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  1. M

    Any here who took ayahuasca ? (I did)

    I just created a text, and got deleted, just wanted to see if any there is another here who also made ayahausca, i did it 6 years ago, and its been long time, but the other day i was remembering the feeling that when you are up on that, i dont like much the idea to do it again - i did it 3...
  2. T

    So excited to join :)

    Hi everyone, I have a few diagnoses... Anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, and anorexia. Not fun.... I'm going through a hard time (to put it simply). Looking forward to connecting and finding support. Hope to be able to give it too! Thank you to whoever created this forum and to all the...
  3. Solitude1

    Finally found the reason of my creation

    Hey, I think I finally found the reason why God created me. I've thought about it a lot and very frequently, checking every possibility, ruling out stuff and so on. But every time the conclusion is: God created me in order for other people to see and cherish their own lives and thank God. He...
  4. C

    Are voices really people or all in your mind? Hears a good excersise

    So i also suffer from hearing voices when i go out in public but ive noticed that it isnt hearing the voices that makes me anxious its if someone is actually saying it or not. Mainly im more worried if someone is addressing me in particular or not. So i decided to go to youtube and i searched...
  5. Button-girl

    Meds to correct problems meds have caused!!!

    Well the title pretty much says it all. I had a psychiatrist apt yesterday, and they looked through my mood diary and said it looked as though I was experience more low moods, and that sometimes antipsychotics can do that. They fixed one problem and created another 😔
  6. F


    Hey guys. I just created this account to hopefully find people like me and to help me cope with my problems better. I have psychotic depression. Yeah...
  7. Jaminacaranda

    A message of support?

    I'm not a 'carer' in the sense that I have some officially recognised role that attracts 'benefits'. I suspect there may be many people reading/lurking on this area of the forum who are much like me...people trying to love, live with and care for people with MH problems without any outside...
  8. M

    What is wrong with me?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I seriously need some help/advice I'm 37, married mum of 4 I'm happy in my life but deal with a crazy head I have some pretty crappy things in the past but it would take to long to go into and I'm not sure which if any causes me to be the way I am. In the past 5yrs...
  9. C

    Winging it: Antidepressants and Plane Crashes

    DavidHealy.org | Winging it: Antidepressants and Plane Crashes The crash last week of the Germanwings plane has shocked many. In view of the apparent mental health record of the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, questions have been asked about the screening policies of airlines. The focus has...
  10. O

    If you are living in a mad world...?

    Hi to all, My name is Tony and I have spent 42 years working in various psychiatric settings. I also have residual complex PTSD and spent 7 years -- 3 days a week -- in analysis. Oh, not to forget the 20 or so psychotropics prescribed by various psychiatrists over the decades. What it has...
  11. cpuusage

    British Army Creates Psy-Op Unit of Facebook Warriors

    Activist Post: British Army Creates Psy-Op Unit of Facebook Warriors The British Army is creating a new special forces unit and are not ashamed in declaring who their target is. It’s you. The 77th Brigade, which will formally be established in April, is being created to counteract narratives...
  12. Meeckle

    HALLO :dance:

    Um, not sure really what to do/say here!! My girlfriend suggested i come on here, as it may help me. I'm Michael, traumatic brain injury survivor, and general mess :) My stupid brain damage has kind of left me a little messed up, as well as the various neurological issues it has created, it's...
  13. Lincoln1990

    I'm leaving

    I've created way too many issues on here. I'm leaving. Please PM me. I can't be on here anymore. I may kill myself sometime, who knows. I suck as a person. And deserve to die. I NEED to die.
  14. W

    philosophy ruined my life..

    everything was normal , my life was perfect till the day my mind started to ask me philosophic questions!! those questions ruined my life cause it seems there is no answer to it...i'm from a society that no one really interested with reading or knowing anything.... all things people do here is...
  15. Jonwal

    Inspired pandas

    In china they chopped down the pandas natural habitat and put them in a zoo to get them to breed. They gave them loads of food and kept prodding the male with sticks so they would breed. The pandas lost there natural confidence from sitting down and chilling out munching on a bamboo stick and...
  16. M

    When things are tough-describe how you feel with a sentence...

    Hi all, I have closed the original thread in the chill out cafe and created two "describe how you feel with a sentence" threads. A new one in the chillout cafe and another in experiences. The aim of the chill out cafe has always been for some time out from mental health struggles and a bit...
  17. pepecat

    Research request: Were you satisfied with your therapy?

    Please note this has been approved by mods / admin Hello everyone, Have you ever had therapy for a personal or mental health problem? (e.g. counselling, CBT, DBT, couples therapy). If so, would you be interested in taking part in the survey I have created for my MSc Clinical Psychology Masters...
  18. Lincoln1990

    How do you get over it?

    I've been abused sexually for many years, starting when I was just a baby. Of course I not remember this and I didn't even know until last year. I didn't remember it and I have DID so I created these alters to survive. It was by my biological father. I have no contact with him and haven't for...
  19. M

    Hearing the voices and seeing those who make them

    I'm not new to this, so please be easy on me. I'm not sure what this is classed as but I'm guessing that it is in this area. I better tell you what it is though before I ramble off about it. Virtually, I have created another world, which I visit every night when I'm supposed to be sleeping and...
  20. mami5

    How do you know...?

    ....when it's time to die? I don't feel I can carry on anymore living this false life I've created for myself. I'm so alone and sad right now...well have been for quite a while actually. Have had enough. Sorry.