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  1. S

    a question for the ladies on here!

    Its a random one i know but it has to do with the lady cycle (if u get what i mean) does anyone else find that there mental health problems get a lot worse when the monthly cycle begins? And if u find that it does what do u do to try and deal with it? Does anyone have any suggestions? i thought...
  2. C

    Getting up to go to work!

    It is becoming increasingly hard to get up, i need my job, no doubt about that, and not just the money side, if i don't work then i cease to believe there's a reason to life. So why the hell do i have problems getting up!! before i was ill, no problem, and even on good days i get up without a...
  3. R

    Fed up with my current cycle...

    I seem to have hit something of a 'groove' with my BP cycle at the mo and it's wearing me down a bit so just wanted to rant. It currently goes something like this: 7:30am - woken by my alarm feeling exhausted, grumpy and quite down. Really don't want to get up, talk to anyone or be alive, but...
  4. L

    Evening Folks!

    My god, it’s almost midnight... and I have just called the CT and left a message on their stupid answer machine. I am a little drunk, determined to get there attention this evening / morning as I am not continuing to go on with this cycle of mood swings... two bottles of wine down and three cans...
  5. trombone_babe

    The cycle continuing?

    I have a problem that I get very attached to one particular male friend, I want to talk to them all the time, let them very close to me and usually end up ruining the friendship with what borders on obsessive behaviour. There is currently one particular guy who I think the world of, who is...
  6. C

    need some help

    Hi, Im new to the site, but need some advice. I have BPD and get very moody. Recently I have been having trouble with a friend. They take the piss out of me fairly often as I do and say some stupid stuff, but the thing that has gotten to me is that when I show that I dont like it they wind me...
  7. H


    Hi, I have just found this forum on google. I have been diagnosed with bipolar, not sure which kind. My pdoc prefers to refer to it as bipolar affective mood disorder and tells me not to get too hung up on what kind. My moods rapidly cycle and I am still looking for stability. I am hoping to...