1. C


    erm well I'm not the most sociable guy but I tend to sort of well collect friends. I know everyone, I'm that type of guy. Even people I don't want to be friends with want to be my friend. But well I really don't have any clue when it comes to dating. Because my mood used to swing so I didn't...
  2. B


    I just want advice on how to change the ways I have been handling relationships. The time I have attempted to try one have all failed. 1st 1 I true. To online date and I used a skinnier photo of me (like from size 4 in the photo to a then size 20), ( I flucuate in weight and most of my...
  3. B

    Relationships Hurt

    I just want advice on how to change the ways I have been handling relationships. The time I have attempted to try one have all failed. 1st 1 I true. To online date and I used a skinnier photo of me (like from size 4 in the photo to a then size 20), ( I flucuate in weight and most of my...
  4. T

    thread moved and I cannot access it

    my thread was moved (about interracial dating) and I cannot seem to access it did not know who to contact
  5. B

    am I destined to be alone?

    I was dating a guy for 2 mos and I already had our future planned (how many kids we were going to have and how our careers would progress together and marriage) then one day he tells me he has no feelings for me and doesn't want to dater anymore. I was really hurt. I kept texting him and trying...
  6. M


    does anyone know any sites that cater for people with m.i for dating?
  7. B


    Hi everyone im new here but i have a question. So im single and wanting to start dating again. I have been diagnosed with bipolar, anxiety, ocd, add and depression since i was 13 im 23 now almost. My problem is thus. Whenever i start talking to someone i always tend to forget to tell them about...
  8. P

    depression and how it is effecting me with "relationships"

    Hello all.. i am struggling with this dating malarky.. and online dating sites... i have met a few guys in the past and a guy started chatting to me... we chatted for the first week and we then exchanged numbers. the thing is .. when i realize someone likes me ... i find it suffocating... so...
  9. D


    I've just told someone I don't want to see them now after agreeing to on the phone. I just had second thoughts. what's the worst that can happen to me i'm a woman ps == from dating site - its weird...
  10. MagicJay

    Girl i'm dating ex is going her house

    I have sorter been dating this girl for the last 2 weeks she told me her ex is going around hers tonight because he wants to talk to her about getting back together even though she said no to him, she said I have no reason to be jealous because she doesn't want to get back with him. I was fine...
  11. P

    advice about dating? :(

    well i have joined a dating website.. and got talking to a guy who seems nice :) but the thing is he is asking me what i am doing and i dont want to say im on ESA because im embarrassed and he doesnt know i suffer from depression... really dont know what to do now :(
  12. T

    sex... and partners?

    I have 'being alone' issues that became severe at one point due to my ex-bf's treatment of me. after we broke up, I ended up dating a lot of people. at one point i was dating 7 at the same time. like i meet one person each day... i never felt alone though obviously. my head was overloaded...
  13. jetblack

    Online Dating sites

    I need to discover whether anyone has experience from joining a fee-based dating site compared to the free to use variety? There are some pretty well known online dating sites that I've used for a considerable length of time and finally reached the conclusion that as money does not have to be...
  14. K

    Divorce and my other mental issues....

    So I got a divorce 2 years ago with a man I was with for 8 years. After the divorce,that I didn't want but realize now it's healthier this way, I ran into a great buddy that I hadn't talked to since high school (I'm 28) and things just fell into place, he's the best man I have ever met! Anyway...
  15. jamie1973

    Hey , Back for good

    Hi all, i have settled to differences with my wife and she is now happy for me to be on here, (now she can see im not on a dating site lol)..:dance:
  16. starflower

    Online Dating?? Happy but scared!!!

    I've met what seems to be a lovely man on a dating website, and although we chat everyday and I have spoken to him once on the telephone and so scared about how we feel about each other and we haven't even met. We've been chatting for three weeks now and to be honest he sounds really nice, but...
  17. M

    Attracted to Unavailable men

    Hey all, There is an issue thats been going on in my life for a long time. I'm 23 now. I think it started when I was 13. I liked this guy who didn't like me back. But he made such a big deal about it (at the time I was overweight and stuff..typical baby fat lol). Newho, I felt terribly rejected...
  18. karinasade

    Online dating and DANGEROUS Triggers

    Hello board, I am new and look forward to this site...I'm in a very very bad place emotionally. I've been compromising myself with men and having high expectations in dating and when they don't call after 24 hrs of seeing them i rage and abuse like no other, pushing them away. I want a soul...
  19. J

    telling a casual fling about my scars or not?

    I havent worn shorts or a skirt in forever so the the general public has no clue, but i am wondering about dating. I have some scars on my upper legs from my SH'ing days (which are not so long ago and i am in therapy for it). i am not happy about this. The scars are not super noticeable, but...
  20. L

    Dating help...

    Hey guys Well as you can see from the title I need dating help. Just a quick back story: I just finished therapy with my therapist. She initially seemed really good but it ended up that basically I was paying 45 quid an hour for her to tell me to just get out there; no real cbt. All very well...