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  1. Flameheart

    what is DBT and how does it help ?

    I'm on a list for it, all I know is that there is 1-1 therapy and group therapy involved which I'm dreading and what other therapies besides CBT and DBT are there that can help with BPD ?
  2. Bizzarebitrary

    DBT is helpful for depression and anxiety (even non-BiPolar or BPD)

    Hi all. I don't see DBT getting much love outside the BiPolar and BPD forum so I'm starting a conversation here. DBT is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. "Dialectical" is sort of a Scrabble word and I want to demystify it. In this context it means that two things which are seemingly opposite can...
  3. X

    Advice on DBT therapy

    I’m currently receiving help in an inpatient BPD specialist unit. But all I want to do is leave. I’m struggling making the commitment to therapy and part of me just wants to give up. Has anyone else had DBT therapy and do they feel that it’s helped them to find a life worth living?
  4. J

    Not feeling motivated and hanging on by a thread

    I have BPD with chronic depression and have been doing DBT for about 1/2 year now but only a few months with a therapist... I hit a point recently where I no longer feel motivated to really do the DBT... to read it to a large extent, and to enact it to smaller extent. This weekend I've...
  5. E

    Bpd and comorbid OCD

    Hi. I was wondering if someone have experience of BPD and OCD and if yes what kind of therapy you have received för this? I will begin DBT for my problems with BPD but im not sure how to adress the OCD parts, perhaps the OCD will remit once I start working with the DBT therapy? Any kind of...
  6. M

    How do you hold down a job whilst doing DBT therapy?

    Hello. I hope everyone is having a good day. I'm 23 and used to work as a research assistant at a university, but I've been in and out of mental health hospitals for a while and couldn't work there anymore. I'm doing DBT therapy now to treat my self harm and suicidal behaviour, but it's...
  7. M

    I'm starting DBT therapy

    Hello. I hope you're having a lovely day. I've just started DBT therapy, just got though the initial assessment where I had to tell them my life story, which was a little painful at times. Has anyone else had DBT? How did you find it? As I understand it, it's to help me stop self-harming? How...
  8. S

    Starting DBT and terrified

    So next Tuesday I start DBT. I'm really pleased I've been accepted onto it as I think its the only thing that may make a difference. BUT.... I'm freaking out. 1. Its a group thing each week for 2.5 hours. I don't do group things at the best of times but to be doing something that will make me...
  9. S

    DBT Pre-treatment - anyone any experience?

    Hi I start my pre-treatment for DBT next week and I've no idea what to expect. Has anyone done this? Thanks M
  10. R


    Hi! Just curious if anyone has had any break through managing their BPD without having DBT, apparently cos I’m not suicidal I don’t meet the criteria, so after 2 years of waiting I’ve been discharged from the team. So are there there any other forms of therapy in mean time that have helped...
  11. M

    hello seeking trauma therapy but it is complicated (may trigger- self harm/abuse etc)

    hello seeking trauma therapy but it is complicated (may trigger- self harm/abuse etc) Ok. i am 35 and have been diagnosed with EUPD/Borderline PD for many years now. I have had DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) in the past, some years back. Recently, after a couple of very bad episodes...
  12. A

    I can't cope any longer

    Suicidal. Saw care co-ord today. Phone Samaritans later. Phoned DBT support people. I am still totally suicidal. What more can I do?
  13. katya

    Suspected BPD - long post Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse

    TW: Sexual abuse. Sorry, I should've put it in the main title, but I can't edit it now. I've been away from this forum for a long time, but I'm hoping, now, to use it a lot more. I could really do with the support, and I want to help others. I'm in such a limbo stage at the moment. I've...
  14. W

    DBT. Works?

    I'm diving head first into DBT after BPD diagnosis. In my iop I can't stand it. It's like daycare. I tell my clinician that I would rather do the exercises on my own. I feel like he agrees that that's a good idea. New to it. Seems like it would be helpful. Especially one on one with my...
  15. W


    Has anyone here ever had dialectical behavioural therapy?
  16. W


    Has anyone heard of dialectical behavioural therapy? DBT?
  17. A


    I've been bumped to the top of the DBT waiting list after last weekend's events, I start 5th February instead of 3-6 months like usual. There's always a silver lining! Is anyone doing DBT? How are you finding it? I know the basics as I've already done emotional coping skills twice. How hard is...
  18. m.health


    Hello everyone, I am 21 years old and am on benefits, currently out of work due to my conditions. I struggle with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and eupd - otherwise known as borderline personality disorder. I am on ESA and PIP as I am struggling really badly. I am currently...
  19. Cry-Baby

    DBT Skill - "Safe Place Visualization" [COPING TECHNIQUE]

    A dialectical behavior therapy technique that I find useful (I created this using a reference from my DBT workbook):
  20. H

    Given up

    I have no hope left. Ive had three years of dbt from NHS but thats all I've been given. I can't hold a job. I have no money so certainly private therapy is no option. My depression has got worse. My bpd is bad and I can't control it and I feel like it's my fault the dbt skills I continue to try...