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  1. S

    Not sure what I am, I argue with my conscience a lot

    HI, I'm a middle aged male and I'm on antidepressants and have been told numerous times that I am suffering from depression. Appologies for the length, but I want to try and explain how my condition affects me. I also have a few other health issues, I suffer from CFS/ME which sometimes causes...
  2. A

    Finally plucked up the courage to phone Samaritans

    I've been feeling suicidal with strong urges. Finally plucked up the courage to phone Samaritans (I usually text). The lady I spoke to was lovely. We were on the phone for nearly an hour. I still have urges but have come up with a plan of what I'm going to do to stay safe. Dare I say, I'm...
  3. C

    I'm screaming inside

    Lately I feel like I'm screaming at the top of my lungs but inside. On the outside, I sit silent, frozen in fear that I'll go insane and if I dare let it out.
  4. N

    So f'd off.

    My family have made me feel like I'm a sub-human because I'm a schizo. I'm fed up with trying to act a certain way around them and just wish they would understand that living in my head is not easy as I ain't the only one there. Walk a mile in my shoes before you pass judgement upon me or dare...
  5. amathus

    Secret Teacher: I dare not tell anyone about my Personality Disorder.

    Secret Teacher: I dare not tell anyone about my personality disorder | Teacher Network | The Guardian
  6. C

    Oh Please

    where is the Shocker? How dare he get his act together and leave me quietly drowning?:low:
  7. A


    Why the fuck are girls so much hard work.... Stressed as it is and then i learn she is paranoid to death and told me the only reason that i am forming a relationship with her is out of fucking pity how dare she fuck it why the hell did i bother
  8. jamie1973

    My wife is the best

    Hi all ,my wife's shop got shut down a month ago( optical express) .. she then went to work at boots , I caught her crying inh the bath the other night and she was really upset becouse she hates the job so much... however she was looking at watches in some high end posh jewers (somewhere i would...
  9. A

    A wise and a passionate heart

    We each have a wise and a passionate heart, with a shell built around it to keep it from breaking that keeps it from living. The spiritual path is breaking that shell and unfolding that heart. To love truly is not to love others more, or to love yourself more, or even to love God more, but...
  10. bupanishad2012

    Lilly's Zyprexa-Prozac combo wins expanded use

    What a goddmaned farce! Zyprexa was one (next to Seroquel) of the worst medicines I have ever used! How dare they combine it with my old-faithful Prozac? What do others think about this?
  11. T

    Pls Help Me

    I have many mental problems in my life I am writing them in order in which they are troubling me more if any one will help me to over cum I will be thankful to him. 1) Fear from boss and people on higher rank. I never dare to go in front of them. Earlier I was having same problem with my...