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  1. A

    ATOS ESA Medical Assessment. HELP!

    Hi, I have an ATOS ESA Medical Assessment in nearly three weeks time and I am bricking it as I have only heard bad things about them trying to stop people's money and I struggle to get by as it is. The local mental health teams assessed me as having Cyclothymia but those that know me...
  2. R


    Hi I'm new to this forum... I was diagnosed with major depression and possible cyclothymia disorder in November. This is my third depression.. The other ones were never really taken care of as I was not followed by a doctor while on medication, was a using drugs and alcohol and was in denial...
  3. C

    am i alone in this?

    And then there was the day when darkness took over, when the sounds all stopped, and the only thing to do was to scream, to scream at the shadows because they couldn’t understand that the sun had been stolen, and that you were floating amongst nothing, how could they not see that you were...
  4. S


    Hi all. Just joined :) i was diagnosed with cyclothymia 3 months ago and im currently taking quetiapine to settle my moods, feeling better already although a little drowsy :/
  5. S

    Only just found out I have cyclothymia

    I have been with my psyc since April last year and it dawned on me the other day that I didn't really know what I was diagnosed with, went to my docs and this is what I apparently have : Recurrent depressive disorder Cyclothymia Comorbidity with alcohol abuse What the hell is all that??? I am...
  6. I


    Hi there. I've never done anything like this before, but I want to try. I'm am 18 years old and recently just moved to the city, and university. I've felt in these past few months, I've not been myself. There's been many times before I moved that I've had mood swings and such, but that's normal...
  7. RainbowHeartz


    In writing now it is... that I may have this or BPD, they don't know... I did post not so long ago I might be bipolar but they just don't know, but I have cyclothymia and BPD in writing :( don't know what helps cyclothymia or much about it other than it might be what I experience... meh I don't...
  8. J

    Advice about/ experiences of meds?

    This afternoon has been particularly bad. I have gone from suicidal to manic. Then in tears when I realised that the ecstatic joy and good feelings I had carried all the hallmarks of a manic expisode (I am happy because I have tapped into the inner godliness I have been ignoring) then shaking...
  9. That_Girl

    Psychiatrists says I have Cyclothymia

    Hi, Saw a psychiatrist a few weeks ago and within the hours appointment, he diagnosed me with Cyclothymia. I am also seeing a psychologist for CAT and she has pretty much said from day one that I have BPD. She did some assessment on me and I scored quite high on it for BPD. Saw her yesterday...
  10. S

    Was just diagnosed with Cyclothymia by my Nurse Practitioner.

    Hello Folks, My name is Sophie and I am from Boston, MA in the U.S.A. I am so glad that I found your forum. I was just diagnosed with Cyclothymia by my Nurse Practitioner recently, and it appears that this condition is on the spectrum for Bipolar Disorder. These are my symptoms: *I get...
  11. L


    Hiya i've been reading the mental health forum for a bit but have joined now as i am once again in a depression and also having alot of stress at home, work, life in general. I came off my medication a few months ago and am now going up and down again. I thought i would be able to cope now, now...
  12. B


    I'm sure I have Cyclothymia. I've been diagnosed with bpd but a) I don't think most/all of the diagnostic criteria fit me and b) I'm convinced my mood swings are chemical and not triggered by life events. My psychiatrist offered me a mood chart, but hasn't asked to see it even though I filled...
  13. T

    Am I...?

    Hi All, After coming out of a 'low' mood, I realized how much my mood swings effect others, and how familiar they are to me. So I began looking into disorders that I may possibly have and would like some outsiders opinions. I'll try to be brief, I'm sure everyone says that. ;-P Where to start...
  14. M

    cyclothymia and hurting yourself after a fight with your other half

    Hi, I Have cyclothymic disorder and I cant control the lows.. after a stupid fight with my girlfriend last night, I Gave myself a black eye, didnt eat and almost broke my hand. Does anyone else suffer with complete emotional instability and becomimg totally irrational when having a silly...
  15. E

    Advice please for partners

    Hi, I am (or was) the partner of a man who suffers from mood swings with all the typical features of cyclothymia, though he has not been diagnosed. We've been together for over five years and in that time he has broken up with me around 6 times. 2 years ago, he was prescribed antidepressants and...
  16. C

    Cyclothymia / Self Harm

    Hi i'm new on here so forgive me if i'm making any errors of etiquette :) I've been diagnosed by two psychiatrists with cyclothymia over the past 6 years. I'm reaching a point where I am beginning to struggle, largely because i'm increasingly prone to episodes of self-harm. So im here just to...
  17. M

    Anyone out there who has cyclothymia??

    I have a long standing history of depression and rapidly fluctuating moods. As a result during a consult with my pdoc in 2011 I asked if I could have bipolar. He dismissed me based upon the duration of the elevated moods- not long enough. However, a few months ago he discussed the possibility of...
  18. B

    New here..

    Hi everyone i'm new on this site, just thought i'd introduce myself.. I have suffered mental health problems since I was 15 years old, and now at 22 I consider myself recovered :eek2: It's been a HARD time these past few years but I managed to get myself sorted and would like to help others...
  19. W

    Soft bipolar not depression!

    Help! Has anyone ever experienced a misdiagnosis? I have been treated for depression for 16 years but my new psychologist thinks I may actually have Cyclothymia, not depression....:cry:
  20. K

    Hey all, look forward to meeting you all

    I've been suffering from cyclothymia since my teenage years. At university I majored in psychology but that didn't help much.:). I met my equally broken wife at the age of 27 and we managed to support each other by intricately intertwining our neuroses through a beautifully balanced codependent...