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  1. H

    Mental illness has ruined my life and I don't know what to do

    Ok so I have bpd anxiety and depression and I'm 26. I've gone through three years of dbt on the NHS and I don't engage in as many unhealthy behaviours anymore but that's kind of all dbt did for me. I tried, and I still try using the skills on a daily basis but they don't help. I've started a dbt...
  2. sahasrara

    dbt therapy and weed.

    So due to start my dbt therapy this week. Going through the work book and there is a very specific part about drug use. I have used cannabis for about 10 years now and I'm reluctant to tell people especially therapists about it. I know I use it to manage my moods, and I want to stop after Xmas...
  3. C

    anyone resisting DBT?

    Hey everyone, I have been doing DBT (for borderline) with a DBT therapist (over skype as no BDP therapist in my city). We do the group training (or should I say we try to do, as I am not into it), but the thing is I am just lazy or I do not know what is the correct word for my attitude. I...
  4. BorderlineDownunder

    I could throw more meds at you but they are of limited use

    ....direct quote from yesterdays PSYCHIATRIST who at least seems to understand the limitations and ethical issues surrounding Overmedication. At least he was honest. Recommended DBT instead, despite the Fail Rate of 75% basically admitted there IS no Treatment. :shrug:
  5. R

    Lamotrigine and BPD?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone is on/has been on this medication with BPD. I've been on Antipsychotics, SSRI's, Tricyclics, the whole she-bang! but nothing's ever seemed to work. I've been doing my homework and it looks pretty promising, only thing is that there have never been any...
  6. C

    Dialectical behavior therapy?

    Is this an intense/extensive treatment process and something you have to stick to? Does it really help?
  7. W

    Scared as hell

    Hi. I've only just joined. I have been diagnosed with BPD, anxiety,depression and PTSD. Totally hate how I feel. Been going on way to long. I had dbt to help deal with my self harm, but still fail.
  8. Lost_Darkness

    DBT and stopping self harm

    i have BPD. I have finally agreed to DBT. My therapist told me the first thing to work on is stopping self harming. this has really unsettled me. I have been self harming on and off since i was 15. i don't know how i will manage without it. i think i would even miss it. anyone else feel...
  9. SoftRain

    DBT videos

    I was looking through YouTube and found this lady recovery mum. She has been through so many things. Drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and has BPD. If you go through her playlist under solutions she has made several videos on dbt and what she learned after being in it for 2 years. She...
  10. Y


    I need help finding a specific dbt counsellor in the Hampshire/Berkshire border. I have read so many things over the past year or so to try and help my family member who has been diagnosed with bpd and am of the understanding that dbt therapy is the only option for a borderline personality...
  11. A

    Borderline Personality Disorder and DBT

    I've recently been diagnosed with BPD (amongst other things) and I know that DBT is the recommended treatment for this. I was wondering whether anyone else has or is doing DBT? How long did you do it for? Did it help? Did you do one-to-one, and/or group sessions? DBT isn't available to me in my...
  12. L

    Anyone doing DBT

    Anyone doing dialectic behavior therapy ?
  13. L


    Any body do dbt here ?
  14. suicideangel

    Dbt sheets for anyone who may find helpful to follow

    hey, I will be using this thread for all my stuff from dbt skills group and to practise these skills here. If anyone else would like to use this stuff and or join in then feel free to. As I hope that someone finds this useful.
  15. P

    about to enter treatment (DBT)

    I'm newly diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and after a lot of lying to myself about this and not believing i could ever get better, i've decided it's time to try... i just did an intake today for a weekly dbt skills group in my city. it was nerve wracking to go through the intake...
  16. G

    Bpd and dbt

    New to DBT...seeing if anyone is and how it's going for you.
  17. O

    MBT for BPD?

    Is anyone else here doing mentalization based therapy? It is one of the only treatments besides DBT that has been shown by studies to be effective for BPD. But I don't think it is very common. I haven't heard or read much about it outside of my program. I actually wanted to do DBT, but the only...
  18. Hayyyleyyy

    Hating DBT

    I am on my second group session and 3rd single session of dbt and I absolutely hate it... I don't think its for me at all and I really want to give it up. I don't want to change WHO I am I just want to change the way I feel!
  19. F

    How do you fund DBT and other treatments?

    I have little support where I live as I have very few friends and my parents don't live within the same state. I've been on Pristiq for 3 years now and although I feel it does help, it isn't all that effective anymore it seems. I want to participate in a DBT program offered by a local clinic...
  20. Hayyyleyyy

    Not wanting to do DBT

    I have been offered a place on a DBT group course and had my first single session the other day. The thing is I really don't want to do it... which sounds really bad as I know there are people out there begging for the chance to do it. I don't want to live like this anymore but I would far...