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  1. L

    The most low key exercises

    Because of my symptoms with my Schizophrenia and Tardive Dyskinesia, it is impossible for me to dance, so I don't do that. And, the only real exercise I can take part in, without feeling crippled, is walking and yoga. If you can think of any other type of low key exercise I can handle, even...
  2. I

    Depression the worst part of schizoaffective disorder.

    I have schizoaffective disorder. I mostly suffer from depression. I have a problem. I get mostly stuck in depression. Part of the depression symtoms is that i have lost pleasure in everything. I lost something inside me. I lost motivation. I can't motivate myself to do anything. Im not...
  3. M

    I have given up on humanity

    I have to admit, although I definitely do have some empathy and concern towards other innocent people such as my family, when you go and expect me to live most or my entire life severely crippled in a depressed state, that is when you have gone too far. It would be no different than expecting a...
  4. P

    Spring... Again! Argh...

    First it was the September Sadness, then the December Dread, now it's the March Madness And I wish I was already dead. Summer is never an issue, Tho I continue the happy pills But when will I stop being crippled By bad mood and lot of ill will :nod1:
  5. L

    Messy Head

    Crippled with fear today. Don't really know who I am or what I am doing. I can't cope with life outside the house. I can't even go to the shop without being overwhelmed by fear. Sat now in a messy house, wishing I could just snap my fingers and it all be in order. Especially my head. Love to all...
  6. D


    Lately I have been "crippled" by feelings of terror and urges to harm my self !! I have no self worth and cannot discuss it, it is if I was speechless, I cannot tell my key worker as I am so afraid , I feel I am being watched and I am cannot go out !! nothing means anything , everything is utter...