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  1. M

    a broken heart!!!!!! so pissed off with life right now arrghhh!

    I gave him everything over the last 3 years!!!! and he just screws it all up and goes off with someone else and then blames it on my paranoia....hes moved out living with her but I cant stop calling him......argghhh! I need some strength from somewhere!!!!!!!!! Life is so unfair sometimes...
  2. greebobeebo


    My doc started me on this last week. I hope that this one works for even longer than the venlafaxine did. Its, so far, been the only ad that has affected me so weirdly (in a funny peculiar way). I have had tiredness dizzyness, blurred vision, chest pains, feeling sick and lack of appetite...
  3. M

    crap crap crap

    Hi all, I am feeling totally poo today. have bp and found out partner been cheating on me 4 weeks ago and ive got my mum thats looking after me. But why are some ppl so cruel in life, my ex says stuff like he hopes im sad as much as he thinks i am. He says hes never loved me, never will...
  4. M

    feeling crap today

    hi all, Im feeling pretty poo today. My partner cheated on me n now i feel complete crap. I have no job, no house, no partner. I know it was his descision to cheat and I i know it was a combination of things, i was too focused on myself for the last 2 months of our relationship and he didnt...
  5. Angels

    Just a rant

    Been off my medication for over 3 weeks now. ive not got much to talk to my psych about, we have about half an hour sessions and they used to be an hour and a half. im sort of keeping things to myself i think. im scared to let a memory slip or else i will knock down a stack of dominoes in my...
  6. anxietyqueen

    abit of a rant, sorry

    Im feeling so pi**ed off at the mo, sorry just gonna get some stuff of my chest. I had a shit childhood, used and abused and I never said a word. He's got away with it, BASTARD. Now i'm left with this awful flashbacks and a crap life. Then my health decides to take a bash at me, ARGH like I...
  7. Harry


    Well I may as well be new here, I havent been here for ages and I did not really post lots last time i was here, Im feeling shitty and think that talking will help, not necassarily taking about me, cos im crap at that :unsure: , just talking will do for now, so.....feel free to talk to me and...
  8. S

    Need a hug

    Ok I don't get it, the last couple weeks have been hell for me and getting worse all the time, for almost no reason I just feel crap, I wanna cry all the time, want to sh... :( dong know how to get out of this x
  9. changeling

    Hello or good morning...

    I'm Tony, a friend from elsewhere suggested this site to me. I'm older than i look, can't act my age and never grew up (ok but i'd like to grow up a little bit :( . I've been involved with MH professionals on and off since i was 8, various diagnoses, i'm now dxed C-PTSD, Recurrent Depressive...
  10. Angels

    Stupid STUPID me!!

    well.. ive been away from school for ages. and all my friends are on facebook wondering whats happening. i told my one friend EVERYTHING! and now im really regretting it!! she didnt know what to say! i burdened her with all my crap! i was told not to say anything! if its spread around the...
  11. G

    Feel like crap

    I just had my weekly counselling session and fucking hell do I feel like shit now (sorry if we're not allowed to swear here). We were talking about all my current stress and how living in such a shitty situation has affected me and stuff and then we got onto how I cant seem to cry atm. I try...
  12. M

    having a bad time

    I've been having a pretty crap few weeks, things started to go down hill when I was having a few problems at work, and although they have got a bit better now its left me with a bad feeling which won't go away. Then I've got this lack of friends problem and the slimming group I joined packed up...
  13. NeoDelta

    feel like crap

    had a job interview and cause i felt like i was begging for the job, i feel pathetic and crap now. Feel so low and shite. Wish i hadnt even bothered going for the job its making me feel so crap, might just go work in a charity shop instead, least thats voluntary and only a few hours a week, no...
  14. L

    employment support allowance

    hi has any one been on this or currently on it, i just had my decision over the phone that my tribunal wasn't successful, now after hearing that ive went back into a downward spiral and feel like crap again, today my apatite has been over the place and i cant find the energy do stuff that i...
  15. D

    How long would you advise staying put?

    Unfortunately for me, I have this delusion that the railway that I live behind is communicating to me by blowing off steam. Last 10 months, have seen this go up and down. Somedays I can ignore it, and some days I can't. I've just been, threw 1 1 /2 hours of trying to sleep, am really tired...
  16. T


    Hi there, I'm new as you can tell because I am posting in the "Introduce yourself" forum. I've delt with mental issues pretty much my whole life and now I am finally at 31yrs old trying to get a hold of them. I was at the point yesterday that my stress and anxiety has now caused me so much...
  17. messymoo

    downward spiral

    I really feel I am on a downward spiral at the moment and I feel so alone all I can think of is harming myself and it is so difficult trying to remain as though nothing is wrong for my daughter and husband I really just want the ground to open up and swallow me. I have stopped my medication and...
  18. M

    New here

    I joined here yesterday, posted a few thingys but not introduced myself! Im Kaylie, im 17. I have a 3 year old son paris (who is being looked after by my friend) and a 1 year old daughter blair (or i call her fairy, and shes with foster parents) and my daughters twin died when they were both 3...