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  1. I


    Hope you are all feelinh ok today, my shakes seem to have eased off and im feeling less crap, it's a start.
  2. Blackdog69

    Ever Felt like this?????

    Have a look @ my Avatar and in a sentence describe how you feel if this was you.. For Blackdog..."Same Crap Different Day"....
  3. RainbowHeartz


    feel like crap i do, i never do anything right, i am useless
  4. RainbowHeartz

    i cant do this

    life is crap i cant do it i feel like crap and when asked am ok i say i am ok but im not :(
  5. M

    new laws takeing our rights away

    Since all these stupid shootings have happened they passed a mental health act of some sort Google it and added it to getting firearms and in general firearm owners card now they are working on making that stronger and another bill now first yes mental health people need watched but this is...
  6. cpuusage

    Is it possible?

    To find a therapist who deeply listens, validates the experiences of the individual, allows them to speak freely & openly, & is with them fully in their pain, fear & suffering. Of do they all just project all their crap onto the client, not listen to anything properly, & use whatever stupid...
  7. Pobs Sister

    Should I even be answering posts/threads?

    I have been thinking, I dont think I am qualified to be answering anymore threads I feel unqualified, as I cant even sort my own sh1t out. Maybe I should just read them from now on sorry if I came across all rightious, I just wanted to help other people and destract myself from crap at my...
  8. cpuusage

    Feeling bad today

    Feel like crap. Am sick of my life, sick of what goes on, sick of this society, sick of all of it. i can't stand the way most people are, & how this society/culture/civilisation is. i had to go out earlier, & was in one of those states of mind where i was just looking at everyone with disgust...
  9. S

    seriously overweight annd cant stop eating

    :shrug:Well its 3.15am in the morning and here I am can of lager in 1 hand packet of crisps in the other feel so sad and guilty Ive been doing really well with my food intake but have not felt good inside for a few days struggle with sleep feel really crap no one understands me cos I dont...
  10. X

    hi i guess

    I'm moon and I have borderline personality disorder among other possible things that I haven't been diagnosed with because I don't talk about outside of the interwebz. You can tell by my casual usage of by the word "interwebz" that im a nerd. A huge nerd. Anyway life is crap and im angsty. Also...
  11. B

    joining the group

    Hi I,v just tried to join the group, but i'm crap with computors so have probably done it all wrong!!!
  12. F

    Mediocre or crap

    When i think about it i realise i'm mediocre or crap at everything. I have nothing of much value to offer society. I am talentless .
  13. pillzandskillz

    So im off to therapy for the 100th time

    :nod1: All getting a bit tedious now , i walk off feeling great to crap and im stuck and its always leaning more to crap. And what makes it worse is its right next to leeds university so im seeing all these graduate's walking with mates and talking about they're futures when i don't even know...
  14. frustratedlady


    Having another night where insomnia has taken over! I hate it when this happens cos it just gives me time to lay and think about how crap my life is!!! :cry2:
  15. L

    Can't sleep help

    I've had bipolar for along time. I've been living on my own for a year now. The holidays are hard on me. I've been super depressed and not able to sleep. I was working 3rd. I seen right away that 3rd isn't good for me. Now I'm stressed out bc I walked out of my job...i have no money to pay my...
  16. Symbionic

    feeling really crap

    Feeling really low. Could use some company today.
  17. Gajolene

    Crap Crap Crap!!!!

    Happy new years....NOT... found out the results of my tests for the pain in my legs. Turns out I am currently severely anemic, 3 on a 12 norm scale. And now they want me doing cancer tests,...the dreaded scope. Couldn't they of waited till after holidays to tell me this crap..urgent meds...
  18. D

    Feeling crap today :(

    It can ALL piss off :( Work screwed up my rota so I ended up turning up to houses where I didnt need to be, I feel ill and tired because I seemed to spend most of last night sleepwalking rather than actually resting. I have back ache :( Its just CRAP
  19. voyager

    I can't pretend anymore!

    I fear I'm going to lose my job, I've just phoned in sick again! The real reason is depression, can't take it! - Reason given to employer, sore throat and bad cough. I feel so alone! There's no one for me! I have my husband, sister, son, mother, but I may as well be living on another planet...
  20. N

    Something to record moods to notice patterns?

    I've been using moodscope.com to record my moods for a while now, after someone here suggested it (sorry, I forget who it was). I like moodscope, but it doesn't seem to differentiate between depression or anxiety. I have times when I feel like crap mainly because of depression, and other times...