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  1. Justafriend95

    What is wrong with me..

    I really don't know what to do anymore.. I just want to go home, but when I come home my real life starts again. Something I can't handle..😢 My anxiety is so high. My feelings so low.. idk what to do with myself.. I feel so useless.. it's not that I don't want to live anymore.. but idk what to...
  2. C

    hey, is this normal or could i possibly be bipolar?

    its something i wonder about occasionally. my best friend had bipolar (lets call her Rachel) and we got along so well. i would always say that she understood parts of me that nobody else did. and now recently my sister put herself in the mental hospital, theyre treating her for bipolar too. it...
  3. H

    Anxiety Disorder? Or am I Just Dramatic?

    Hello! So I guess I will start with some background info: I am 22 years young with ADD. I take Concerta which I feel like increases my anxiety symptoms but what I will be discussing also happens when I am not taking concerta. My step father is a narcissist, to say the least, but we are no longer...
  4. Jbb79

    Feeling crazy - Can you help ! ! <3 <3

    Hi, I'm feeling crazy, Can't calm down :grin: :grin: :eek: I Think . . I need a hug, but, I'm Super-sweaty, And grimey ! ! What-ever you do, Do it Now x xx lol Just kidding x xx
  5. A

    Introductory rant :)

    Hello, I am pretty new I did make my account a bit back (like maybe two weeks or less ago), but I am so anxious idk what to say. Anyways I finally have the courage to say hello. I am just super depressed and need a friend or place to rant and well... one day I stumbled upon this forum site and...
  6. R

    Causing my own depression

    Crazy thing is that i know whats causing my current bout of depression but i cant seem or want to stop it. Married for nearly 20 years and i have always been faithfull. Recently met up with an old friend who confided some things to me that could really have caused her harm in her own life. Turns...
  7. S

    Not you

    not you To every schizophrenic patient * If you are happy to say about you others you are crazy. * If you act in front of people as crazy. * If your behavior makes others criticize you. * If you love the unit. * When you stop competing. I will give you a great base. A schizophrenic...
  8. S

    A little weary

    For my whole life I have had issues that I can never talk about with anyone in my life. Only recently have I actually learned the name of my condition from a therapist, and diagnosed by a psychiatrist. I have an extremely hard time making meaningful connections with others. There really is...
  9. SunnyDaze

    The Crazy Lady That Randomly Screams

    That's probably what my neighbors think of me,that I am just this crazy lady that they hear letting out a loud scream at random times throughout the week. I have moved into a new town,in an apartment surrounded by other apartments.The walls are not paper thin to where you can hear everything...
  10. K


    Anyone wonder if there are pathways in life that we are all set on?. I know there is a therapeutically opinion but always being around the same type of people over and over. There seems to be a pattern here, abusive, controlling and absolute $£"!"!$%!. Baring in mind "best mate" a arrogant...
  11. B


    i am john i am a professor but not a real one i am nuts about myself and i want to be a professional health officer but cant because i am already nuts about everyone i ever meet so am i going insane or crazy or just plain professional X
  12. skitzofrantik

    nae clue unknown rage maybe?

    so pretty much writing this for one selves to look back at times of weakness stupidity or unknown. so sitting here writing this in Dusseldorf, Germany more than a bit trippy. suppose starting with positives and ending positives is a good way to try and go. so had a list (I strangely wrote this...
  13. C

    I feel like I'm going crazy

    Things at home have been so bad. I also feel so alone. I don't really have friends. So many bad things happen that I feel like screaming, shouting, let it all out. But I can't. I feel like I'm losing my mind because today I went to Mcdonalds and I had to pay 5,65€. Now I realize I gave the guy...
  14. E

    My boyfriend calls me a psychopath and crazy an awful lot?

    I've been with my bf six months, he was perfect to begin with but he was shady. There was a gut feeling in my stomach about him. That he would cheat because of his player attitude and making me feel like my attention wasn't enough. He has a reputation where he lives for hurting girls and...
  15. S

    i think my depression is bpd

    Hi, I'm really not sure if I'm posting in the right place but I'm worried I may have a borderline personality disorder. I was diagnosed with treatment-resistant major depression as well as anxiety and PTSD a few years ago. I read online that a major "cause" for TRD is actually a misdiagnosis. I...
  16. S

    i think my depression is bpd

    Hi, I'm really not sure if I'm posting in the right place but I'm worried I may have a borderline personality disorder. I was diagnosed with treatment-resistant major depression as well as anxiety and PTSD a few years ago. I read online that a major "cause" for TRD is actually a misdiagnosis. I...
  17. 0

    OCD and Rumination (Trigger Alert)

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and want to share my story with you so here it goes. I don't know is my story for this forum but my OCD sure has some impact on the state I'm currently going trough. So few years ago I started to have interest in astrology because it seemed fun and interesting. And...
  18. L

    Help / Advice Needed

    This is going to sound crazy but I'm a late twenties married man who could really use some advice or direction with the current situation I'm facing. My wife has been having some strange thoughts lately. Background...I have no mental health issues. My mother lost custody of me as a child because...
  19. S

    Remembering back to when i was younger.

    So, ive literally had retarded anxieties my whole life, i remember in yr 5 i had it so fucking bad over a few things, one was with nits, omg i used to go red as fuck and be panicking whenever anyone mentioned the word because i was so anxious someone would ask me if i had them, like literally i...
  20. E

    I'm going crazy! Need help! What's wrong with me??

    I'm not doing so good. I can't describe what's going on with me as I feel as I come off a bit "crazy". Maybe you may know how I can go about seeking help. So I have these thoughts. The thoughts are generally about me thinking. I know that doesn't make sense but that's the best way I can...