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  1. Kerome

    The Dark Night of the Soul

    So in meditation - on one of the rare cases recently when I was quiet enough to actually meditate - it came to me that the contents of my psychosis are self created, that in effect this confrontation with my fears is a kind of Dark Night of the Soul, a series of purgations and trials that one...
  2. C

    Murderous thoughts get me scared

    Hi Guys, So basically I am not a violent person, Ive never been in a fight in my life but I can become angry very quickly/ aggressive but never in a physical way. During the summer I watched a youtube documentary of teen murderers and got my frist ever panic attack, sicne then I have had panic...
  3. P

    Dark day

    Hi I've recently joined and feel bad for joining and my first post being me,me Me. I seem to be really struggling at the moment and the dark cloud is getting darker and closer and i can't shake the feelings off. Just feel absolutely worthless. I've spent the day wishing people would leave...
  4. cpuusage

    Dark Goddesses

    "Darker Goddesses are not evil. Dark goddesses travel where others fear to tread. They move through the veils between the worlds and into the shadows of powerful magick. They bravely venture into the Underworld and dive into the areas that other shy away from like death, transformation...
  5. valleygirl

    Very Depressed

    Not much to say about it. Low is low is low is low. Very low. So tired but I can't sleep straight through the night. I start my new uni classes at 4 this afternoon, and I'm supposed to start my practicum tomorrow, and I just don't know how I am going to get through this semester. Maybe I...
  6. L

    SAD Light Therapy

    Hey everyone, I apologise, my internet has been broken, so that's why I haven't been online often. I feel shattered all the time and very run down. I have a healthy vegan diet, lots of fruit and veg. Lots of water and fruit juice. I take multivitamins and vitamin D. And still, I am tired...
  7. valleygirl


    Wishing there was some magic pill to blast me out of this dark hole I'm in.
  8. D

    Hello everyone! I'm glad to have found this place

    Hello all, my name is Dana, I'm 31 and I am in a very dark place that I cant seem to get out of. I have always had a touch of depression (I believe it stems from flashbacks of childhood abuse and my parents alcoholism). I did extremely well in school and university, getting first class honours...
  9. P

    Spirit facts.

    Here is some facts about spirits: They can see just fine in the dark, they don't need light to see, dark isn't a thing in their world. They don't need to work out or anything. They don't need food or drink. Cold and hot is not a thing, they are not flesh. They don't need sleep. No...
  10. M

    In a very dark place

    I am in a very dark place I have been feeling like this for the last six months my mental state has really detoriated in that time I don't know what to do
  11. A

    Clearing a few things up.

    I just want to clear a few things up.I personally feel my Asperger's on this forum is/may be misunderstood.I may come across as nasty,troll like and blunt but i am actually a really nice person.As i have said/posted i have Aspergers syndrome and was introduced to the world of mental health as i...
  12. D

    When the Dark Times Get Really Dark...

    I am looking for ways to catch myself before slipping into a really dark period, because I never know what will set it off, or how long it will last. Curious to know how you handle your dark periods. So, my question is, when the dark times get really dark, what do you do? (assuming what you do...
  13. I

    in such a dark place again

    Hi I'm in a very dark place again so stressed I just can't cope anymore I hate my job so much I dread going in crying thinkin about it and got my appraisal tommorow its so dreadful.also things aren't going well with mybso called bf anymore I've had enough he never texts back never makes effeort...
  14. P

    That isn't darkness.

    Space isn't dark at all. It only looks like it to us because of our eyes. From their side darkness never existed. Nothing is empty space or dark really. The dark is an illusion. I wonder what is there right in front of me that i cannot see yet, what is in the night sky that i can't know...
  15. P

    We're all negative consciousness.

    It's the dark side i guess. Many needs but none of them met. Negative consciousness this is. Could have been great for everyone to.
  16. M

    Dark place

    I'm in such a dark place at the moment and right now I feel like I'm never going to escape. I don't know what to do anymore it's taking over my life :(
  17. Not_Crazy_Yet

    What is it about the dark?

    I'm sure lots of us like to sit in the dark. I know I do, but I also feel closest to "right" at night. Is it just our depression or what? I wonder if the dark has a therapeutic effect? I have black out blinds AND black out curtains on my window and have considered painting them black too but I...
  18. E

    David Sonboly

    Apparently this guy went on his shooting rampage because he was bullied at school & he wanted revenge, I find myself empathising with him & feeling sadness at his death; I would love to go back in time & go to school at age 13/14 & kill my bullies, apparently Sonboly bought his gun on the 'dark...
  19. M

    A dark

  20. G


    I lost my daughter 3 years ago in terrible circumstances and as I fear am loosing the battle to be strong I wonder what is down this dark path ?