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  1. S

    cognative impairment, any one have one? this is serious, please help,

    Child of the 70s, I have personality disorder, caused by the education system as a child, ie the special school, before that a birth disability, ie brain injury, I just didn't know as a child, unfortunately the psychologist planed my life for me, because of the abuse in special school, mental...
  2. N

    Have you ever been in denial about your illness?

    I starting to think I do actually have Schizoaffective disorder. It's hard coming to terms with it because I've been in denial for 7 years thinking I've faked everything pulling the wool over multiple psychiatrists eyes. I have been sectioned over 11 times and every time I have come out of...
  3. cpuusage

    ‘Cameron shouldn’t just resign… he should be sent to prison!’ Ken Livingstone tells RT (VIDEO)

    ‘Cameron shouldn’t just resign… he should be sent to prison!’ Ken Livingstone tells RT (VIDEO) https://www.rt.com/uk/338925-cameron-resign-prison-livingstone/ Prime Minister David Cameron should be sent to prison for profiting from shares in his father’s offshore investment fund, former Mayor...
  4. R

    Comfort Eating Issues

    I suffer with severe depression, anxiety and low self-esteem and lots of times when I am depressed I turn to eating for comfort. I find it helps relieve my pain and worries if I just eat takeaway food, over-eat or just generally pig out on unhealthy foods. Apparently, overeating can be...
  5. J

    May Trigger.

    It's been a while since I've posted, around 3 years I think, maybe more.. Lucky I remembered my password!! Had a stupidly hectic, emotional, mind numbing, heart break, exhausting, mentally damaging, physically damaging, upsetting few years. About 2 years ago I finally got the balls to...
  6. pepecat

    The Absolutely Vital Importance of Listening

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/inviting-monkey-tea/201509/the-absolutely-vital-importance-listening?utm_source=FacebookPost&utm_medium=FBPost&utm_campaign=FBPost I received an outpouring of feedback on my recent blog, “What We Really Want and Almost Never Get,” about the profound...
  7. P

    Gaurdianship/ Bogus Diagnosis

    Does anyone know how to terminate an appointed guardian, or refute an intellectual disability, when there's no proof to back it up? Also my parents are still a big part of the treatment because of financial ties, but this is not only damaging, but intruding on my rights as an adult.
  8. S

    Anger and violence

    I am currently being forced to take medication via a community treatment order. I am surrounded by councellors who constantly make claims that there is something medically wrong with me. My family does the same and claim I am paranoid. The doctor says my life completely goes wrong when I am off...
  9. U

    Too much Empathy is Damaging ??

    Does anyone find having too much Empathy is damaging their wellbeing ? Can we care and worry too much, and does this have a negative affect on ourselves. Do your Emotions become out of control because of too much Empathy .
  10. Z

    Teeth obssesion

    Hi, I wonder if somebody here can give me some advice? I have obssesive thoughts about the state of my teeth. I started having this obsession about three years ago, before that time I used to neglect my teeth and didn't go to the dentists for a long time. As part of this obsession I have...
  11. T

    How do you know things aren't 'right'?

    I'm confused lately about something. If I take a step back and look at my life/lifestyle from a separate viewpoint, I can see that other people might see it negatively. Based on 'society norms' or are those just what we are told to believe are norms? I could make a list of negative aspects. So...
  12. M

    Study, 2013: Childhood bullying 'damages adult life'

    BBC News - Childhood bullying 'damages adult life' "We cannot continue to dismiss bullying as a harmless, almost inevitable, part of growing up. We need to change this mindset and acknowledge this as a serious problem” Dieter Wolke University of Warwick Bullying in childhood "throws a long...
  13. U

    Can't go on ne more

    I've totally crashed I'm suicidal there's no hope for me ne more I want to curl up and die I'm finished I can't go through another episode crazy mood swings r controlling my life thinking about damaging myself
  14. S

    BPD friend's are having a few dramas

    My friend Lyn (fake name) who is 22 is having a mega stress fit spastic attack (yelling, screaming and breaking things) cause her bin has been stolen from her unit for a second time. She is trying to quit smoking and has not had any cigarettes for a few days. My other friend, Sam (fake name)...
  15. Agama

    Bpd and ODing

    I don't know how to break the cycle of ODing ... I haven't done it for a such a long time but since three weeks,last two weeks quite intense it kicked in again...I got into this cycle... I know I'm damaging myself...but it's not enough to stop... I try to use distractions but if the thoughts are...
  16. bert tomato

    Harsh words and other types of anti-social behavior.

    Forms of verbal abuse from close ones is painful, anti-social and damaging. Shunning is another form of abuse which is painful and anti-social. Lastly violence is the ultimate form of abuse which is damaging and anti-social. The perpetrators live in a deluded world, where they are superior...
  17. A

    Is it OK?

    It's illegal to smack children - But it's OK to make them dependant on very powerful & damaging psychoactive Drugs! What's worse?
  18. Sm0ke

    pure apathy?

    hello all, just wondering if anyone else on long term meds has become apathetic? for me its to the point where i don't even notice it but many around me have said how much of an even plane I've been on. should i consult my doctor? its not damaging my life and i much prefer having no highs or...
  19. S

    He says I am damaging the kids ?

    Something really minor happened tonight and my husband says I'm damaging the kids. Basically my son was annoying the dog the dog started growling so I said i would get rid of the dog. Then my husband said i'm physcologically damaging the kids. I feel totally sucicidal now. I have felt bad all...