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  1. M


    Hi I was put on a CTO and my capacity has been taken away. Does anyone have experience getting off the meds and the CTO? Also, the pdoc said I was paranoid. I was basically writing everything down he said.
  2. T

    Community Treatment Orders (Forced Psychiaty)

    A CTO is a legal mechanism designed to ensure treatment compliance. A CTO orders a person to take long acting injections against the patient's will. If the patient does not comply with the CTO conditions, the psychiatrist can write an apprehension order for the police to convey the patient to a...
  3. A

    New to forum, CTO

    Hello, I’m new here! been wrongly diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic by my psych. I believe he is part of wider conspiracy to harm me with illegal “psychiatric drugs” but here comes the dilemma .. he’s put me onto a community treatment order under the mental health act. I’ve been to...
  4. K

    switching doctors on a CTO (Community Treatment Order)

    I'm in Canada but if you live elsewhere please inform as well. I want another doctor. If I can't find a good one in the system, I'll pay for one if I can. Thing is I'm on a CTO, and not sure if the provided doctor is the only one I'm allowed. I really despise my doctor, she has no business...
  5. N

    I think they are going to renew my community treatment order again tomorrow.

    I think they are going to renew my community treatment order again tomorrow. I asked my named nurse if my psychiatrist was going to renew my CTO again tomorrow and he said he probably will. It will be for another year. I have been on a CTO continually since 2011. Although I've had a very...
  6. K

    CTO means i am forced to take Paiperidone

    Got sectioned on 19th April 2018. Was allowed home only with a Community Treatment Order on 25th May 2018. RC put me on Paliperidone Palmitate 100mg. Went back to work on 28th May 2018. I have started to get terrible side effects. My prolactin levels have obviously risen. I spoke to my care...
  7. J

    Compulsory treatment

    Hi everyone, I am under section 3 in hospital but can they force me to have treatment? I'm on clozapine and hate the side effects but the doctor is unwilling to listen. Am I forced to take it? Also they want to put me on a community treatment order but does that mean if I refuse medication I can...
  8. N

    Disengaging from services.

    I have just received all my medical notes from Notts NHS trust especially RIO notes which is for my care team can communicate with each other, these log all my involvement and interactions with them. I.e. community nurse (cpn) day center and social worker. It seems they write everything down...
  9. N

    I've been on a continuous CTO since 21/06/2011. Is that normal?

    My care coordinator wrote me a letter to take to my ESA assessment and he wrote that I've been on a CTO since 21/06/2011. I didn't think it was that long. I think that is bad that they've kept me on it so long. He also wrote that I have long-term psychosis and persistent thoughts that I have...
  10. J

    Cto legal issues

    Hi everyone, what legally do I do because I am being told by staff and solicitor that I can be recalled if I stop taking meds but still well. I know it says in the code of practice that you can't be recalled just fir stopping taking meds? I think there doing something illegal. Can you tell me...
  11. J

    Cto legal advice

    Hi everyone, glad to join you all in the group. I was put on a cto by my psychiatrist and that's what they are planning to do when I leave hospital. Is appealing my cto the only thing legally I can do to get rid of it? They say it's my noncompliance which makes them give me a cto and my risk of...
  12. G

    Need to get away from the government

    Hi my name is Hayley and I am new to this forum but not to mental health. I started getting locked in psych wards in 2012 and at the moment I am very angry with the whole mental health system. I just got out of an 8 month stay at the Austin where I was so badly confined and treated by staff and...
  13. W

    Legally am i allowed to come off meds?

    I went in hospital a while ago 2016 not my first time my second and was sectioned as i had been once before in 2014. I was in for 8 months altogether with a few months at a horrendous locked rehab i was one of the lucky ones most there have been there for years and years and nobody ever seems to...
  14. N

    causing chaos because of benefits.

    I have a longstanding diagnosis of SZA and been hospitalized many times over the years. You know with the benefit cuts we are having I fear they are going to cut mine at the ESA/PIP assessment. I think to myself what's the point in trying to be well when if I'm perceived as mentally well and on...
  15. N

    Do you have to be severely mentally ill to be placed on a community treatment order?

    Do you have to be severely mentally ill to be placed on a community treatment order? I have read a CTO is designed only to be used with for the severely mentally ill. I don't regard myself as ill. Never have done. Does that mean because I'm on a CTO and depot they think I'm severely ill?
  16. N

    If I went to prison would I still be forced to take Antipsychotic medication.

    If I went to prison would I still be forced to take Antipsychotic medication. I'm on a CTO and I'm forced to take Antipsychotic medication, I don't want to take it anymore. I'm thinking about getting myself arrested and getting remanded to prison. I feel it's my only way out of taking the...
  17. N

    Disengagement from services?

    I'm on a community treatment order and live in supported housing Everything I do I'm monitored, the supported living manager emails the consultant psychiatrists Cc's community nurse and social worker into everything, I only have to fart wrong and she's emailing away. I'm sick off it and want my...
  18. T

    Community Treatment Orders

    Do you find community treatment orders to be a violation of your human and civil rights? I was once forced to take injectable neuroleptics even though I was perfectly healthy and did not need any psychopharmacological intervention, that is, after being discharged from the hospital. I stayed...
  19. S

    Getting out of a CTO

    I am trying to come off a CTO, or at least win back my rights to make treatment decisions. I don't want to be someone who in a mental hospital for missing an appointment with my doctor or not taking medication. Or phospital for not I'm not quite sure I fully understand CTO's even though I've...
  20. Butterfly15

    Community Treatment Order

    Hi, I was just wondering does anyone know if someone can get a CTO without being hospitalised beforehand? Like to prevent going into hospital? TIA x