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  1. S

    Episode length

    I'm very curious as to how long everyone's up and down phases last? Its always been a curiosity of mine since being diagnosed with bipolar. My most recent manic 'up' phases lasted 2-3 months as I was unmedicated and I'm now in the 2nd month of my depressive phase. My social worker keeps saying...
  2. SunnyDaze

    Who Else Here Has PTSD?

    Just curious,there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of activity here.
  3. M

    Permanent voices

    So I've had voices for 5 years but was diagnosed bipolar 2. About a year ago I was diagnosed as schizoaffective after being sectioned. The voices are always there and are really nasty to me. I've tried many types of antipsychotic to no avail and I've tried a few different therapies and a bunch...
  4. B

    Are there any other parents on here who have borderline personality disorder?

    Are there any other parents on here who have borderline personality disorder? Just curious to see, because I just recently had a child myself.
  5. C

    anyone resisting DBT?

    Hey everyone, I have been doing DBT (for borderline) with a DBT therapist (over skype as no BDP therapist in my city). We do the group training (or should I say we try to do, as I am not into it), but the thing is I am just lazy or I do not know what is the correct word for my attitude. I...
  6. D

    Treatment centers for BPD

    Curious if there are any in-patient treatment centers for BPD?
  7. W

    Brookside Adolescent Unit

    Hey guys I wondering if anyone has been to Brookside unit (UK) since Im being admitted there and Im curious to what it's like. Thanks! :)
  8. S

    Which music do you put on when you're down?

    Any favourites? Just curious. :)
  9. D

    When the Dark Times Get Really Dark...

    I am looking for ways to catch myself before slipping into a really dark period, because I never know what will set it off, or how long it will last. Curious to know how you handle your dark periods. So, my question is, when the dark times get really dark, what do you do? (assuming what you do...
  10. H

    Doing the opposite of the best choice.

    Hi, I've had a particular mental quirk ever since I was a kid (26 now): often when I'm faced with a choice that will significantly affect myself/my well-being, I can usually quite easily see what the best decision would be. But I also feel a lot of resistance in my mind when I think about...
  11. N

    Am I paranoid? MH services spying on me?

    Really need some reassurance. I really feel like the community treatment team are spying on my online activities and the things I write? Is that me being paranoid? Should I tell my doctor that on Wednesday or would that make him curious if he's not spying on me and he'll start spying on me? I'm...
  12. G


    Is it possible to be viewed as more than our illness or mistakes
  13. H

    Owned up or been caught out?

    As I've already said in a different post, owning up or being caught out self harming is something I'm struggling with at the moment, so I'm generally curious to how the situation has played out for everyone. Haven't made a poll on here yet so hoping it works alright. So, did you own up or...
  14. P

    confused sexually

    Well, the best way to describe this situation is crazy! Basically i am a female and I have always identified as "straight". I can look at another woman and see that she is attractive but I have never had sexual thoughts about them. That is until a week or so ago. I haven't been long out of a...
  15. I

    Is this stuff I did when I was young normal?

    Hi everyone! This is my second post on this website. I really didn't want to get myself into these groups because I just want nothing to do with OCD, but I need some help. For the past few nights I have been remembering incidents from when I was about 6-9, all of them involving the same family...
  16. Lincoln1990

    Seroquel/birth control

    Now I've been on Seroquel off and on since I was 12. I'm now 25. I've been on this same birth control for almost a year. When I was in the hospital for almost 6 months in 2012, I had one menstrual cycle but I wasn't on birth control at that time. I've been on the dose of Seroquel I am now for...
  17. M

    Hearing voices inside and outside head?

    Hello all. Just curious if anyone experiences both, and if so what is the voice inside the head like. Heard some aggressive voices outside the head before, but now don't know if its my imagination or what but can almost hear someone in a creepy voice saying "you can hear me now. Now you will...
  18. Gajolene

    Expectations vs. Reality

    Growing up we all had influences of what life was supposed to be compared to reality. I'm not saying anything till I get replies. How was your life effected in childhood by your surrounding elements of family, tv, doctors, law and such. Just curious to know. I could fill pages with conflicting...
  19. Tw723


    Has any ever tried rexulti before? My doctor just put me on it. He said its kind of new. Was curious if anyone else is on it or have heard of it before.
  20. cat drinking tea

    other realities

    I'm not one of you. I'm from another reality. I don't belong here. That's why I can't live like you. I'm trying the best I can to function in this reality but it's just not meant to be. People say they don't understand. That's okay. I know that this is not the real world. I figured it out...