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  1. Sunshine & Showers

    I've stopped taking my meds

    Well I decide there's no point taking my meds as they don't help me at all. I still feel like crap and my anxiety is still really bad. I just want to end it all and and not be here. :low:
  2. aleshadxcherylc

    not wanted

    not wanted and I'm a lability :( :cry2: I'm crap at everything I bring people down i stress everyone, I ruin everything I get attached I'm never going to live a normal life . Im crap at my job and I make the class worse I'm a liability to them and I'm a burden to my teacher they and everyone...
  3. L

    "Triger warning" my baby dont want to no

    Im feeling so shit you would not believe and am in danger of myself. Sorry just a rant. Feel so crap inside again.
  4. T

    A massive ramble - probable moaning

    I didn't take my lamotrigine the night my grandma died. Not sure why, but I'd been kind of hypo for a week or so, making a tit of myself but it felt a bit capped. Before that I had high agitation, irritation (usual before mood shift), and the few days before Saturday, I had come down and into...
  5. prairiechick

    Still want to kill myself

    cant stop thinking about it. feel like crap. really up and down. One minute I feel hopeful, next minute suicidal.
  6. P

    Feeling like crap. Poetry?

    Feel like crap again. What do others do when they're like this? I tend to try and be poetic but am pretty awful at it. Any one else attempt poetry? Here's one I did earlier. When the lights go out and things are down, When you’re alone at night, you see that frown. When everyone around...
  7. prairiechick

    I think about food ALL THE TIME

    I think about food all the time, and it's driving me crazy. What I can eat. What I can't eat. What's going to make me gain weight. What's going to help me lose weight. Food that I want to stuff my face with. And then I binge--ice cream, cheese cake, chips, chocolate, cookies. Food is like...
  8. RainbowHeartz

    omg your eating again! ED TRIGGER WARNING

    ED TRIGGER Bulimia related Hmm so I was eating.... and Y says omg your eating again! I feel like crap.... yes I've binged... and now about to purge... feck sake here we go again, damn bulimia.... that comment really hurt me.... guess the truth hurts.... I eat too much... I...
  9. chloecupcake

    4 weeks without an incident :) is everyone else okay? :)

    It's been 4 weeks since I last SH :) over the past week I've been feeling a bit crap and down, but I've resisted the urge :D I'm quite happy with myself :) It everybody else alright? :)
  10. prairiechick

    Crap crap crap!

    I am in so much trouble right now. Being reported by the caretaker to the property management company. My dishwasher leaked so bad that it leaked into the apartment below me, and the caretaker came into my apartment and saw the absolute disgusting disaster that my place is. Dirty dishes...
  11. Fairy Lucretia


    is what I feel like im really run down im pale I feel sick ive got a rash im tired ive got a sore throat I feel like crap
  12. Hellbilly


    Feel like crap today don't know what's wrong just feel shit I'm groggy. Sweaty nervous and hyper at same time . I don't think I've caught something ( cold. Flu ) I'm hoping its because its been a strange week and I'm maybe a bit stressed/ tired
  13. prairiechick


    :scared::scared::scared:So I've been slowly reducing quetiapine, but have been experiencing more anxiety along with the decreased dose. My anxiety has been affecting my work, and my supervisor spoke with me several weeks ago about it, and I've been trying really hard to manage my anxiety better...
  14. B

    WH is it so f****** difficult

    To talk to someone who flipping UNDERSTANDS and doesn't try to make you feel even more crap then u do already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. mygirl1uk

    So Low!

    I'm constantly feeling tired. Even if I have slept. Im sitting in a room full off people and feel so alone. Feel like I have a black cloud over my head that wont leave me. Previous days I was having problems with snapping at everyone I could even if it wasnt their fauly. Feel so crap and so...
  16. T

    Inspiration needed

    Thank god for Pinterest. I've got to make a car theme birthday cake for Saturday. I don't even know where to start. I haven't taken any money yet in case it's total crap. I've no energy, no motivation (except not wanting to let people down), no confidence. I'm just going to have to start, keep...
  17. P

    Holy crap, not doing well

    I am just a mess right now, I don't even know how to explain it. I haven't slept much since Sunday, anxiety is through the effing roof, and last night I thought my alarm clock was "watching me" again. argh!!!!!! I feel so very stressed out, and there is not a reason now to be, there was in...
  18. Joydevil


    I feel crap and alone
  19. cpuusage


    Am going through a fair amount, & not coping too good really. Am fluctuating a lot in how I'm feeling. Have had a shit life. I wish society wasn't so shit; especially for people like me. What is wrong with this place & people? Why does it all have to largely be so crap? I'll be glad when I...
  20. K

    sunday sunday

    isnt it just not a jot of any nuance of anything to grab in sight.... :meanie: crap. NO. no no no no no no no no no I love that word NO NO NON NO) NO Poppy