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  1. B

    Was in crisis period... Now even worse through relationship breakup

    Hello people, I'm Robert. Just found this forum tonight while working nightshift. Suffered anxiety and depression most of my life but has progressively got worse over last few years although I cannot figure out why. Along with this I suffer headaches, neck and back pain and recently found out...
  2. N

    drug addiction, perversion, aggresion

    Not really sure where I should post this, or what I'm expecting as a response. guess I'm wondering how much help I'm gonna need. Drugs have been a pretty big part of my life for the past 10/12 years. Always smoking pot, dabbling back and forth between party drugs and psychedelics. Now most...
  3. letmein

    not in a good place

    been a rough couple of days. I can't cope with whats going on, I'm expected to do more and I can't do it. not sure which way to turn. can't switch my head off.......... dark thoughts , not stupid enough to act on them just don't enjoy my own head.:scratch:
  4. M

    The Dark Within

    The Dark Within Rainy days... Dark days... Early evenings in the late Winter when the sun drops below the horizon at midday... These are my days; they reflect the dark within me; they soothe my soul to it's core. A young child, a loved child but a neglected child; a boy forgotten...
  5. magic touch

    Can't believe I needed to come back.

    It must be nearly 5 years since I came here last. Anxiety depression and all the crap to go with it has once again hit me full blast. I doubt any of my past acquaintances are still here any more. If you are I hope you are doing well. Better than me in any case. I have more pain now than I ever...
  6. H

    Finding a Balance

    I’ve been struggling for the last few weeks with a massive bout of depression / anxiety. I’ve been seeing my counsellor weekly for an hour and trying to find a light. I had a session this week which may have portrayed me (to the counsellor) as in the lowest place I’ve been since we started out...
  7. T

    What have you done that your proud of yourself fo

    Giving up drinking Making friends Fighting my way through dark days What are you,proud of yourself for?
  8. M

    Hello Everyone

    Hello All, I joined this forum looking to speak to like minded people and offer advice (if I can) I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was at school but it has worsened over the last four years. About me I am your average bloke booze, gaming, movies, music and tv. For the last...
  9. M


    Hi all, Im a newbie to the forum. I have suffered anxiety and depression for the past 18-19 years. I joined to maybe offer advice or even take ideas from like minded people. I still have dark days but accept them as that. Thanks Bazza
  10. O

    Bad place

    Going through a real bout of depression and anxiety. Feel like i've lost some of my friends as they havent been speaking to me very much lately. I said to one last week about killing myself and they kind of just brushed it off as me being dramatic and got a bit annoyed and told me not to say...
  11. H

    Haunted by abusive upbringing

    I am quite new to this forum but have posted a couple of times and been pleasantly surprised by the support available from the members on here. I’ve recently started counselling sessions as I have a rollercoaster life in terms of dark times and less dark times, I’ve had 3 failed suicide...
  12. M

    Would any girl like a guy with a dark past like mine?

    I feel so ashamed. I have a dark porn and m past. I have horrible intrusive thoughts. I got beat up by someone who is smaller in size than me even when I started the fight. I know in another thread in this section, I stated how I agreed that one needed to love them-self first in order to be...
  13. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Adult Social Care and Budgets

    My Life Coach through the (contracted-out to the NHS) ASD service I've been attending, is trying to get adult social care for me :) As I understand it, needs are assessesd, and then a 'pot' of money is awarded to the client, who can then choose from a range of various service providers, and use...
  14. W

    Good evening

    Hello, My name is Richard and I'm new here! *waves* I'm joining because, I wanna speak/meet other people who have similar struggles to me and just be understood. I suffer with Emotional and unstable personality disorder, a generalised Anxiety Disorder & Noise anxiety. I'm trying to my...
  15. M

    At The Lowest Point in my Life...

    Hello it's my first post around here But I can't live like this, not relieving this burden off my chest. I need to tell somebody about this. (somewhat long post ahead) I dropped out of high school and I'm halfway through my last year. Before that, I've had low mood since August soo I guess...
  16. sunset547544

    Can't Stop Thinking about Getting Stoned

    I have been walking around parks hoping to come across someone I can buy pot from, also thinking about growing it in my loft, and even considering going on the dark web to buy it (last two probably really dumb ideas)....it's driving me mad. Can anyone help / offer me some advice?
  17. B

    Need to share

    Feeling in a dark place these last few days. Suffer from depression and anxiety and just feel like my life is absolutely going no where. I have 3 beautiful children who keep me going. But I have been with my partner for over 10 years and he doesn't want to get married. Don't know whether I want...
  18. letmein

    had enough..

    not sure i can fight any longer. I'm in so much debt there's no way out. i don't have any money for food right now, but all my bills are paid so tahts a plus. my mood isn't getting any brighter even on doubled meds. i've not had any "flash" points recently so I am stable just so dam low. my...
  19. letmein

    so low..............

    mood is bad, thoughts are dark. not sure where to run too.:scratch:
  20. letmein

    so low

    in a mess here, mood is really bad and my thoughts are so dark. i'm scared what my next move will be.