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  1. H

    Cyclothymia and Rage...Please help!

    I've been dating an amazing man with cyclothymia. He is not currently taking any medications for this, as we just learned of his diagnosis. He seemed amenable to doing the work to feel better. We have a really intimate and close relationship. I am almost 45 years old (he is 53) and I've had...
  2. T

    Cyclothymia - I'm sort of new to all this...

    Hello! So... I'm still to be diagnosed properly, but I surely have something! Lots of anxiety and rumination are the norm. Sometimes extreme irritability. I also had depression some years ago. Doctors say cyclothymia and clear traces of borderline PD, as I'm very all or nothing. My moods also...
  3. U

    Cyclothymia and Lamictal

    Hello everyone. This is the first time I've joined a forum about anything anxiety related. Anyway I've been going to counseling since January and two weeks ago went to a psychiatrist for the first time. She diagnosed me with Cyclothymia and put me on Lamictal. It has definitely done its job so...
  4. S

    The Black dog

    I'm sure many have seen the short video about the black dog called depression. In my case it's called Cyclothymia in the 9 years since we first met it's got very big... I've seeked support before, I had counselling last year but this only lasted a short period of time. Does anyone know what...
  5. L

    Living with a partner who has cyclothymia

    This is my first post to the forum, and I'm hoping to get as much info as I possibly can. Anything will help as right now I feel clueless. I have been with my boyfriend for 7 months now, I've completely fallen for him. And he says he feels the same. Now around 4 months into our relationship, he...
  6. amathus

    What is Cyclothymia?

    Cyclothymia :: Mental Health Issues :: Signpost UK 'Cyclothymia or cyclothymic disorder is a mental illness which causes people to experience mood swings which, in turn, affect their ability to carry out everyday tasks. Cyclothymia is often thought of as a mild form of bipolar disorder. The...
  7. A

    I hear a choir

    Its exactly as the title says. I hear a choir of varying volumes and levels, but its gotten to such an extreme now that its affecting my work. Ive googled around and ive found nothing of real merit about hearing a choir. Could anyone shed some light onto this? Ive been diagnosed with...
  8. S

    Cyclothymia, Mood shifts, etc.,

    Hey guys, I am just doing some self research here. I want to start off by saying that I am not looking for a diagnosis. I have a lot of mood swings, which seem abnormal. I can go from being pretty happy and content to a relatively depressing state in the span of a few hours or occasionally it...
  9. T

    Cyclothymia, ESA claim and Compliance Officer Interview

    Hello, my name is Eve :) and i am new to the forum, i was diagnosed last year but looking back have suffered for many years previous, suspect i have type 2 bipolar but had an initial diagnosis of cyclothymia. So i really need some advice and help! I am a single parent, and claimed income...
  10. R

    Maybe misdiagnosed?

    I was diagnosed with cyclothymia about 4 months ago but while looking into it further I feel my mood are way more extreme. Although they cycle faster than typical bi polar definitions, my lows are so crippling and bad e.g planning on killing myself, self harm. Some lied are this bad some lows...
  11. O

    Cyclothymia or bipolar II?

    I've been told cyclothymia by one psychiatrist and bipolar II by another - but neither diagnosis is 'official' yet. I experience 2 week to 6 month long periods of depression. They vary in severity from crippling pessimism, inability to leave my house due to fatigue, thoughts (no plans) of...
  12. O

    How can I make sure I'm listened to?

    I have a psychiatrists appointment tomorrow as a follow-up from being in A and E after an overdose a month ago. When I saw the psychiatrist in the hospital at the time, I expressed my concern about my fluctuating moods. The problem is, I've seen 3 different psychiatrists and they've all said...
  13. O

    Lost in a maze of differing opinions!

    I've been trying to get psychiatric help and diagnosis for what I (and those around me) suspect to be bipolar disorder. My moods fluctuate from uncontrollable impulses (trying to go travelling, drop out of university, at one point deciding to self harm for 'fun') and high moods with extremely...
  14. S

    Support groups for cyclothymia in London?

    Hello everybody, I very recently joined this forum because my girlfriend was recently diagnosed with cyclothymia and I'm looking for support groups for her. She has been proposed quietapine by the psychiatrist she saw about a month ago, but she has not started taking anything yet as she is...
  15. F

    Possible misdiagnosis?

    Hi everyone, I saw a psychiatrist yesterday after a few appointments with a psychiatric nurse. I have been diagnosed with cyclothymia. However i disagree. I don't want to be seen as trying to diagnose myself, but i have researched a lot about bipolar as i study counselling and psychology at...
  16. N

    Memory loss advice!!

    Hi folks, looking for some advice please. I was diagnosed with Cyclothymia in 2009 and manage it through diet, exercise and a healthy life style, I'm not medicated. I'm not sure if my question is actually related to my cyclothymia or not. I'm worried about my memory, in the last 6 months its...
  17. C

    Newbie x

    Im under the mental health have been since nov14. I was getting highs and lows, etc. im on 40mg of citla but feel the same i was on 30 mg in nov. Im now in line to see my psy in jan. He said i have signs of cyclothymia. Does anybody have cyclothymia. Would like to chat if thats ok.
  18. J

    A long winded tail of losing the love of my life.

    Hello all! I`m after a little feedback please. Six years ago i met a beautiful Turkish lady while on holiday in Olympos. We quickly became friends, and although i fancied her something rotten i was in a long-distance relationship at the time with an American girl (who had BP), but thats another...
  19. P

    Partner's Depression is Triggering my Own

    Hi, I'd really like some advice on this one. I have cyclothymia and emotional dysregulation, both of which often make life very difficult. For the past two years I've been seeing someone who suffers from depression. At the moment she's pretty low. We went to the A&E to have her assessed but the...
  20. P


    Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Cyclothymic disorder is this considered a disability in the same way as bipolar disorder?. thanks parky.