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  1. E

    Howdy doody

    I am now an official member of the mental health forum where losers like me cry about their problems and others fake the empathy cause they got nothing better to do. What a life.
  2. G

    Anger or empathy

    Is it ever ok to be angry at someone who takes tablets as a cry for help
  3. midnightphoenix

    Are we safe to post on here?

    Is anyone going to harm us on this forum? :cry:
  4. midnightphoenix

    I want to stop

    But I don't know if I can :cry:
  5. M

    Not an ideal introduction but...

    I’m a 27 year old male dealing with lifelong mental health difficulties, tonight has been kind of a cry for help.
  6. letmein

    is it ok to cry

    i can't stop.. anything is setting me off... i really do think I should "exit" I can't do this pain.
  7. E

    Emotional abuse from your partner

    I have bpd and my partner isn't supportive he gets angry with me if I cry or talk about my past he also makes me cry all the time I'm emotionally attached to him and sometimes he's horrible to me for been emotional I am starting to be depressed and becoming a emotionless robot for example I...
  8. E

    Ive had enough

    Ive been housebound for 4 years im 23 have no friends and life my life revolves around ocd and bdd all i do is cry all the time. i was diagnosed with ocd at 6 but havent been diagnosed with bdd tonight i felt so low i wanted to kill myself i was trapped staring at a part of my face ive been...
  9. Fairy Lucretia

    im tired of being in emotional pain

    im tired of my mood swings and constant sadness im tired of feeling lost and empty and having no idea in the world who i am beyond stuck please don't judge but i don't want to get better i don't know any other way of life than this :cry:
  10. S

    I really can't do this anymore

    I'm not really sure why I'm posting this, I just don't know what else to do. I've been fighting very hard for a very long time and I cant do it anymore. Meds don't help therapy doesn't help crisis lines don't help, my depression and PTSD are getting worse and taking over my life. I've ruined...
  11. N

    I love so much a sweet blonde girl, that I think has Schizophrenia!!

    Hi. A very loving sweet blonde girl with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, that I think has Schizophrenia, fell in love with me. She wants me to always be near her and says she's gonna kill herself if I go away. She freaks out when I don't answer her after 2 minutes. She always thinks I...
  12. E

    Please help me

    I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m so tired of life of everything. I really messed my life up, I can’t see any way out. All I do is cry and torment myself. X
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    i want to die so so badly

    im sitting here alone crying wondering what will become of my life there really is little hope left for me im scared about how to do it-end it i thought i had it all planned but recent events have made me wonder how is the best way to do it im scared :cry:
  14. C

    Not feeling myself anymore...

    Hi everybody, new here and really need a place to discuss what is going on to make sense of it. Not sure if i should of posted in people or here as its quite mixed. Ok long story short my boyfriend over the years has been quite verbally and emotionally abusive towards me made me feel pretty...
  15. F


    Hi,I've joined this forum because of my depression and anxiety don't have others to talk to so I do get quite lonely, I'm unable to think straight most of the time, I sit and constantly cry sometimes I don't even know myself why I wish I could of introduced myself in a more positive way but I'm...
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    he hates me

    im broken :cry: its because im not normal
  17. V

    BBC Radio 1 'My mind and me'

    did anyone hear this on the radio, or see the video version on iPlayer? nearly made me cry listen to it in the car, so i got home and watched it on iplayer. again nearly made me cry. I liked how other than their problems they seemed very 'normal' people, i could relate to ALOT of what they...
  18. Zardos

    Lonely And Paranoid

    I'm on my own now.... Nobody will help me............ i think its time to start Googleing suicide methods :cry:
  19. G

    Does it get better?

    After being sexually assaulted in April, I just want to know, does it get better? Will I ever stop feeling guilty? Will I ever stop wanting to cry whenever I have sex with someone now? Will this end?
  20. Zardos


    Its my injection tomorrow.. And the 'anticipation' is killing me.. i just want it to be over.. I've cleaned up.. But haven't vacuumed.. fuck it.. it will just have to do.. i still don't know if I'm doing the right thing, cracking on like I'm o.k... not that she can help me... There is no help...