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  1. mami5

    Need help, support, advice....anything...please?

    As some of you already know I have a very abusive and controlling ex husband.....well he's back to his old tricks and has been emailing me today. So far this year he has managed to avoid paying maintenance for our youngest son....so now they intend to take it straight from his wages...plus some...
  2. little rose

    dont know what to do tired

    dont know what to do tired of being like this tired of this mental illness this the way i am been crying on and off all day i done a few things to help myself.. but feels that all i deserve in hurt well i not sure what to do i want to stop hurting and i want to be happy why am i not allowed that...
  3. F

    Hello peeps!

    I came here with a goal. I want people to feel sorry for me :cry2:. I have looked deep inside my soul, and I see that I really need it :nod2: I am listening to a baby lulaby right now:sleepy2: and it feels so magical. Every word I write here, brings me closer to that magical...
  4. nickybow86

    I just .. dont know

    Yesterday I was so depressed I could bearly breath. My chest was heavy and my heart hurt, I felt so unbelievably uncomfortable in my own head. I had constant bad thoughts of suicide. Today Im not as bad because I'm a moM of 2 small kids and I'm on auto pilot. I'm in a dream , I'm not here, I'm...
  5. H

    Consultant want to stop treatment

    or put me on treatment that will make me suicidal. idk what to do. :cry2: :cry2: :cry2: :cry2: :cry2: I feel I may as well kill myself now as life is so hard and I cannot bare coming off meds/ going on this other one which will mean I kill myself anyway. :cry2: :cry2: :cry2: :cry2: :cry2...
  6. S

    I just don't want to do Christmas!!!

    Everywhere I turn it's Christmas Christmas bloody Christmas!!!!! I don't want to do it.... it's that simple!! I hate it all and want to hide under a rock until It's all gone away!!! Gahhhhhhhhhh! Fairly sure I won't be the only one feeling like this :cry2: :cry2:
  7. S

    What happens when you're both depressed?

    I have been suffering from depression and ptsd for a long time now. My boyfriend knows this and is now telling me he too is depressed. How am i supposed to help him when i can't even help myself? :cry2:
  8. nonotme

    so angry.

    :yuck: I am angry, at myself, at others, at life. :cry2:
  9. Kawasaki

    Im new, anyone here from SAS, just got banned

  10. H

    waiting times

    the woman first told me i would be waiting 4-6 weeks that was like 8 or 9 weeks ago. now they say it will be at least a few months. :cry2: am so gutted.
  11. firoz


    My life, my antidepressant , who am I :cry2:
  12. RainbowHeartz


    yep im on a downer :cry2: feel terrible right now
  13. I'm Kate

    Been triggered. Not coping

    I want to cover every inch of this space with words like help, trapped, dead, scared........and I can't and I want to and I'm not doing ok. I'm not doing ok. :cry2: :cry2: :cry2: Please make it go away xx
  14. Lincoln1990

    Really really scared

    I'm really really really scared :cry: :cry2: I really really want to die. I can't even get it right. Stupid Lincoln.
  15. skitzofrantik


    well hate this fucking board and bloody pigeon holes, :cry2: fuck only just relised as typing thats its even been that long, shit what the fuck happened. been past lost recently as step dad defiantly has lung cancer just canny get my mind round it just fucking hurts :cry2: didny ken what to say...
  16. aleshadxcherylc

    really low isolated alone stupid and suicidial :(

    I feel even more isolated and low samritians suggested maybe reaching out to Alison to talk to her about my feelings. Alison knows I have anxiety depression etc. I've now ruined everything and now she will defiantly not want to see me when she leaves in July!!. I umed and arred for ages...
  17. mami5

    Have started again!!!

    As my title says......I've started again. Not proud of myself at the moment .. :cry2:
  18. mrlaurel

    a long night :(

    first saturday night on my own for a couple of weekes now and its really showing...... funny how you miss things when there' not there :cry2: daughters out and nowt on the telly..... would take zopiclone but can't face being awake again at 2 am....
  19. aleshadxcherylc

    I'm so scared my idol is going to die

    Basically what the title says my idol means a lot to me I've been fortunate enough to meet her 3 times she's now heavily pregnant if she dies I will top myself I couldn't cope if she is dead she helps me through so much !!!! I don't know why I'm suddenly now thinking this. And if she did die...
  20. aleshadxcherylc

    so scared lost worthless and don't see a point to carry on and bad memories

    so scared lost worthless and don't see a point to carry on and bad memories Yesterday was my last session with my Psychotherapist even though I wasn't attached to her the last session brang the Laura memories back up. :cry2: I'm so scared that they are going to leave me all together even...