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  1. scaredANDbroken

    so tired had enough wana give in give up

    i can't stand it here I hate being home wish I could move back out always arguments always my fault always checking up on me I've had enough. I hate being here I hate my family, yet at same time I hate what I do to them, mums crying atmo can hear her, my fault if course because I argued with...
  2. prairiechick

    Suicidal thoughts, not coping

    Just not coping with life anymore, really. Working, but it's crap pay, and I'm taking courses so I can be an educational assistant, but I don't know, it might just be a waste of time because it's hard to get a job in that field right now. I have bipolar disorder, but mostly have these terrible...
  3. P

    BP Books....

    Hope this can go in this section? Some of you may laugh at this, but i've never fully read a book. I want to know if anyone can recommend a book on Bipolar. Be it an approach to it, someones experiences - anything really. Just not the "crap" like "Dr Stupidman's cure to BP" or along those...
  4. W

    Having a crap time

    Due at Doctors in 40 mins and I have no energy to get ready and walk there added to which I am in pain with stomach (reason I am going) and I feel so, so sick. My CPN came yesterday and I ended up in tears because its hard to say if I am feeling depressed because I am physically ill or I am...
  5. mrlaurel

    talk to me................

    hey cause there seem's a few people having a bad time tonight let's start chatting here........ come on TV is crap so why not have a chat..... whats bothering you?
  6. mrlaurel

    shortfall as a person?

    do you feel you are a complete person? does your MH stop you being that person? I am a crap father, a crap partner (ask the long line of ex's), a crap brother, and I was the worst son you could have had wanted. I have achived nothing. Is this down to me as the person I am or my mental...
  7. loulabelle

    Its too hard

    I usualy write on the bipolar forum but as i am in the deppresed state of bipolar i need some help... I have been in a deppressed state for months now it got better but has got much worse over the last 2weeks... I am feeling absoloutly crap so so crap i feel realy really down im struggling to...
  8. F

    why am I here again?

    I don't know how or why I'm feeling like this again, I am a 35 year old man and haven't self harmed in something like 10 years don't get me wrong life hasn't been a bed of rose's. Childhood crap aside (I have dealt with that in my own way) but self harming was always the way I made my self feel...
  9. S

    After xmas downs/ new yr

    Seriously, I am sure this time last year I felt down after xmas. I thought of a new quote- "Im diagnosed bipolar im allowed to be depressed" Pah Bipolar. Miss one night of meds as you go out then feel crap the next two days. Is this because I missed a night and am bipolar!!! Wow or is it...
  10. loulabelle

    back from seeing my cpn

    I have to try and seperate my day into manageable shitty and really shitty.... I have to try and change my negative thought into some thing that sounds positive. Am i just being totally thick but when i say ive had a shit day i actually mean the whole day was shit how am i going to divide a...
  11. loulabelle

    ahhhhh feeling so bad

    ohhhh my morning started out really really crap i was dropping things ripping things, ,miscalculating things i even made one huge fuck up it could have killed the poor thing .... one thing after another after another it just kept going wrong every thing was going on and then the fucking dog trys...
  12. loulabelle

    moving away

    Im thinking about running away from my problems to another part of the contry or another contry.... I dont wanna be here n e more I wanna prerend that there is nothing wrong I wanna leave all of the crap behind.... My ex.... My MH issues.... Every bad thing that has happened school...
  13. B

    Feeling crap

    I am so tired of feeling the same way every day.I just want to get back to that happy, content feeling where nothing and no one bothers me and I can see situations for what they are and not keep blowing things out of proportion etc....but in honesty I haven't felt like that in years. Im...
  14. B

    Feeling so ill

    Hi all So Im currently cutting my dose of quetiapine by a third, from 600mg to 400mg a night. I then have to go down a further 100mg to 300mg. Then I have to come off of the 40mg citalopram and go on 20mg escitalopram. I am having fairly awful withdrawals. Feel like I have the flu really I...
  15. shaky

    Miserable git continued

    and another thing.... I must be the most horrible person out. But when I see people being happy. Getting married, kissing, making love, laughing. Instead of welcoming the jpy in their lives, I just hate them for having the things that I want. People say to me 'Oh you'll meet the right woman!'...
  16. M

    do you ever feel like your destined to have a crap day

    so far..... woken up early didnt hit target at work and if we dont hit target in probational period wer out the door cat pissed in the cuboard cat broke laptop, on my old one now family shit FEEL SO CRAP JUST WANNA HAVE A BLLLLLLAHHHHHH BLLLLLLLLLLAH MOMENT
  17. unwell

    Dealing with Family

    Did your anxiety begin with how your family treated you when you were younger? If so do you still have anything to do with them? Do they still pile unnecessary crap on you? How do you cope with that?
  18. Fluffymum

    What cool interesting thing can I go buy?

    Tell me o pleasant ones, what can I go and purchase impulsively right now on the internet while I feel crap and hate everything and don't care about money, something freakishly awesome!
  19. Fluffymum


    My head HURTS!!! I FEEL SO SICK AND CRAP AND YUK AND SPED UP BUT HORRIBLY MISERABLE AT THE SAME TIME!! hate hate hate hate EVERYTHING fuck of life fuck of laptop that keeps making me type the wrong thing fuck of noisy food mixer thing fuck of dog fuck of crappy blackberry phone which is neither...
  20. Fluffymum

    Crisis team complete crap

    I feel like total shit today, dh called the crisis team and asked them to ring me as he was concerned and they never did, what is up with that?! I feel like shit probably because I've eaten so much sugary crap and I'm crashing, not eating as well as I used to, just feel total shit, got out of...