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  1. S

    Should I go on antidepressants again? Really Need advise, old friend anxiety is back..

    Here is my experience with antidepressants... I have been on citalopram for almost 3 years as I had my first panic attack that spiraled into constant anxiety where I was not able to eat or function properly in general, Lost 10 Kg. I was reluctant and embarrassed to take antidepressants...
  2. GreenShadow1996

    How to explain?

    I have an emergency appointment with care co ordinator tomorrow after my mum rang them worried. For the last two weeks I’ve barely left the house I feel out of reality stuck between here and now and in the hallucinations I’m not recognising things happening around me and I’m losing my time and...
  3. F

    Calling the Crisis Team and what do they do?

    I went to the GP yesterday to talk about my anxiety medication. My previous medication gave me unwanted side effects of self harm and suicidal thoughts. We changed back to one I have been on in the past and although the number and urgency of the thoughts decreased, I did start to self harm in...
  4. L

    Helping a partner in crisis during my pregnancy

    My partner struggles with his bpd and has done throughout our relationship. Until now we have managed fairly well at maintaining stability and avoiding escalation of arguments. I am currently pregnant and my illness during this time and my inability to control my own raging emotions as...
  5. F

    is life worth the suffering ?

    i still remember my first panic attack 9 months ago since then i haven't felt the same physically, emotionally, and mentally , my body hurts i checked many doctors for having a heavy heart, trouble breathing and all around feeling physically uncomfortable , my heart is fine, i don't have gerd, i...
  6. M

    can't fully recover from existential crisis

    Hello everyone. Earlier this year I had an existential crisis that lasted a few months. I don't think it was caused by depression - I had no physical symptoms. I was just continually wondering: Why are we here? What are we supposed to do? etc. When I was in that state I begun doubting...
  7. A

    Difficult experience with services

    After asking for help for over a year and being told that I do not meet the criteria for CMHT i had been allocated a CC three months ago. In that time my mental health had declined and i have felt suicidal for the past six weeks in part due to infections. And felt very overwhelmed as at one...
  8. shaky

    Running Away to the Seaside

    Yesterday morning I woke a 03:30 and was psychotic. I got it into my head that, instead of going to work that day (which I was dreading) I would run away to the seaside. So I booked a ticket on the earliest train (06:03), packed a bag and headed for the station - wearing just a loin cloth, an...
  9. F

    After the crisis: self-management and peer-support

    Posted by Jennifer Collom, Maria Giorgalli>, Derek Tracy Aug 3 2018 After the crisis: self-management and peer-support If this can reduce people lapsing into crisis it can only be a good thing.
  10. B


    I keep having the urge to kill someone. Nobody specific, no plan on how, nothing in any detail. It is almost like the thought of doing it just sits in my mind. I have never been a violent person, and the fact I am having these thoughts is hurting me. I don't think anyone takes me seriously...
  11. I_Want_Inner_Peace

    what is this that I'm realizing/feeling?

    Identity issues? Idk Long story short: I feel as if I have an underdeveloped personality. Although, some who know me say they think I'm quiet in words but loud in personality. In my younger years, I was either clinging to some of my school friends or somewhat copying them. Then in sophomore...
  12. R

    New Here

    Hi, So lately my mental health has been really bad which is why I have decided to join this forum to hopefully help. I have Severe Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Raynauds, Anxiety, Severe Clinical Depression, Insonmia etc. I have been in a...
  13. mischief

    New Zealand Emergency Mental Health Crisis Lines

    This link take you to a full list of mental health crisis services in New Zealand. If you need emergency help please do use them. Crisis assessment teams | Ministry of Health NZ
  14. Kerome

    Things that have helped you with your recovery

    I just thought we should have a thread for things that have helped in recovery... this isn’t necessarily the same as what helps in crisis, what helps in crisis is often very specific to the condition. There tends to be an adjustment period after the crisis, and then comes a period of recovery...
  15. B

    How do you cope with delusions?

    Taking meds every day is important,but what happened to me was that I accidently skipped my antipsychotic injection that I've been talking ever since I left the hospital last time (I take them once every 3 weeks,but i skipped one in November).It caused me a one day of a pure crisis,where I...
  16. L

    New here suffering terribly with isolation and loneliness

    Hi I'm new here and thought I'd tell you a bit of my experiences. I'm a 46 year old female who started hearing voices four years ago. At that time I was quite depressed and attributed it to that. Before I knew it these voices became very aggressive and were telling me to [ moderated ] if I...
  17. Funnyday

    Crisis! What Crisis!?!

    The crisis team just left after watching me take my clozapine tablets. They asked me when they were here. If I would take the tablets if they weren't here to witness me I said that I disagree with the diagnosis, but it would be foolish to stop medication. Without first having proof for my...
  18. V

    Borderline Personality Disorder getting worse? Advice needed

    (Sorry for the random thread, I don't really know who to turn to.) I've had BPD for years but only got diagnosed last year. I go to university Monday to Wednesday (wake up at 6 am, get home at 6:30 pm) Thursday to Saturday I work in retail (5 pm till 00:30 am). Thursday I also have driving...
  19. D

    Boyfriend with tokix family and manic episodes

    My boyfriend is dealing with a mental health crisis. He had a manic episode a year ago got tratment, ebded treatment and was fine for a while but just had another episode last week. I have been trying to help him through this but his family is a huge impediment in his progress and he has been...
  20. shaky

    Suicide Crisis centre - putting the patients in charge

    I'm reinventing mental health care by putting patients in charge | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian Thea uthor says that the service users decide how often they come in and what services they receive I went to my psychiatrist - who was just giving me the same old drugs - and told...