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  1. iMissy

    I Cry When I Can’t Talk To My Boyfriend.

    Hi, so I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 3 months. He is the best man I could ever ask for because he always makes sure I am in good health etc. We are doing long distance though and we haven’t actually met in person but we plan to soon. We FaceTime everyday sometimes...
  2. Z


    so I’ve just cried my eyes out for half an hr I’ve no idea why I’ve ended up with a load of pills I remember getting it out of the draw but not what I was thinking at the time....the crying started after I’d got the tablets out I’ve been going through a tough few months....the doctor said I’ve...
  3. R

    my sister

    i think my sister came from malta to brum yesterday, i haven’t heard anything, she’ll be at my elder sisters with my brother who can’t walk visiting mother in home in brum she was 9 and i was 19, remember talking to her about suicide, a 9yr old girl, she hasn’t spoken to me for decades...
  4. N

    I don't know my own thoughts or what to do!

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Manic depressive disorder, or Manic Depression 13 years ago, I was always crying, lashing out at people for no reason it was really bad, 2 years after it started i went on to Sertraline which was great helped me out no end but i ended up coming off them due to weight...
  5. K

    Thought I was staple.

    My doctor tweaked my medication 2 weeks ago. Today I feel like crap. I dont want to do anything, before I was on cloud nine. I started crying for no reason today. This sucks😔😞
  6. Poopy Doll

    The Burden of my Whole Life is Before me

    I try to remember what it was like in my thirties. I remember the hyper sexuality and the crying every month when I felt shame for my adultery. I don't necessarily believe that this was a bad thing to have hypersexuality. If my husband had been interested, it could have worked out fine and...
  7. P

    depression/anxiety and work

    Hi I'm new here but what brought me here today is the fact I have had to come home from work (again) due to depression and I just cant explain what is wrong when people ask why I am crying and can't concentrate or pull it together. I was wondering if other people have a problem with being able...
  8. October

    Crying randomly every night.

    I've found myself randomly crying at night and it could be about nothing in particular. I just am overcame with a great deal of sadness and then when I start to think about my life, the suicidal thoughts start to appear. I am at my worst when I am not busy, when I'm alone with my thoughts. I...
  9. D

    The notebook.

    I had to start writing today. To get it out. This is what I wrote. I think im going insane. ive been hearing voices, ive been convinced that i can talk to (the watchers) people with my thoughts. im still almost sure the **dontmatter** has told everyone i know about my **dontmatter** and i...
  10. C

    From about 3 consecutive days I am unwell and being suicidal..

    Hi.. I want to share my suffering here. From 3 days I feel like I am not here in present, means my body is here but my soul is living in past... It feels like a very heavy burden is placed on my chest and it doesn't go away by anything. I know it will just go away by crying bitterly and by...
  11. C

    Can't Stop crying

    I wanted to share something i wrote. I am 34. My name is Sebastian. And i have issues. It might be a little Long. Short version is. I cry everyday. Long version here it is: Between allergies and depression right now i Just can't Stop crying. Is so annoying. Build up anguish Just burts up...
  12. E

    Life sucks right now

    My psychiatrist has taken me off of my cymbalta and has put me on lexapro. And I'm so depressed. I can't stand life at this point. I don't give a damn about anything. I Crying for no reason. I can't study from My Mblex exam. This sucks.
  13. J

    My everyday thoughts routine

    No matter how much positive vibes I read or tips I do sadness still punch me in the face and I'm sick of it ,im sick of feeling clueless in any conversation and not knowing what's going on , I feel like drowning in ocean the more I live the more I get drown .. It gets colder and I can't hear...
  14. R

    Just diagnosed and getting used to it

    Hey everyone. I was formally diagnosed with BPD just this week, and I'm trying to wrap my head around it. At first, I was sure it couldn't be right, but... looking into it more and talking to my closest friends and boyfriend about it, everything's starting to make sense. It's so confusing...
  15. C

    Suicidal thoughts

    How do you tell your spouse that you're having suicidal thoughts and get them not to think it's just for attention? I was also wondering that if you told your dr or therapist that you're having those thoughts..would they put you in the hospital? I've been crying most of the day and i want to...
  16. Pinkshrimp

    What is a breakdown?

    What is a break down? Do you know your having one? Is it something you are aware of or is it just another bad day? I feel like I'm balancing on a ridge with a mile drop either side. My path is getting narrower and narrower. It's crumbling. I'm trying to stay on the path but my foot keeps...
  17. H


    Hi, I am really confused and don't know what's wrong with me, I been having anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns lately, I been crying a lot and sometimes I don't even know what I am sad about
  18. little rose

    in pain

    I've just hurt myself and its really hurting feel really frustrated this never stops dont want to be mentally ill anymore dont understand why everything is still like this sitting here crying feeling extremely lost upset scared and alone crying and i have to get out of bed and face to tomorro...
  19. Anon_21

    Very low tonight

    Been a long time since I've found myself lying on the floor wishing it would swallow me up...guess two months without meds is catching up to me. Trying so hard to be a good mom... Family doesn't understand depression... A year's worth of crying coming back all at once. Been ok for a while but...
  20. Poopy Doll

    Cannabis CBD

    I'm emotionally distressed. I dreamed that I was crying and crying and crying because in the dream my leg hurt super bad and I was walking with a woman who was helping me. Well, my leg does hurt from going to visit my doctor yesterday. I feel like I'm screaming inside. So I'm trying the CBD...