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    Craft group should I leave?

    Hi, seems wrong to be posting this on here when people are dealing with serious problems but I need an opinion on a minor worry I have, I've got no friend in 'real life' to ask. My cpn wanted me to join a ' craft group' so I did. I liked some of the women there,( though I don't like doing...
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    I just looked this up on google...I've been sick for a long time and really wanted people to connect with who understand. I'm a craft artist, a lifelong learner, and have schizoaffective disorder. I absolutely love my therapist and psychiatrist....I give much credit to Mom for getting me to the...
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    coping skills

    i need some more coping skill to help me. i listen to music i take a walk i color. and i watch funny movie. also iplay games on compter or do a craft. so what im asking is more ideas thanks
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    A nightmare of a thought

    If every person with a severe mental health problem could be defined as some type of genius who hasn't found their calling ... then, the wrong people are running the world :) It also means that a majority of the true geniuses of the world with a boundless level of originality and creativity are...