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    Hallucinatory 'voices' shaped by local culture, Stanford anthropologist says

    Hallucinatory 'voices' shaped by local culture, Stanford anthropologist says Stanford researcher: Hallucinatory 'voices' shaped by local culture I found this article interesting. On a personal level, I feel my voices are 'localised' to my life, and experiences of culture and society. They...
  2. S

    Legendary creatures from Japan

    It's a long list, but it's interesting: List of legendary creatures from Japan - Wikipedia What sort of spirits do you know about and which culture do they come from?
  3. G

    Why we're a culture of addicts

    Why We're a Culture of Addicts What do people think of this?
  4. cpuusage

    The Helping Room

    The Helping Room - Mad In America "Every culture has its share of individuals who break down in bewilderment. People who hallucinate, behave beyond norms, seek to die, think in strange ways. Called many things—witches, patients, healers—we are met with as many responses, each reflecting how our...
  5. E

    The Prevelance and Danger of Mis-Diagnosis

    Beginning in 1997 I had a series of strong non-ordinary experiences for which I had no context for. Some of these experiences involved non-ordinary states of consciousness. Which I would now describe as paranormal or psychic in manifestation. These experiences would peek in 2002 when I turned...
  6. T

    mental disorder or cultural disorders?

    We currently live with a mental health system that labels people with mental disorder largely through the invented categories voted into existence by committees for the DSM. Most of the psychiatrists linked to the 'mood disorder' categories were also on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies -...
  7. S

    Radio 4 programme - hearing voices and culture

    BBC Radio 4 - The Borders of Sanity "The Borders of Sanity"
  8. E

    I find the humor ...

    I find the humor and prosperity in my hard sought for moments of sanity. I know if I erupt and dare hug and kiss anyone in this so sanctified and holly library, I shall be prosecuted as a rapist. Touching people without their permission is the worst possible fucking crime imaginable in a culture...
  9. cpuusage

    The reality show

    https://aeon.co/essays/a-culture-of-hyper-reality-made-paranoid-delusions-true Schizophrenics used to see demons and spirits. Now they talk about actors and hidden cameras – and make a lot of sense Clinical psychiatry papers rarely make much of a splash in the wider media, but it seems...
  10. cpuusage

    The Demoralized Mind

    Western consumer culture is creating a psycho-spiritual crisis that leaves us disoriented and bereft of purpose. How can we treat our sick culture and make ourselves well? asks John F Schumaker The Demoralized Mind By John Schumaker / newint.org Our descent into the Age of Depression seems...
  11. B

    New to this forum, not new to the feelings

    Hi all I've been coping moderately well with depression (and some anxiety and a generally introverted and Aspie personality) for years. With medication and at different times with various forms of therapy. Now I'm not coping with work to the point where I am wondering if I will quit before...
  12. E

    here is my swan song in pop culture

  13. Kerome

    The Sacred Feminine

    After daydreambeliever39 commented on the poor treatment that Mary Magdalene often gets in biblical texts, I thought I would pass on some perspectives of the sacred feminine which have been quite revealing. Now I will 'fess up and mention that a lot of this comes from my mother, who finds this a...
  14. E

    There is REALLY no rethinking of psychiatry ... we have to rethink

    The reason I say that is track history, which is eloquently documented in the book by Robert Whitaker, MAD IN AMERICA. It is like trying to convert a bunch of hedge fund managers to the pleasures and principals of actually working a trade with their hands. They do not and were not trained...
  15. pepecat

    Learning to think for ourselves.

    http://psychologytomorrowmagazine.com/learning-to-think-for-ourselves/ Learning to think for ourselves Alyssa Siegal Many clients come to counseling expecting therapists to give them the answer – to tell them what to do about a particular problem or symptom. They also often want to know what’s...
  16. The Big Dawg

    No I ain't brit

    Hell no I ain't British I'm a dirty redneck and I love my southern culture and I'd love a dirty redneck girl to be mine. I'm American and always have been since I was 12 years old I always knew I was a dirt road soldier, I ain't no brit sorry thats my soul born in southern ground
  17. M

    Resenment towards family and my culture

    At the ages of 10-11 I lived with my older sister (she's the oldest, and in Te youngest) there's a 17 year gap between the two of us. During that year she hardly paid attention to me except to criticise me for being useless and unable to do anything for myself. She treated like her maids...
  18. amathus

    Life-changes which may affect GAD...

    Some Origins of Anxiety Anxiety and feelings of stress are symptoms, a response to pressure, the more intolerable or persistent the pressure, the worse the anxiety. And this does not necessarily mean a single, overwhelming difficulty. More often it is an accumulation of things. This...
  19. C

    Can't stand party culture

    Sometime in middle school I developed extremely bad social anxiety, to the point where I could hardly talk to someone. This lasted through high school and to college (where I am now), but faded somewhat over time. I never partied or went out, but I've developed a sort of hatred for party...
  20. C


    Exeter The Bridge Collective Unit 4 King Street Business Centre 7 – 9 King Street Exeter EX1 1BQ 01392 433358 [email protected] A democratic community where people who have experiences, beliefs, and feelings that have sometimes been labelled as mental illness are welcomed and...