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  1. fazza

    How much of a good run have you had

    Been 6 months med free then come crashing down without warning. How long have you gone med, symptom free.
  2. C

    New & need help!? Need to understand

    I'm new to this site and needed some advice. I've had quite a few stressful years but won't go into that too much. I was having counselling sessions a couple years back and she suggested I go back to my doctors as she thought I had bipolar disorder, I had already been diagnosed with depression...
  3. sweet.boredom

    Depression, anxiety and dreading work

    I have to be you work in an hour, and I'm struggling with wanting to call in, because I just can't deal. I can't be the only one who struggles with this, right? I'm coming down off a manic episode and am really crashing... I don't want to lose another job. :(
  4. M


  5. fazza

    Can't listen to music as i get messages inplanted in my mind

    I thought I was getting better but I still cannot listen to Animals by pink floyd. It seems to trigger my voices telling me to end it all in a specific way. Does anyone else get messages from music. Should I tell my Pdoc about this.
  6. Cerise

    New to the forum

    Hi, I just joined and I was diagnosed with bipolar 2, 8 years ago when I was 40. I have long periods of depression and anxiety which follow short hypo manic episodes and I am just coming out of 17 months of anxiety which has left me very fragile. I joined to meet people in a similar situation...
  7. B


    After 3 years i finally get my diagnosis, psychotic depression. How exciting does that sound? i have no friends, i'm barely able to keep a relationship and now it feels like the world is crashing down. What have i done that is so terribly wrong in an earlier life to deserve this.
  8. J

    Judge julie

    l've been suffering depression since 91 after a traumatic event. Always took my meds and stayed on an even keel. Brought 4 kids up and gone through plenty of crap with my kids. Now been diagnosed with bipolar ll. (Dont know the difference). Said l did'nt want to take the Depakote as l was fine...
  9. Lincoln1990

    Not in imminent danger but....

    I feel myself going downwards. Im so scared. I'm crashing. Maybe once I go back to work tomorrow I will be better. I'm not suicidal or anything. Just a little depressed...ok maybe not a little but I'm depressed... I need work...I need purpose in a day. I've done nothing today except have my...
  10. M


    I'm sorry if this does not make sense I am not sober to be totally hinest. Why ids it that when you have a moment of thinking, yeah lets fight and then it all comes crashing down on you. What is the poijt in fighting cause it's never gonna get any better. I might as well carry out my plans now...
  11. C


    My name is changer for a reason I began hearing voices when I was very young. I have repressed memories, I believe I have been sexually abused at a young age. I have ADHD , I use to suffer from nervous twitches as a child. I often converse With myself When I recollect on who I was in the...
  12. S

    confussion to why i feel like i am crashing :/

    i been recently diagnosed with borderline personalty disorder , had the most fucked up week going up and down, meds don't seam to be working, been looking after my nephews the past 3 day's which i haven't done, since i had a breakdown last October and went out my comfort zone and went to the...
  13. M

    Crashing :(

    I'm really crashing and it's not getting better. I've been wanting to sh non stop for more than a day now and I am so close to giving in. I'm in bed and scared to get out but I can't stay in bed forever
  14. B

    bipolar or depression

    I have always been told that I have depression and that's what I've been treated for, unsuccessfully for one reason or another, either meds not working or poor side effects. I've had this on and off for 18 years now but when I've been to the doctor I've only ever told them about the depression...
  15. calypso


    I have been so stable for a few months, and now, I am crashing. I am doing nothing all day and not even really watching the tv, which is on all the time. I can't find energy for anything. Just thinking about death and self harm, the really violent type. I am strong for everyone else, all...
  16. scaredANDbroken

    is it normal...

    to close your eyes when you walk out across the road, i often find myself doing this, or when im driving i have visions of my self crashing, is this normal? not sure why im asking tbh, dont think any part of me is normal anymore :/
  17. diamondshine

    how to avoid crashing?

    I had long difficult apptm with uni disability advisor/personal tutor earlier. Still haven't really processed it. Am scared I'm gonna have to repeat the semester and therefore the year. Going back to see the disability lady tomoro morning. Since then have been going and going and going...am...
  18. J


    Each day I can feel myself getting a little more low. I can feel myself crashing and there is nothing I can do. I have tried to lift the mood but nothing is working I feel like im isolating myself again.
  19. J

    crashing down

    I have had such a good couple of days. Tonight I went for a family meal and had a lovely time. Lots of laughter and chat. I have just come home and now in tears I feel like everything has just come crashing down. I want to self harm so badly. I think I know what had triggered this off.