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  1. A


    Why do I crave attention, especially from emergency services? I don't understand what is going on.
  2. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Does anybody have experience with heroin?

    Heroin? Who else has done heroin? I haven't had any in prob ten years or more but today I was fiending for it really bad. How long has it been for you and do you still crave it? If I had any contacts I would have gotten some today. Even though I'm broke, I would have found the money somehow.
  3. BorderlineDownunder


    now I'm off the meds its becoming very obvious I have some weird duality going on. Its like I have 2 people inside me, literally. One is the person I was supposed to be, the other is the one I was beaten into being. I spoke to my MH GP yesterday and we're going to have a red hot go at a...
  4. M


    Hi I have just found this forum... I have been suffering mental health illness for 15 years. I have struggled alone until last year. I get quite lonely and just crave people to talk too that understand!
  5. Hayyyleyyy

    I need to stop :@

    I need to stop eating :@ I'm trying soo hard its just no happening, why won;t it happen. I have gained soo much weight, im fighting myself everyday, i crave bad food constantly, I dont want my meds ever again.. Im stopping them and the food!!
  6. A

    Do you crave to be around people?

    Do you crave to be around people? I find having this illness is lonely and I crave to be around people of a similar age but at the same time know its not possible because I can't socialise in any of the usual settings and I don't like anyone around where I live. Also I have that problem where I...
  7. F

    need a hug (BPD)

    am really hurting right now feel let down in many ways but someone was nice to me today too and i just crave being with that person again and its middle of the night thoughts going round my head
  8. G

    I get anxious over the way I portray myself

    Hi, I am a friendly, outgoing, 22 year old guy who likes making friends and does not have problems talking to people in day-to-day life. However, inside my own head I beat myself up, worry all the time and am constantly anxious over many trivial situations. I crave social attention and feel...
  9. S

    the way forward ??????????

    Hi,, I'm new on here and have read many of the past threads. I've been through nearly all the things mentioned but am particularly interested in sleep deprivation to create mania. I crave the highs as the medication I'm on now supresses the mood... which the docs say is positive. Any input...