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  1. T

    I stopped counting calories!

    So.... four days ago I stopped. I went on a 2 day sugar binge :eek: and was surprised when I didn't wake up 1st heavier, decided I need to stay away from sugar (something else I seem to be sensitive to - no vices left at this rate!) and am following an eating plan from the book Potatoes Not...
  2. bert tomato

    I can't stand the inferences people make . If they want to say something SAY it.

    I can't stand the inferences people make . If they want to say something SAY it. I can't stand it. The collective madness. I am not part of it, so they should shut up or just be fracking direct about it. Their petty mental sufferings - they think they know it all, but it is just petty crap...
  3. T

    Getting pissed off :(

    I don't even know what to say. I feel like a bunch of different people all jumbled together. Oh, I don't know how to describe it. Last night I was buzzy, smiley, giggly, etc, this morning I was wide awake despite 4hrs sleep, chatty, ideas etc. Then I got tired, had a half hour nap, now I just...
  4. Situation10


    Is anyone else sick of the election crap? I feel we are screwed either way, just get it over with already.
  5. kikid

    need some help here guys pretty please!

    I've received a letter through the post to attend a meeting with a psychiatrist what happens there and what sort of things do they ask. My Dr has recommended it due to my medication not working and him being at a loss of what to give me. But also having trouble with my 3rd councillor now she is...
  6. FallenAngel

    A Day of Woe

    Today has completely sucked. I have been on a major down due to the people in my office who seem to either please or annoy me at the same time. The weekend was pretty crap as I felt contaminated and conflicted. I wish today was over with so I could return to that little reassuring shell of mine.
  7. T

    Crying crying crying....

    Sick and tired. Sick of trying to make things better. I want to get a new job. If i keep on at the one i have for much longer..... Been there on & off for 9yrs. Convenient while having my family, but no chance of change, promotion etc. My boss keeps missing me off the rota, & I'm sick of...
  8. H

    Been taking bucketloads of herbal stuff. Still feel shite

    I can't believe how crap I feel and most of it is generated by anxiety. I took a half diazepam yesterday, first in months.......I am not allowed any more from my pdoc or GP when my emergency supply of six is gone so I have been holding onto them for cases of BIG emergencies. So taking half of...
  9. J

    Aghhh having severe self doubt

    I do a fairly busy and responsible job and have done the last 5 years. Have been feeling recently more confused about my job and the work I do. I'm convinced I'm crap at it and I'm not coping. I can't speak to my boss, she patronises and then asks what in particular I'm finding difficult. It's...
  10. mrlaurel

    i need to be hit..............

    i ama crap person who needs to be hit. I hate myself. fucked up things again, tried to "do the right thing" then got it wrong why am I so crap, I need to be hurt/punished and not ina 50 shades of grey way... I just need to be made to feel rubbish. Stan
  11. K

    'Well, ill, pyschotic, well, ill high low, mad you will be..

    So flipping fed up of it all...... You are ill, suffering from an enduring severe mental health problem, reassess your sense of self, set realistic goals for yourself, be a loser basically. Crap, crap, crap, so they deicide to ditch the pdoc and CPN, (for me on ones behalf) not my decision. Am...
  12. L

    Does anyone understand this?

    Is obsession part of Bipolar? I have a massive problem with my partner's previous relationships, and to relieve the pain, I imagine myself beating up these women. It stops me from doing day-to-day things, and I feel so guilty about thinking of hurting these people who have done nothing wrong...
  13. Gajolene

    Heads just been a bumble

    Last few days been down in the dumps, my concentration is minimal at best and stupid cycling thoughts. Thoughts about my PTSD no not really, thoughts on what the hell I do now. JS has only informed me the day before yesterday that he's been diagnosed scitzo-affective now. Another label, another...
  14. mrlaurel

    I am a dick head...........

    done something stupid :( now I feel crap :(
  15. S

    Struggling a bit.....

    So, I'm now on day 5 of my calorie increase experiment. It's been going ok, my weight has stayed the same, my mood has been more down than up still, although still no anxiety (hooray!). Yesterday I woke up quite low, and I just didn't want to eat. I wasn't hungry, but made myself eat (although...
  16. mrlaurel

    feel crap :(

    crap headache crap mood crap crap crap today is crap.
  17. mrlaurel

    Mirtazapine HANGOVER :(

    took it last night for the first time, today I am really hung over. Did get me to sleep although I didn't liek the feeling :( I feel really crap today, so just popped tesco's and home so it now! Dr put me on 30MG would anyone thing trying half a tab tonight would be any better? Cant feel...
  18. R

    new, but not new

    Hey I'm ritchie, I'm not sure what my intention is with this but I feel that whilst I seem to be getting no help from the health service I may as well attempt to help myself when I feel motivated enough. I was diagnosed with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder when I was 14 - I'd had...
  19. H

    too many stickies

    is it my grumpy personality maybe I am wrong but is the stickies at the top putting us all off posting? my tolerance levels are pretty crap at the moment and I should be grateful for this forum but the stickies are just bugging me
  20. S


    Having a crap day!!!!!!