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  1. B


    Hi I have a CPN. She is very good but says she does not check her email s out of work time and got angry that I called her work mobile. I have crisis team to call but do not know them. Should a CPN be accessible to a patient out of hours ? when she is not working as I believe work does not stop...
  2. N

    CPN and CMHT Ignoring me/fobbing me off!

    Hi, My title might suggest I’m a bit anxious but things right now are fairly awful. I had a CPN who ended up going off sick for 4 months. During this time I saw another person once, they were rude and critical. So my original CPN returned. I saw her twice. She saw me once, went on annual leave...
  3. S

    What should CMHT doing?

    I suffer PTSD PND and I'm disleexa I've had 3 CPN. First one incredible rude and abusive a wouldn't listen when I asked help as was having a bad flashback miscarriage whilst pregnant. Also wouldn't tale on board the sicologist report stating that I was disleexa and have problems processing info...
  4. A

    It's back after 15 years!!! And I can't stop

    So when I was younger say 14/ 15 I would SH a lot then as I got older it stopped. The past week I have been having a real downer. The CMHT have been great. Two days ago I started self harming again. It was an urge at first then I did it and now I can't stop doing it. I told CPN today . I found...
  5. A

    Worrid about being sectioned

    Hi all I am Amy. I am new on here .I have suffered with my mental health all my life. I am under the care if the CMHT. The past few weeks I have been feeling suicidal and obsessing over god punishing me. I have been having the urge to kill myself.i finally told my other half who is very...
  6. soulsearcher

    CPN - what to expect?

    hey peeps, so im suppose to be finally meeting my cpn for the first time today at 10am, its early quarter to 11 and he still hasnt turned up... so i was just wondering what should i expect to happen?
  7. H


    Psychosis so bad i can't cope much longer. Voices, visual experiences etc. seeing my CPN again on Monday don't no what else to say. finding it hard to post.
  8. 1

    Care coordinator?

    Hi ive not posted here in a while and things have been ok. Not brilliant but ive been ok, I managed to get a new cpn about 7 months ago and its been good with him. But more recently its been a bit of a crap time for me. Ive had a few incidents again after a good solid 6-months of no a and e...
  9. Fairy Lucretia

    what is going on x

    i don't know if anyone is interested but it will help me to write this down so a few months ago ,my cpn was away for 14 weeks ,my support worker felt i need a replacement cpn as i was so unwell with SH . i had a meeting with the manager and support worker and the support worker said nothing...
  10. M

    CPN viewing my social media.

    She viewed my linkedyn account, I got notified. She don't fancy me or anything, this is because she doubts what I tell her as there is a reason I just joined linkedyn to do with a family issue and they either think Iam psychotic or a liar. This and other things, like her walking in the park to...
  11. Fairy Lucretia

    saw new CPN

    she said she isn't seeing me long term it will just be for 3-6 months to help with self harming im angry ,the psychiatrist i saw last week said i needed a CPN long term the manager hates me though they are basically leaving it up to a 90 year old to look after me she said if i was worried...
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    CPN sick leave

    i just wondered how much time your CPN had off work a CPN i had for 2 years had months at a time off ,then went on holiday to Australia back packing a CPN i had for 15 years would have months off at a time almost every year and my current CPN of 3 years had 14 weeks of ,then six weeks now 10...
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    got a meeting on tuesday x

    with support worker and manager of MH centre because my current CPN is away and my self harm is so bad ,they said that the 2 phone calls i have with support worker every week is not helping with my self harm they want me to have a new CPN ,while im fine with a temporary until my regular CPN...
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    in such a state

    the manager of my mental health centre just phoned and said because im so ill and my cpn is away i have to see a new cpn i don't want to! and that might be instead of support worker phonecalls as that isn't working to stop me self harming im so scared so scared so scared terrified :cry:
  15. W

    Not engaging with CPN?!

    So I have saw my CPN twice in the last 4months, the second time she claimed that there was nothing she could do for me anymore so just gave me a number for online stuff. I dont know what help/support I need so she has given up. Is it a thing that you personally need to tell directly to the CPN...
  16. Cazcat

    Worrying About Husband

    Looking for advice on how much I should be interfering at the moment really. My husband has episodes of psychosis his most recent crisis was 2 weeks ago and was triggered by work stress + alcohol on a work night out (Yes we know alcohol is a trigger for him and he was an absolute Pillock for...
  17. W

    will I ever see my CPN?

    So about 8 weeks ago I went to the first appointment with my CPN. her plan was to get me to volunteer because she said it would make my mental health better. Anyway im just wondering if I will ever see her again? My SH is getting worse and so is my anxiety and i dont know what to do. she said it...
  18. M

    BPD diagnosed for years now told I have EUPD instead??? confused

    Ok, so after years of being diagnosed with BPD and treated for it my CPN told me on the phone the other day that she thinks I have EUPD instead of BPD. She told me to look it up. I did and the websites tell me BPD is same thing as EUPD essentially. When I looked again at the diagnostic criteria...
  19. fazza

    Liverpool Mental heathcare for Treatment resistive Schizophrenia is a joke

    Liverpool Mental heathcare for Treatment resistive Schizophrenia is a joke Fired my CPN told her that i wanted no more visits as I was sick of tired of having missed appointments with no explanation and constant going off sick. Now dont get me wrong anyone can be sick but at least pass your...
  20. P

    got new CPN proper pshycriatric department help i dont know what to say

    got new CPN proper pshycriatric department help i dont know what to say as i said been really struggling for over 2 years. posted here at my lowest and i thank you guys and lovely girls who responded nicely.. with ESA i feel a ton weight has been taking off my shoulders but when i say anything...