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  1. M

    Daughter asking Questions

    My daughter is an exceptionally (frustratingly) bright 7 year old. She has noticed that daddy takes medicine and for the past year has been satisfied with the answer that it is because I get headaches. To be fair, she and her sister so often give me headaches. she is now more curious, and is...
  2. T

    Critical Christmas

    Mum is here. Not much more i can tell you. I bend over backwards, she opens her mouth and out comes words that make me want to kill myself. Every year, every day, me in tears, her angry with me for something i seem to have done although i go to so much effort and am so careful it is never good...
  3. letmein

    when your desperate...........

    @ 7 am this morning, I made a plan. I chose a method and a day to take control on my none life. my exit was set @ 9 am i broke down and creed like a baby @ 10 am I forced myself out for a coffee with my daughter @ 2 pm i'm starting to get low again today has been a roller coaster of...
  4. S


    Hi all First time at doing this but i don't know where to turn, for the last two years my daughter has been running away, self harming, at first it was because she wasn't in touch with her dad, but we sorted this and after CAMHS appointments, social services etc she seemed to turn a corner last...
  5. A


    Hi All New here advice needed. I am 31 and all through my 20s have suffered from OCD Thoughts, Anxiety and one episode of phychosis. Through this however managed to hold down a good job abd dealt with severe episodes by taking sick leave do very few people are aware of my issues.... I guess...
  6. J

    School and bipolar

    Has anyone got and advice i can pass on to the school to help my daughter
  7. V

    I know why I’m like this but I can’t seem to do anything about it

    I’ve never been good enough, not a good enough daughter, my mother resents me, it a good enough niece, not a good enough friend, not successful enough for people I thought were my friends, I didn’t fit the box, not a good enough wife, not fun enough, not interesting enough, not nice enough, not...
  8. W

    Concerned for grand child

    My son just recently married a woman who suffers from BPD and Bipolar 1 disorder. She is extremely jealous of his sister and his daughter. I've been taking care of my grand child for quite some time now. My son will be taking over his responsibility of his daughter soon. However, because of the...
  9. L

    My 17 year old daughter doesn’t love me.

    Hi there, I’m desperately in need for someone to tell me if they’re experiencing something similar. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar for 20 years. I have a 17 year old girl. Her father was extremely abusive to me for so many years but I was so scared of him taking my daughter away from me because of...
  10. F

    So depressed i dont even love my daughter

    I feel sick writing that but i feel so depressed i feel so diconnected that i dont even feel love towards my daughter (3) anymore. I struggle to get up and look after her but i feel nothing. Please tell me this wont last i feel hopeless
  11. P

    I'm new and unable to sleep due to P.I.P

    I was recently told I had to apply for pip as my DLA was ending. I filled in the form and gave my gp and psychiatrist as professionals to be contacted about my health issues. I saw my doctor today and he give me various letters to take to pip appointment tomorrow. I was shocked when I read...
  12. N

    New to forum

    Thank you all for sharing your stories. I've discovered it is very necessary to know you are not alone. I have reviewed other forums where caregivers dreamt of moving to the North Pole, which is why I chose it for my user name :) Everyone seems to be in the same position when it comes to...
  13. L

    New to this

    Hi, thanks for adding me. I've never joined a group like this before but am hoping for somewhere I can chat to people and get advice from people who've been where I am now. I'm feeling quite depressed, very anxious and lonely. I'm not alone, I live with my 15 year old daughter and have my 26...
  14. K

    Barely Functioning

    I have come to a point that I need help, things have just got to the point I can barely function properly. Because my DID divides us from physical aspects the effect is puzzling to me. I have always had trouble with the ex, using my daughter as a weapon in her self righteous temper but goes...
  15. W

    Could SIL have PD?

    Hello. This is my first post here. I am not posting about myself but rather my ex son in law. He is the Father of my Grandson and I am desperately trying to figure him out. He is 25 years old so I can attribute some of this to being young, but not all. He and my daughter were together for 6...
  16. T

    Mum needs advice

    Hello, I'm looking for some guidance and believe that those best able to advise me are those that have or are experiencing some of the distressing symptoms that are tearing my daughter apart. She is 30yrs old and has struggled with BPD since a teenager, anxiety,depression,manic outbursts and...
  17. Z

    Hit rock bottom

    My life was going so great until about a year ago. So many things have gone wrong since then , including my partner quitting his job so I have no money to see a good Psychologist. I have a 3 year old daughter , so I am pretty isolated, except for my fiance I don't really have anyone to talk to...
  18. K

    Painful life

    Feel like there is a neon target on my back or least something along the lines of please abuse me. For all of my life it has been nothing but pain and misery I know that is life but not to this level of experience. There is not a pain that I don't think that I have experienced so far, it don't...
  19. Poopy Doll

    I won't evict tenant

    I won't evict the tenant even though yesterday the police came here looking for her and child protective services also came plus the Grandfather showed up, all of them at once. My tenant "kidnapped" her 11 year old son from the Grandfather who has sole custody. She made an emotional decision...
  20. Guy12182

    I have a Daughter

    I have a Daughter who I found out after leaving my ex-wife and mother of my child was self harming. My daughter was just 8 yrs old when I left. There was a time when I was bad with mental illness and I hadn't seen my daughter for a while or talk to her. At the time, I was punishing my ex and I...