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  1. D

    I’m very worried about a friend

    I’ve had my fair share of mental health issues over the past few years, but I’m lucky enough to say that I’m starting to pull through, I’m starting to make the right decisions and I feel like I’m getting better. Still things could change in an instant and I still have a long way to go, but...
  2. S

    cognative impairment, any one have one? this is serious, please help,

    Child of the 70s, I have personality disorder, caused by the education system as a child, ie the special school, before that a birth disability, ie brain injury, I just didn't know as a child, unfortunately the psychologist planed my life for me, because of the abuse in special school, mental...
  3. H

    Broke-So-No-Wedding Anxiety

    I am 25 years old and me and my fiance are planning to get married within a month. Just like any other bride-to-be, I have (or had) dreams about the big day. But due to financial crisis, we are considering register/court wedding. Initially, we thought of having a small wedding consisting of...
  4. L

    Depressed Boyfriend - Help

    Hi everyone, This is my first post and hoping for some guidance please. I have been in a relationship with a lovely, kind 46 yr old man for 18 months. I was aware shortly after meeting him that he suffered with depression and attended weekly counselling. He said this was due to the stress...
  5. D

    Marage breakup due to financial infidelity I can't see a way forward

    . I have been house husband for a number of years after redundancy, my wife was working but due to illness and disability wanted to stop however she didn't do it correctly and the council refused to pay housing benefit (they say she made herself unemployed) she kept it secret from me I only...
  6. shaky

    Universal Credit appeal

    Tomorrow (Tuesday 8th) I have to go to court to argue an appeal against the DWP They are trying to take my Universal Credit off me on the basis that I am earning money self-employed. But each month I tell them that my self-employment loses money Luckily, I have a friend who used to be a lawyer...
  7. S

    PIP Tribunal Award involving denied Mobility (High Court London Ruling)

    PIP Tribunal Award involving denied Mobility (High Court London Ruling) Found out today if you had a Tribunal Award which denied Mobility, due to the High Court Ruling the Award can be reviewed by the Tribunal Commissioner (Upper Tier in Scotland) and first read again by the Issuing Judge. You...
  8. up.left

    I am having BPD episodes daily.

    I have joined here because I am having daily BPD episodes. I have been taking my blood pressure the last few months because i am afraid i'm going to have a heart attack at 28 years old. I have been so stressed out about a court date even though i am all but assured it will be dropped by the...
  9. S

    Please any advice is greatly appreciated

    Hey so I really need some advice! Back in July 2011 I was raped, it takes a lot for me to even say that but anyway after this my life drastically changed I lost 5 stone in weight never left my home and from always socialising and working this was a massive change! Any way after a long 6 years...
  10. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Absent Duty of Care...sad pathetic serpent failure...

    I was born with the problems I have. They are substantial, and effected me a lot as a child. Assessed at 11 by a psychiatrist, who later got banged up for being a fucking pedophile. I can recall very little of my meetings with him. He certainly did FUCK ALL to help me The logs at my address...
  11. F

    Schizophrenia ‘not a mental illness’, says Pakistan Supreme Court

    Pakistan’s Supreme Court has today ruled that schizophrenia does not qualify as mental disorder, paving the way for the execution of Imdad Ali who suffers from severe mental illness. In an unprecedented judgement, they claim that schizophrenia is not a permanent condition and varied according...
  12. telekinesis

    are you incarcerated if you go free willing or is it incarceration if you go court ordered?

    are you incarcerated if you go free willing or is it incarceration if you go court ordered? just wondering about incarceration, is it the same or is it still incarceration for both paths?
  13. C

    Didn't go to court

    Hey all So. I didn't go to court. Was up, showered & dressed. But then the panic set in. Feel terrible. What next? Likely the police will come & get me. But I can't even walk so no way I could've made it anyway
  14. C


    Crown court in about 10hrs. Rock on. All kinds of other shit going on as well! Details laters
  15. C

    Never went to court

    So. I didn't go to court. Was all set at 9 am then the panics kicked in.would have all been sorted now but adjourned til April. I should have went but No. Once your in there you don't come back out! Judge, lawyers, jury. Even public can go in. No no too much stress 4 me
  16. C

    Crown court

    Right. Crown Court coming up. Do I take shit loads of my propranolol or what? I am unfit 2 attend I think
  17. sahasrara

    3 liability orders issued on council tax arrears that I didn't even know I had

    3 liability orders issued on council tax arrears that I didn't even know I had So ive got 3 letters for 3 amounts of council tax saying ive been issued a liability order passed in court in dec 12, june 12 and june 13. I had no knowledge of these debts! Ive worked my ass off this last year to...
  18. Lemonade

    TV license court summons?!

    Sorry, not sure if this should go in 'debt' or 'legal' so thought I'd post here since it's a bit of both. Hope that's ok. Two weeks after we moved into our current address the TV guy came here. I'd been paying my license quarterly before but the last payment had failed to go through. We were...
  19. F

    Court to decide whether mentally ill woman should have hysterectomy

    Court to decide whether mentally ill woman should have hysterectomy | Law | theguardian.com So because she's mentally ill she needs to be treated like a common criminal?
  20. K

    supporting a depressed partner. HELP

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get advice please off either anyone going through the same thing or from a male suffering from depression. here goes.. I met my partner a year ago, we have the best relationship ever. So full of laughter, completely in love, no problems, soulmates.. We both feel...