008, attempted NHS group therapy but it seems what I was offered is nothing like it is five years later (have done a bit of reading lately on what the NHS provide now). I stayed for one session only, it all seemed...
  14. L

    DBT & Stuck.......

    I have been trying to access DBT for the last 11 years. I went to my MP after getting a private recommendation for DBT paid for as usual at great expense. MP put in a formal complaint to the NHS in June. In August I was told funding had been approved and it was just a case of going to see my GP...
  15. B

    I cant take my moods anymore

    :low: I hate my disorder of BDP i not even sure its the correct diagnoses for me because I don't self harm, I am not suicidal but i am paranoid and i don't trust anyone. I stalk people if I suspect them lying to me. then i cant spot thinking about them and I try to predict there behavior to...
  16. RainbowHeartz

    Allys DBT thread

    Hi I wanted to work through a DBT workbook but also share my work on here maybe it shall help others maybe not... I will start posting on here in a few minutes :)
  17. sahasrara

    dbt 8 months and counting. ...

    Got signed up for a dbt suitability session in january, as I dint ring them straight away I was told they would contact me for an appointment when one came avaliable. 8 months later still nothing. Its so frustrating, I seek help when I need it and spent the last year just going through the...
  18. Ctrl+Shift+R

    Questions about BPD, DBT, and medications

    I have Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression. My moods have been really bad lately. Most of the time I don't fell anything and when I do feel something it is depression or anxiety. I have been in therapy and DBT for about two months now, and I've gotten progressively worse. I've...
  19. DarknessVisible

    In Psychoanalysis Instead of DBT

    Or rather I was and will be again (had to move away for a little while due to circumstances but my therapist said it's fine for me to resume when I go back) as I've found it really helpful in the past (when my anxiety was so bad that I went crazy) but I would also like to try DBT. The thing that...
  20. AliceinWonderland

    After 25 years diagnosed as Bipolar, I now think I have BPD

    What has finally convinced me (I’ve been wondering this for a while), is that I saw my psychiatrist last week (only the second time I’ve seen him, I’ve been seeing a CPN before that), and he said he thought it was time for us to think about me being discharged from the CMHT. And he said, almost...