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cutting/ self harm

  1. F

    Cant stop self harming

    I am in treatment for alcohol. I have 90 days sober today. This is good but my disease is rearings its head in the form of self harming now. The techs have taken away my implements. I found a means to self harm in the kitchen. I have tons of people to tell yet feel i cant tell anyone.
  2. J

    Anyway to make self harm scars fade more?

    Hey all, so it's been almost 4 years since I have self harmed ( I'm 22) and as strange as this might sound I only really noticed and fully grasped the scars on my arms 5 months ago, I have tried using bio oil for the last 3 months but read that if scars are white that they won't fade anymore...
  3. K

    Hi :) (I’m new)

    Hi, I don’t yet know what I hope to find from this page, but I have depression, suicidal thoughts and I self harm.. maybe I can find someone to talk to and someone I can help too :)
  4. O

    New to forums & in need of help.

    Hey everyone. First off thanks for clicking on this, you are awesome. I have TMD from hitting my jaw on the steering wheel in a car accident I was in in 2011and have been battling it ever since. I also have been dealing with weird liver issues where I have insane abdominal pain to the point I...
  5. M

    Does "self harming" mean there is something psychologically wrong with me?

    Does "self harming" mean there is something psychologically wrong with me? I have been self harming for 10 years now... I dont' have any intention of killing myself, like other people have said. I have family that I care about and could never do that to. But I do feel like sometimes I HAVE to...