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  1. cpuusage

    Partner Bill of Rights: Speaking to the Cycle of Abuse

    Partner Bill of Rights: Speaking to the Cycle of Abuse | Mad In America
  2. H

    New and looking for answers

    Hello, I'm HarrietHermit, I'm new here. I've had problems as long as I can remember, which have gradually got worse as I've got older. Cycle after cycle of getting better, trying to be 'normal' and then crashing again. I have had enough and I need to stop hiding things and get to the root of...
  3. loulabelle

    Will i ever be fully stable ? Is this the way it will always be ?

    This may come out all jumbled im sorry in advance. Basically ive been thinking that im never going to be stable because i seem to just constantly cycle between high, low and mixed states and very occasionaly i have a week or two of a normalish mood. Im taking all of my medication and im...
  4. Mister.B

    Why do I never learn?

    I never learn that drinking is detrimental to my MH. That everytime I do it, the world shifts and warps around me, and I get so scared. Everytime I do it, I can't remember whether I'm laying on the mattress on the floor in 2010 or if I'm here in the now. Why do I never remember that drinking...
  5. E


    So I've been keeping up with my mood diary and i am back at my gp tomorrow with my findings....and my moods rapidly cycle.....how often do your moods cycle and do you have the "normal mood" ? Thanks
  6. J


    I have had a relapse and had been prescribed mirtazipine 15mg. Been on the meds for about a week now, and have been feeling really tired all the time and completely spaced out. The best I feel is at around 9pm, just before I go to bed and start the whole cycle over again. Has anybody had similar...
  7. audrey2188

    Emotional Blackmailing Boyfriend?

    I'm currently in a 2-year relationship with my boyfriend. While overall I am happy, a few things have occurred recently that make me question if there will be a future with us. I'm all for working things out, but a few of my concerns, I don't believe are things that can be fixed. I don't know...
  8. I

    It's been a long time..

    It's been almost a year since I've posted here and it's odd looking at what I last wrote.. I was worried that I would always be on medication or that I would always be depressed.. After being on my medication for just over 10 months I decided that when I went for my next review I would tell my...
  9. moyet

    Feeling trapped *Possible trigger*

    I'm not doing very well at the moment. I've been having twice daily visits from the crisis team and they've been really good to me but I feel trapped. What I really want to do is OD on my stored pills but I haven't got the courage to do it, so I'm trapped in this cycle of hell. It's my birthday...
  10. G

    stuck in a cycle

    Hiya I want to moan. I am stuck in a cycle of stopping shing then starting it up again. I do really well for about 5 weeks max then I start doing it again. I have no idea how to get out of this cycle, if you have seen my previous posts, I am currently not being listened to by anyone...
  11. B

    The horrible cycle

    I've been starving and binge eating for the last 10 months. I'll typically eat for a few hours after work and then not eat until after work the next day. If I have the energy, I'll try to ride my bike for a few hours the day after I binge and then try only to eat fruits and vegetables for as...
  12. V

    Do bipolar highs and lows get more extreme with age?

    I was thinking, do manic and depressive episodes get more severe the older a person gets? I'm in my early twenties, but I've had these problems since I was about 18 (although I always had mh problems even as a child, not as severe though). I've also noticed that my highs are definitely higher...
  13. ABsea

    how do I break the cycle?

    Its been a week tomorrow since I last hurt myself. Its always around 1 week before I fall back and do it again and I dont understand why..? If I can go a week, why can't I go a lifetime? Sometimes a day feels like a lifetime.. I just need to know how to stop this cycle once and for all. I wish...
  14. C

    help on 'recovery', ending the b.p. cycle. please ?

    I know I should not not say this, but, I really need someone who's in the same position as I am; who is trying to recover from this. The only way I can find myself ' recovering' is to do a water fast, just to feel in control and not let my wrong habits get to me again. Someone having a hard...
  15. karinasade

    Committed to change

    Hi Group from Dallas, Tx I talked with my BPD coach in Canada and she asked me hard core , do i really want to get well...? i'm 42 and every relationship i've had with men was abusive...i am still attracted to HORRIBLE emotionally abusive men and i keep recreating abandonment over and over until...
  16. C

    urges gonna be actions im to weak

    iv struggled for a few days with constante images of me sh'ing and have failed twice :( i know i cant do put any specifics hear and i wouldnt dear too as i dont want to trigger anyone,my left arm is ruiened and the nerves are buggered where iv spent 8 years doing this....i cycle into sh'ing and...
  17. tiger fish

    the cycle!

    anyone know any good tips on how to dig themselves out of the self-destruction mode? suggestions welcome!:thumbdown:x
  18. T

    Looking forward, not backwards

    If I tell you this, it will help me re-focus The first thing I did was get a job. After three years of chronic depression, the habit of getting out of bed did me the world of good, but it was hard for about a year. But in a job, I made friends, I started paying attention to my appearance, I...
  19. tiger jane

    what will i do???

    :scared: anyone got any ideas on how im going to deal with all the emotions inside me while im at my parents??? when im at my parents for any amount of time i find it very difficult to be myself because im not what they want me to be!!! i manage not to sh while im away but on returning home, all...
  20. S

    a question for the ladies on here!

    Its a random one i know but it has to do with the lady cycle (if u get what i mean) does anyone else find that there mental health problems get a lot worse when the monthly cycle begins? And if u find that it does what do u do to try and deal with it? Does anyone have any suggestions? i thought...