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  1. I

    (_o_)---(_o_) Hi

    I feel very depressed, thinking of death feels plesant. It seems to mainly cause of my inability to form relationships with a females. I have severe case of ADHD and due to it I look bad Overtime I have built up avoidance issues and I am at a point where I have drained all my confidence. My...
  2. M

    Ramblings from the edge

    Ok: 20:30 I felt particularly stressed and was struggling to solidfy thoughts. I could feel it, that dark place within the depths of my mind. That spot where I direct all my stress and hardship and sadness and loneliness. A place I can control, and isolate. I felt myself drifting there, with...
  3. M

    The Dark Within

    The Dark Within Rainy days... Dark days... Early evenings in the late Winter when the sun drops below the horizon at midday... These are my days; they reflect the dark within me; they soothe my soul to it's core. A young child, a loved child but a neglected child; a boy forgotten...
  4. O

    I feel like only darkness exists and nothing can be done about it

    Hi all. I'm new here. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time. I'm an addict and I've been clean for almost a year and a half. I can't get past this feeling that my life will never have anything positive. All I can see is darkness in the future. Like I'll never be happy...
  5. U

    Just Shed the Light, worm of darkness will flee

    Hello Friends, Today, i am going to share my experience of combating social anxiety. After suffering 5/6 years, i came to realize that i am have this issue. The most important thing as the title suggests "Just Shed the Light, worm of darkness will flee". What i mean is that if you discuss your...
  6. Y

    new here

    Hi, I'm new here! I'm a therapist and wish to connect more deeply in the Cyber world. I am not here to provide therapy, rather I seek to provide and receive supportive understanding with people all over the world. I have my own darkness and shadow I am integrating and thought this could be a...
  7. B

    Oh Sun (poem about depression)

    Oh Sun Oh sun so mighty, A blood orange Pharos, Basking in all its glory, Take my hand, And guide me through the darkness. The blush of the day fades, Into a lifeless mist and soon The Siberian chill, that burns my skin, Turns me numb. My body, my heart. My heavy, heavy heart, Cannot fathom...
  8. little rose

    depersonalisation loneliness feeling in pain

    this illness is so upsetting i never felt so horribly alone its so hard not feeling like myself sometimes feeling unreal feeling like im not here feeling like i am disappearing and then there is the sitting here feeling like i am in darkness and in a bad world like this evening.. like i still in...
  9. cpuusage

    What Does It Mean To Be A Light In The Darkness?

    What Does It Mean To Be A Light In The Darkness? | Sacred Discoveries
  10. Russet

    Darkness invisible

    Regardless of anything, or any mood or of any experience, i have this darkness about me that never goes away. I forget sometimes that it is there and this is usually when i am browsing the aisles for a new this or that. When my benefit money is cut, i won't be able to buy this or that and so...
  11. J

    Tired of living, pain......

    I might need help here......I don't want to live anymore. I've tried meds, therapy, hospitals. Nothing helps. I have major depression, everything bad always happens to me. Im noooo longer eating. All I see is the darkness. The pain. My heart hurts so much how can I make it stop??
  12. P

    That isn't darkness.

    Space isn't dark at all. It only looks like it to us because of our eyes. From their side darkness never existed. Nothing is empty space or dark really. The dark is an illusion. I wonder what is there right in front of me that i cannot see yet, what is in the night sky that i can't know...
  13. J

    Don't really know what I'm doing here but I guess this is reaching out

    I'm really struggling and have been for a long time... longer then I can remember. I've only really been faced with the reality of my situation when my husband left, which was almost 2 years ago now. From all the way back in high school (15 years or so) I had my first breakdown. I was submitted...
  14. Arise

    Darkness and the extrovert

    Darkness is the best word that describes how i am. Inside i am an extrovert. I seem well and happy, joyful even, but inside i feel very black and dark and it will not go away. I am burying it all of the time. It is not as if i have not addressed my past and my problems, but i don't want to focus...
  15. cpuusage

    How to No Longer Take Things Personally

    How to No Longer Take Things Personally ~ The Mind Awakening AUTHOR- Luminita D. Saviuc “Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of...
  16. kyarahope

    BPD - Will we ever be truly happy with life?

    This is just me having a talk to myself but writing it down I guess. Its something I have been thinking about recently, do people with BPD ever find a place were they are just content? Because right now I am not too sure. I mean, I am happy at times, but I always feel as though I am looking for...
  17. M

    Violent daydreams

    Since adolescence I've been having these vivid daydreams where I construct imaginary situations and place myself within them. There's are almost exclusively very dark or violent situations where I end up injured and my friends react/care for me. Sometimes I am myself, sometimes I play a...
  18. pepecat

    "Shoot the Damn Dog' author Sally Brampton dies

    Sally Brampton, journalist and writer, dies aged 60 - BBC News (contains suicide specifics) Of all the 'celebrity' deaths this year, this one has stunned me the most, though actually, I"m not massively surprised. I feel a bit 'hit by a truck' for a few reasons..... I didn't know Sally at all...
  19. L

    Hello Darkness, my old friend..

    Hi everybody, I'm new here but I feel like writing. Hope this is the right place to do so, if not - I'm sorry. I'm a 21 year old and I've been dealing with depression for 5 years now. I've gone through a lot in my short life - dealing with an chronic illness that's eating me from the inside...
  20. cpuusage

    Six Signs You May be a Disaster Shaman

    “If you are unprogrammed in the cultural causa-sui project, then you have to invent your own: you don’t vibrate to anyone else’s tune. You see that the fabrications of those around you are a lie, a denial of truth. A creative person becomes then, in art, literature, and religion the mediator of...