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  1. FallenAngel

    Youth Mental Health In The Dark Ages

    BBC News - Youth mental health care 'in dark ages', says minister
  2. clockworkmonkey

    what else can I do.

    My phyc team have offerd me a bed.I dont want or need a bloody bed.Thats not gonna stop me. My sh thoughts are more dark and dangerous nowadays. Its like a snow ball rolling down a hill gathering pace. There like well its there if you need it.just ask.Is that all you can offer me is a rubber...
  3. S

    *Trigger Warning* The darkness is overwhelming me?

    Hey. I don't know if this is normal but I feel like I do really weird things sometimes. I get impulsive. I've been sexually assaulted a handful of times. But I also get myself into situations of abuse. I would sleep with strangers and ask them to hurt me. I don't know why. I take loads of drugs...
  4. C

    Mental Health Problem - Road to Recovery

    Hi Just wondered if anyone was from Aberdeen who suffers from Mental Health problems and if they could advise of any support groups out there? Things are really tough just now and I am in a dark place:low: xxx
  5. T

    the urge is over whelming

    That urge you get when you know its time to self-harm. When your feeling numb and theres no way out and self-harm is your rescue. I cant cope in life anymore. Ive been a self harmer for 9 years now. I know it makes me feel better. Its getting harder to hide it from my husband and he gets upset...
  6. Lolli_Liability

    loosing it

    They dont believe me when i say i dont know how to eat anymore. Everyones so quick to shout when i dont get out of bed or take my pills. Noone cares because they tell me their bored of my drama. Asif this is a choice Asif i chose to lie awake all night because his voice has come back. Asif i...
  7. bobshocker

    and yes indeed sir, you know who you are.

    We are all but damaged and but hurt, As we claw into the sodden dirt. Those before us, and those that went, Their mental health all but bent. Victims, us, we are one and all. Stories, painful , and sights we saw. We share our pain, and do lament. For those absent souls, now heaven sent. But...
  8. S

    Only just found out I have cyclothymia

    I have been with my psyc since April last year and it dawned on me the other day that I didn't really know what I was diagnosed with, went to my docs and this is what I apparently have : Recurrent depressive disorder Cyclothymia Comorbidity with alcohol abuse What the hell is all that??? I am...
  9. H

    Pathetic excuse for a human

    Feel so low. And feel im a waste of human life. No matter how hard I try to better my situation I always come back to this dark place. Fed up of deep inside having no motivation to push me out of these dark times. Feel like giving up completely.....if I was dead wouldn't affect too many...
  10. K

    OK its Christmas (already)

    OK can fool myself no longer with this stuff the christmas hysteria and high is officially on its way out and its not even The so called 'day' yet! Have spent, drunk. shopped and gone out and come back and now the reality is hitting.... feel like scrooge is calmly waiting in the boiler and will...
  11. firestorm

    Formal Intro

    Hi Everyone, I joined the site last week and have made some posts but have not formally introduced myself yet. So here goes. I am 38 and work in health care in South Africa. My mental health problems started when I was still very young (about 12 years old) and I have been battling life since...
  12. M

    30 years

    Hi got to post this in "celebration" of 30 years sufferance of anxiety/depression or bipolar. Yes was on this day in 1983 that I suffered my first panic attack and had to just get out of my place of work. This followed by severe bouts of depression. With it went a promising career and all that...
  13. Zoe :)

    mirrors and hatred

    Why can't I look at myself without complete hatred? I see myself and I want to kill that person, she looks at me with such anger and hatred.. Her eyes are dark , they look at me with hatred, they look tired.. So dark and cold.. I feel no love from her.. She hates me and I hate her!
  14. megirl

    What the hell is going on???

    Well yeh what is this epidemic all of a sudden people with bipolar seem to suddenly been diagnosed with BPD like ?wtf is going on. I jus dont get it maybe I dont actually have bipolar I mean well honestly I have always had faith and respect for those in volved in my mental health but all of a...
  15. N


    Will keep this brief - my partner has walked out and is walking to Wales (we live in Liverpool) it will be dark soon and he has no money. He keeps texting saying he wants to die!! What the hell am I supposed to do
  16. prairiechick

    So, so so angry and in despair

    :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie::meanie...
  17. Maloo

    Now I'm lost

    It's 5:53am and I'm sitting outside in the dark. It's raining and windy and about 5 degrees Something's just not right, I just know it
  18. markh75

    In a dark lonely place.

    My name is.... i am currently in a dark and lonely place at the moment. I'm not long back from walking my dogs, but we got halfway and turned around; i got angry, and i dont know why. And as a result i feel quite dark, in a dark mood. I was off last week, and will be off this week, and for the...
  19. Firewolf


    Does anyone believe in ghosts got I'm really paranoid that there is one after me :( It's just that it only feels like that when I'm in certain places that just appeared to be incredibly creepy to me :( and if I'm driving my car or got my head phones on then the music goes all Static and stuff...
  20. Mark_01

    When I Come Here

    I like coming here because it is one of the rare places I can tell the truth. Tonight, Tinker and I are sitting quietly. She is in her little bed on the bottom shelf of my computer desk sleeping, I am writing. Quiet dark night, only a lonely car or two passes on the narrow winding highway just...